"Looking Back to See Ahead," Original Painting in pastel over watercolor by Kim Novak. Copyright 2014 Kim Novak. All rights reserved.

Looking Back to See Ahead

Looking Back to See Ahead, Original Painting in pastel on watercolor by Kim Novak
Looking Back to See Ahead


Pastel over Watercolor Underpainting

Limited Edition of 300
12″ x 12″
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When I’m not sure what I want to paint, I rely on my underpainting to give me inspiration. It excites my senses to watch the colors flow to and fro as I move the surface. It satisfies my desire for freedom. I often make a game of it to decide where I want to go next. Like when I was a child playing with a ouija board, using unconscious thoughts and feelings to guide your hands and fingers – so I did that with this painting. First it led me to a waterfall which you can still see, especially on the upper right side of my painting; then the water parted and it led me to her - a lovely young girl looking back at me!

~ Kim NovaK, Artist


2 thoughts on “Looking Back to See Ahead”

  1. I have been a long time fan of yours as an actress and had no idea you have become such a talented artist.
    Love your style- as I am also an artist I have never tried mixing pastel with watercolor-
    I mostly do graphic design

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