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  1. To me, ‘River Dancers’ is especially beautiful. Perhaps it is because it reminds me of a enchanting waterway that I used to frequent as a child, a place where the magical and the fragile were so perfectly intertwined that time seemed to stand still and all I could do is observe. I think that the artist has captured an essential energy in pictorial form here. This is nature and this is art.

  2. Dear Ms. Novak,
    I was so pleased to see you on stage at the academy awards. I have been a very strong admirer of yours ever since I saw you in “Picnic” many years ago. Lost track of you but was very surprised (pleasantly so) to see you presenting the award. That took so much mental and physical strength to do that but you looked absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much. I am 75 and I could not have done what you did. After seeing you at the awards, I looked for you on the web and found your gallery website. Wow!! You are so talented. I loved your self portrait. Many thanks again for the joy you brought this old guy. God Bless,

  3. Hi Kim Novak,

    For many years I Have been a great of yours Kim since 1985 to The Present Day.

    When you appeared in Hollywood Movies included Picnic,Of Human Bondage,Veritgo,Strangers When We Meet,The Man With The Golden Arm,Pal Joey,Bell,Book & Candle and The Mirror Crack’d.

    Once again Kim,you are a great actress & The Oil Painter Artist and keep up the work indeed.

    Terry Christie,from Sunderland,Tyne & Wear,England

  4. Beautiful paintings…Horse Heaven really touches me this afternoon–so much love and peace in that picture. Kudos. I’m going to try to make it to Youngstown OH this spring for the exhibition of your work. Thank you for sharing your work.

  5. kim,
    you are one of my favorite actresses and artists.
    i am a dear friend of charles busch from new york.
    he just spent some time with you at the AMC FESTIVAL.
    i just purchased your self-portrait-
    it is hauntingly beautiful…
    much love to you.
    thank you for coloring my life in so many ways.
    i am a celebrity haircolorist in new york…
    if you are ever here-it would be an honor to color your hair…
    brad johns

  6. I came to your art website after I read an article on Yahoo featuring the way you have stood up against everyone who attempted to bully you about your appearance. I had to leave work early today because of workplace harassment or bulling. Reading about how you stood up against all that would belittle you gave me hope. But I am not in such a position where that I can affect a much needed change in my situation. I am simply a worker being harassed, bullied and intimidated by a member of management at my work place. I am scared and feel completely alone. I have a family to support and too much debt to be without a job. I am very grateful to have read about your story and I thank you for being so brave to stand against those that would tear you down. I really like your paintings also. I hope your upcoming art exhibit is a success. Again thank you.

  7. Dear Ms. Novak
    I was so sorry to read of the disrespect paid to you by others (consider the source…) after the Oscars.
    However, had that not popped you onto my Yahoo page, I would have been deprived of viewing your gorgeous artwork.
    The universe certainly has a bizarre sense of humor, doesn’t it?
    I particularly enjoyed the painting of your Haflinger–my granddaughter just got her first horse, a 2 year old Haflinger gelding, so I am particularly tuned to both horses and that breed.
    I also felt an affinity for your dancing trees, and the birds hiding in your paintings.
    You are a wonderful artist, and clearly a blessed soul.
    be well and at peace
    Carol Busseau
    Eugene, Oregon

  8. Hi Kim,
    I too have mild BiPolar and Anxiety.

    I want to applaud you for not taking the sideline, you have more class than all the big mouths on any stage. Shine my sister, be proud to be given extended years. As only God knows you are here because he has good things and reasons for your abilities to still move in circles and be the talent Artist of so many mediums that you are. I love you for your courage, you have and are still touching so many lives of those who need to hear your heart to heart.

    God bless and and keep your Light strong, Friend Ginger

    (Comment edited for brevity, thanks for understanding!)

  9. I am 65, I paint too but could not compare with your work. What amazing talent! I have been a fan of your films since as long as I can remember. You are the most beautiful creature in side and out, and the depth of your feelings and sensitivity come through in your fantastic work! I wish I could just sit and watch you paint, be a fly on the wall. I too write. Bipolar is in my family very much as well. I am sending you a great big hug my dear! You are just magnificently creative and a most tender person. May God bless you always!

  10. I have been a fan of Kim Novak for over 55 years. This is the first time I have seen her art, and it is awesome!!!

  11. Kim,

    Thanks for standing up for yourself (and thereby for others)! Look at you girl – courageous as always!


  12. Kim,
    Your words and artwork are so beautiful and meaningful…they are truly inspirational and touch the heart. Nature is so beautiful and you are so connected to it with your work. Thank you for sharing your gift of artistry.
    Southern California

  13. I did not know that you painted and stumbled upon your site after reading a story about the unkind remarks from your appearance at the Oscars. I thought you were wonderful! The only thing that matters is that you are happy with yourself and who you are as a person. Your soul comes through with your paintings and I feel you are content in life. You have such a wonderful talent as an artist and a whimsy with your paintings. I particularly liked your painting “They Danced Till Dawn.” It spoke to me out of all your paintings. The sun coming up and the fluidity of movement, love it. There is beauty in it as well as yourself. Peace, Linda

  14. Every piece of work is fabulous but the one of the horses’ face laying down and the setter looking out the window just steals my heart.

  15. Ms. Novak, I have always known you are beautiful and talented, but until I saw your art I didn’t realize how talented. They are beautiful. You are a very accomplished artist. You will always remain one of my most favorite people. Thank you for all you have done to make our lives better.
    Judy Ward, Oklahoma City

  16. Dear Ms. Novak,
    I am so proud of you for speaking out against the bullying. You are thriving at 81 and your artwork is quite unique. Thank you for pressing on and taking risks.
    You are an amazing person, artist, actress.
    Yours in peace,
    Alice Lee Timmins, artist

  17. Dear Ms. Novak:

    Your paintings are absolutely beautiful and so are you. I was broken-hearted to feel your pain caused by the evil ones in this world. As I enjoy my blessings of reaching another birthday, I too find it terrible that I can’t grow old gracefully without people peering into my pores and judging how I physically look at 53. Our society is downright cruel to those blessed with the gift of long life. It’s really a sick kind of thing in America. I commend you for licking your wounds. Congratulations, you stopped feeling sorry for yourself and got out there to be Kim Novak. You gave the ignorant some words of real wisdom. I can only hope to live at your age and look as great as you. I see true beauty and feel sorry for those that can’t.

  18. Dear Ms. Novak,

    Good for you for pushing back against those who bully & poke fun at others!! It takes a helluva person to bully an 81-yr-old woman. You looked great at the Oscar Ceremony! There are three kinds of people in this world: There are great people who talk about new ideas, people with class who talk about things, & then there are those people who only talk about other people & most of the time it is in a negative light. It isn’t about who has the most $ & phony fame that matters most in this world, it is about beautiful people like you who are doing what you enjoy doing in life & making a living doing it.

    I’ve enjoyed looking at your paintings & learning more about you. You are a very talented artist to say the least. I saw Vertigo for the first time in the early 1980′s & I loved the picture! I was laid off from my job in corporate America six weeks ago after having been at the same nationally recognized brand for 16 years, so I have to hold off on purchasing one of your paintings for now but will definitely do so down the road!

    God Bless you!! Steve McKenzie Dallas, TX via my hometown of Omaha, NE

  19. Ms Novak, Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift of vision. Your art shows that you see life, the dark and the light, but mostly the light and oh what joy and lightness of being I felt getting lost in your paintings. You took me to places that I did not want to come back from. It was like Heaven has been described by those who have had near death experiences and seen what Heaven looks like trying to come back and describe to us.
    Only you already know. In your soul you “see.” God has blessed you with extraordinary gifts, and he must be so very proud of you for the way you have expressed them. Be well and thank you again from the bottom of my heart for sharing your art and your love. Rainelle McGuire

  20. Hi, Kim,

    My name is Marguerite Kessler. I have loved you ever since I saw you in Picnic, Vertigo, Boys Night Out and my favorite is Bell Book and Candle. We have the same birthdays and I have always thought that was unique. I feel sorry for people who are bullies. They are angry, unhappy and jealous of anybody that is talented or has a great gift. There is a lot of anger in the world. I wish everyone could find peace with themselves. Please don’t let the bullies change you because that is what they want to do. Oregon is a beautiful state. My husband of 38 years and I went to Oregon a couple of years ago. It is so beautiful especially around the Cascades. It reminded me of my NC mountains. I have most of your movies and it is a Halloween & Christmas tradition that we watch Bell Book & Candle. It must have been fabulous to make 2 movies with James Stewart. He was one of my favorite actors. Keep smiling,painting, laughing and loving. Don’t let the “turkeys” get you down. A big fan in Todd,NC. Love Ya, Marguerite Kessler

  21. You display a beautiful, majestic character in each of the extraordinary pieces of your art, I see your soul. Thank you for sharing. I would love to become friends with you and get to know you. I also think you were very gracious and showed awesome strength of character in your response to “don trump” (who doesn’t deserve my time by typing his entire name nor the respect of capitalization, ergo the ” ” around said name). Also as genuine as Ellen seems, I fully expect she will issue an apology. But you handled how the situation made you feel very well.

    Please take care, and always feel proud you protected and stood up for your self. :-)

  22. I loved your movies as a young girl, especially Bell, Book & Candle, at 61, still remains a favorite today. I even named my first cat Piwaket in honor of the films namesake. Your art is lovely and thoughtful, and don’t let people shake your everlasting beauty and confidence with their thoughtless comments. Keep painting!

  23. Ms. Novak,

    I am sorry you were treated poorly during and following the Oscars relative to your appearance. I did not watch the show and was not aware of what had occurred. However it was an article in which you pushed back against the bullying that lead me to your art site. Your work is lovely. Thank you for sharing your artistic vision and also for not allowing others to succeed in their efforts to diminish you.

  24. Dearest Ms. Novak, you have given me so much pleasure with your films. And I am amazed at your other artistic talents. You’re beautiful, through and through. This art is a doorway to another world. I had No Idea you were such a talented artist like this. You’re gorgeous and you always will be, Beautiful Soul. I’m so glad to be on an earth that features YOU. You make it a better place to be. -your friend, Bethany

  25. I’ve been a fan for many years. It’s sad that there are so many mean people in the world that feel so bad about themselves, they must try and hurt others. You are beautiful now and have always been. I love your art, Self Portrait and Deja Vu are my favorites.
    Jack Janis

  26. You are the most talented person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I love your truthfulness and openness. Keep up the painting they are truly awesome. We can see that you have put all of what you have been through and felt all of your life into your paintings.
    Take good care of yourself.

  27. Your line and color-work are magical and kinetic.

    So much feeling and movement

    It is a pleasure to see all of your work that you share. Gratitude

  28. Could not tell what was supposed be on line 3 of the screen to reply but here goes anyway. Having seen many of your films when they came out I am a huge fan. You were always spectacular. Having seen the quality of your paintings has truly moved me. Your work is not only pleasing in “technical expertise” but is very moving and powerful. Try not to let the insensitivity of Hollywood bother you. There are probably millions more who cherish you and your contributions to the art world in both film and art work.

  29. To Miss Novak:
    I applaud your decision to call out the bullies and say ” What you’re saying hurts. It’s not ok.”

    You put form to so many silent feelings that others experience. I am writing this not as someone that has suffered but someone that cares deeply for those that do. You have opened the discussion up about what it means to be human and I thank you for being such a beautiful face and spokesperson for so many that quietly suffer humiliating, mean spirited remarks.

    K. Clayman

  30. Ms. Novak,

    Thanks for sharing you gift of painting and seeing the beauty in everything. Thanks also for standing up to bullies we’ve had bullies in our lives too. You helped us feel strong again in defending those of us that have been bullied. Hugs to you:)

  31. Hello Kim,
    Just want to tell you that I really, and truly think you are an amazing and beautiful woman .

    You have graced the world with your beauty and gifts and we are all blessed to have been touched by you in some way or another.

    It is sad that as you go in your day to day life that TODAY in the present, you may not be aware the impact that you still have in people’s life – and understandably – this world is HUGE. But know you are thought of, respected and love. YOU ARE AMAZING !!!

  32. You are a beautiful person.
    Thank you for standing up to insensitivity.
    I am proud you speak of bipolar.
    Your soul has a voice in your paintings.
    Your paintings brought me to tears.
    My daughter was a sensitive beautiful soul who suffered at the hands of insensitivity and, in contrast, by her feeling so much empathy – she was bipolar and lived until age 22.

  33. I read the article about you standing up for yourself and was impressed with your heart, I am an artist in New Orleans and was thrilled to find out that you had a web site where I could see your work. I love it. I love the subjects that you have chosen and the intense colors. I think my favorite is the Bird with the horses in its wings. It reminds me of a Phoenix, with the horses being the power that it rises with.
    You have recreated yourself from what people’s perception was, into the reality of who you truly are. You are an artist and no matter what medium you use it will always show your heart and spirit. I am thankful I found this page, your courage to reinvent your self and stand up to those that try to bully such a graceful Lady, is inspiring. Thank you. Kym
    p.s. I write poetry as well, and I love Liza, when I was young my grandmother called little Liza, she said I looked like her, I was a lot thinner then. lol ;)

  34. Dear Ms. Novak: What a wonderful, delightful time I’ve had looking at your beautiful artistic creations. As a watercolor/pastelist wannabe, I’ve been glued to each picture, looking at the blending of colors, overlay of colors, and emotions I felt looking at each picture in turn.

    I am so sorry that the idiots had to open their mouths and utter such hurtful and unkind garbage. I guess the Golden Rule has long died for some people.

    I just remember being delighted to see you presenting at the Oscars. Frankly, I thought you looked lovely.

    Thank you for these pictures. I only wish I could purchase the picture of your feet in the water …. it has a real meaning for me. However, being on a retiree’s income, guess I’ll just have to keep coming back to your site to see it.

    Keep on creating and good for you for your reprimand to the idiots.

    Sharon Jones in Albuquerque, NM.

  35. The colors are wonderfully put together. Depicting great subjects of good things and feelings. I sense a deep positive feeling in most of the artwork.

  36. Just read your reply about being bullying at the o awards and it is not right to treat anyone who have paid their dues in Hollywood.
    Love your art and I worked for your husband’s brother Tom for 12 yrs. offshore . Thanks for speaking out.

  37. I always thought kim novak was talented and beautiful. Wow what an accomplished artist an extra talent I discovered about kim novak.

  38. Dear kim,
    I really like your paintings & I find the nature & animal side very appealing as I love animals & I hate cruelty.I like horse riding very much & ornithology.I also of course like your films & since I am really into anything 18th century,one of my favourite films is The amorous adventure of Moll Flanders.I am from England but I live in Hungary & I have seen the states.You are very lucky tohave so much talent aswell as being a lovely lady.
    Happy Easter,

  39. Dear Kim Novak,
    First, I want to say that I applaud you for speaking out against the bullies. you have a right and the law of the heart to do as you wish. They are small people who enjoy hurting others. You will always look beautiful, inside and out, to me.
    Your paintings made me mainly smile and feel deep happiness and longing for something I can’t express. Some brought tears to my eyes remembering something I had forgotten. You still have something inside you that we lose when we become adults. It’s a special gift that children have. They see the miracles around them that most adults cannot see anymore. you are able to still do that. To me, the world can be a very hard place to live in because of so much insensitivity and cruelty. Artists, such as yourself, gives one, such as myself, the truth of the power of love, the appreciation of the wonder around us that we overlook, and the magic that exists that we do not see. The touch and strokes of your brush reaches my heart with in. The tenderness within the eyes of each creature, the birds, dogs, horses, the old man, the young girl, and in your self-portrait is astounding. The bullies can’t do what you are doing in art.
    They lost their magic a very long time ago. You will never lose your gift. I thank you for allowing me to view your art.
    Frances Trudy Paine

  40. Hello Ms. Novak.

    I really love your paintings and each of the accompanying stories. You are such a talented artist! I’m also a fellow artist/interior decorator. You have sooo many gifts– your sensitive nature, your acting abilities, your artistic vision and your skills to create paintings and pastels to interpret and manifest that vision. Add to all of that your courage and conviction to stand up for yourself and others who have been bullied by hateful, small-minded individuals with mean-spirited things to say. Some insecure and immature people need to tear others down in order to build themselves up. It’s wrong and hurtful and those people should be called out so that it ceases to be acceptable behavior. You stepped up to do just that and I truly admire you for it! Many of my Heros are those who have stood up to fight injustice in the world. You are a Hero to me and to so many others. You are beautiful inside and out. You are talented, smart, loving, kind, compassionate and strong. I hope you never forget that. I won’t. :)

    Love & (((Hugs)))
    Karen Amore-Mueller
    Southern California Artist, Wife & Mom

  41. Dear Kim, Many years ago you were an actress at the Flat Rock Playhouse, Flat Rock North Carolina.
    Robroy Farquar and his wife Leona Farquar ran the summer playhouse. They had two children robin and Keets. My Dad was a dear friend of Robroy and often took me with him to the playhouse. That is where I met you, and you became my life long actress to admire so much. I was a teen ager back then. My Dad was a leading actor in some of Robroy’s productions. I hope one day that I can meet you again. You are as always a beautiful lady to be admired. Warmest good wishes to you and your wonderful art. Always, Carole Munshi

  42. I am so happy to see what you have done with your life because I was a “big” fan of yours as a teen ager. Your a very talented artist and your paintings are great.
    I have seen all of your movies and back then I read every article ever printed about you.
    I remembered you were very shy and so was I so I do understand why you left the movie kingdom. I remember that you loved lavender and your favorite song was little things mean a lot. I remember because it was mine too.
    I’m so happy that you found someone to understand you and share your life with.
    Is there an art studio where your paintings can be seen? Anyway, enjoy your talent as well as the rest of your wonderful life. I’m just so happy you were able to address the bullies!

    Joan Espsoito

  43. Enchanting images. As a children’s librarian, I would love for you to do a children’s book. Maybe you’ve already been thinking about it? :)

  44. I love your art work! It’s beautiful! My daughter used to teach art (elementary education) and I bet she would like this too.

  45. You have always been one of my favorite actors. I believe I’ve seen every movie you’ve made, at least all those released to the public. I also recently caught your interview on TCM and thoroughly enjoyed it…’re such a lovely lady with so much beauty and talent. Up until now, I had no idea you were a painter! Luckily, I stumbled across this website. You have quite a touch, Kim and a very expressive hand. I admire your work as an actor and as a fine visual artist also. I think my favorite work on your website is “Looking Back To See Ahead”…..a very touching and haunting piece rendered in exquisite pastels and underpainting. I am of course also partial to your “Self Portrait”….those killer eyes. Wow!!! I wish you all the success in the world with your art and your life, Kim. My best to you and your husband (that lucky rascal). Warm regards, Dave Dunville

  46. Several years ago I got to tour your place in the Highlands. On a calm day, I could feel the water through the rock ; I could not imagine being there in a storm, but what a place to open the mind. I do astrological “Grails” and would love to send you yours copied from a book by digital file; if you want. It is what you came into this lifetime to experience and how you interact with the world and the world sees you back. I have been doing them over 30 years and they are never wrong. It is based on EXACT birth time. The only published time I found for you is for an 11 degree of Aquarius Ascendant. Never any charge, it is a hobby for me and I learn from them too. Thank you, RJ

  47. I believe your work is absolutely stunning. It is not in my budget at this time but I am super impressed. Your work touches my heart!

  48. You are a most remarkable Artist.
    You have so much beauty within.
    You are full of life. And I enjoyed looking at all your Extratrodinary Pantings. You are truly an Artist in every sense.

  49. Just wanted you to know I found great enjoyment, comfort, and peace, viewing your gallery. I’m glad you have an outlet that brings you joy. SJA, West Virginia!

  50. I was so impressed with you during your presentation — you look amazing for 81 (I’m 76 and I have many friends that do not come close to you). What I noticed most was your smile — you have an artist’s smile. My wife and I lived in Santa Barbara during the late ’60s and early 70′s and were friends with some artists there. Their true natures showed in their faces. When I saw you during the awards I wondered if you were an artist in a way other than acting. I found your website after a search. Ignore the idiots. I know a lot of rich losers. Draw on! Mark T

  51. Ms. Novak, you are very talented. I enjoyed looking at your art work. Although I could never afford your paintings I so enjoyed them.

    Sandy K

  52. I came to this site from a release about Kim’s statement of how poorly she had been treated at the Oscars. I’m disgusted as well that people would treat such an amazing woman so disrespectfully.

    I did not know Kim is an artist. I’ve never seen art anything quite like this……looking at it makes me feel like a little girl again in my beautiful fantasy of how, in my innocence, I pictured the world back then……….and when I look at her pictures, I am that little girl again. I am totally engrossed in the depth of insight that she has–how she pictures life and accentuates its beauty through beautiful colors and line……like someone who can write a song and re-create another’s emotions of life from the words. She shows amazing vision in her pictures that I’ve never seen anywhere else. What a treasure you are Kim! What a blessing and inspiration you are to us!

  53. You are a wonderful painter!–and ever since I saw Picnic and Bell, Book, and Candle you are also one of my favorite actresses. I just wanted to let you know :)


  54. Your paintings reveal another beautiful piece of you. You are just as beautiful as ever, inside and out.
    I immensely enjoyed your fims. I was intrigued by the ethereal
    presence that came across on the screen. And it does so in your paintings.

  55. Dear Kim, I feel so ashamed of myself. I have never really cared for your acting as I watched your movies. And yet, when I see these paintings, I am amazed and awed by your depth of feeling and insight! I have never been able to put my own feelings or thoughts on canvas, try as hard as I might. But you have been able to not only express your sensitive and wondrous insight but you have been able to allow it to release your inner beauty. Thank you for sharing your marvelous talents and insightful images. Love, Susan

  56. I just wanted to say thank you to Ms. Novak for the courage she has shown in speaking out against the negative comments and treatment she has received by the entertainment industry. Kudos to you. Stay strong! We need more people like you to stand up against this kind of treatment. All my best to you,

  57. I am proud of you for standing tall against the people throwing nasty comments so recklessly and uncaringly into your face via the electronic social network. I don’t understand the meaness that so many people these days seem to consider normal and acceptable. Well, it is not acceptable to me, either. However, if you hadn’t released your letter of rebuke, I would not have seen nor would I have followed the link to your art website. So, something good resulted (for me) in the long-run, because I enjoyed your paintings so much. You are talented and your paintings and poetry are very much like the “you” I perceived as you inhabited the roles you created in the movies we all enjoyed…….a gentle, whimsical and kind woman searching for the compassion and passion of a good life, truthfully at peace with nature. You are and have always been gorgeous on the outside, but I think you must be quite beautiful on the inside, too, and that is so much more important in the scheme of life! Thank you for your gifts.

  58. Love you Kim, always thought your acting was great! Loved Bell, Book and Candle. Loved you as an example of a progressive female. Wish I could afford your art, it is equal to your acting ability. GOD bless!!

  59. Kim-

    I just want to say that you are a very talented woman. Your art is beautiful and you have given the world so much. Thank you for sharing your gifts. I appreciate you standing up to the bullies in Hollywood. It is an awful and unnecessary way to treat people. May you always know you are beautiful, and may you find peace and love in your art.



    My favorite painting is the Magic of Music…just beautiful!

  60. Kim Novak,

    You are a legend and speaking out make you even more of a legend.

    Your films and artwork are expressions of how talented you are.

    I have been a fan for many years.
    Stay healthy and don’t let the ugly people tear you down.

    Mrs. Shirley Kraft

  61. I was named after you and I have always been very proud of that. You are so right about bullying it has gone too far. Some schools are cracking down on bullying but it’s never enough.
    Looking at your gallery has humbled me. Your a beautiful artist some of the paintings made me think of people in my life that would love this one or that one. They’re all beautiful. With sincere (warm) thoughts, Kim

  62. Kim, your paintings are very expressive a wonderful extension of yourself. Enjoyed looking at them. My daughter is bipolar so I know what a struggle it can be. How great that you have art to express yourself. Thank you for this website. Diane

  63. Dear Ms. Novak, Your artwork is by far some of the most exquisite that I have ever seen; it is this wonderful combination of ethereal, rainbows and fantastmogorical all in one breath; your depth of vision is amazing; while you are a fabulous actress for sure, your artwork is just as terrific; revel in your talent; you own those rights! Thank-you for sharing your stunning abilities; your work should be hanging at the Met or Guggenheim, etc in NYC; get your work over here, please! smile here…Thank-you, Shari

  64. Dear Ms. Novak,
    I love your paintings! I like the way you describe your method, and I admire your imagination. Hunka Hunka is my favorite — partly because I work with and adore horses and partly because Haflingers are one of my favorites. And if you’ve never met a Percherons, you must! They are so sweet, and when they put their huge faces right up to yours it’s a thrill! They love love and attention! I had a fabulous quarter horse named George when I was a kid. It’s very, very sad to lose them.
    I came across your link to this site from an online article about your appearance at the Oscars. Don’t let a few immature, insecure, ugly-toupee-wearing, pathetic dwids rattle your world. You have always been stunning and you still are stunning! Period! Hey, I’m 68 and you look at least ten years younger than me! (I’ve been working in the hot sun for over ten years now, since retiring.) So, “Illigitamy non-carborendum!” My husband and I have been big fans of yours and of Mr. Kovak’s for most of our lives. Thank you for sharing your talents, both in acting and painting. You will always be greatly admired by millions of people.
    Yours truly, Carolyn Clark

  65. I love this body of work. So whimsical and magical! I’m beginning to play with pastels and am inspired by this. Thank you!

    with love and blessings!

  66. Outstanding work. You are to be congratulated for providing images of your fine art work for others to admire. I retired after teaching Art for 38 years and am currently teaching an art class for a group of Senior Citizens at the Meridian, Idaho Senior Center. They (and I) would be thrilled if you would allow me to make copies for them to see and for me to use as a teaching tool.
    I hope that you have time to reply to my request.
    Carl Goodwin

  67. Dearest Kim,
    I love your artwork. It stirs and awakens my emotions. I also want to thank you for taking a stand on bullying. You are playing a very significant role in eradicating violence on the planet. You are strong and brave! We all are deserving of a fearless life.

  68. Dear Kim~
    I am writing to tell you what a talented artist you are! Your paintings are beautiful, colorful depictions of the simplicities and complexities of life…forever entwined. My mother encouraged me to visit your website after enjoying your exhibit at the Butler Art Institute in Youngstown, OH, where she is a docent. I am grateful that I have viewed your creations as they will inspire me to return to painting myself.
    Take care of yourself, keep painting and be sure to continue SMILING from deep within…
    Christine Drake
    Dayton, OH

  69. Dear Kim,

    I found your website through Richard McKinley’s blog. What wonderful expressive work!



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