Meltdown on Wall Street, Original Oil on Canvas, Painting by Kim Novak

Meltdown on Wall Street

Meltdown on Wall Street, Original Oil on Canvas, Painting by Kim Novak
Meltdown on Wall Street


Oil on Canvas

Limited Editions of 300
Available Print Sizes:
16″ x 20″
12″ x 15″
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“I was born during the time of the 1930’s GREAT DEPRESSION which followed the biggest meltdown on Wall Street the US has ever known. It was the inspiration for my painted interpretation of a man affected by the meltdown of the 2000’s. Many of my bittersweet memories began with fantasies originating in a cast iron frying pan. I remember my mother sobbing as if our world was coming to an end – and then me sobbing cause she was sobbing;  yet all our tears disappeared when  my father appeared in the kitchen to turn a bowl of batter into jumping horses and watch the dancing girls kick up their heals in the sizzling Crisco oil.  Beside his pancakes, he would enrapture my sister and me with a magic show of egg coloring:  Dad would dip the hard boiled eggs into an oil based mixture of brilliant colors swirling them round and down then letting the colors trickle into a kaleidoscope of images that tickled my imagination…. that is how it all began – a bittersweet introduction to a wonderland called  ART –  It was the key to coping with – the GREAT DEPRESSION  that was infecting my life all about the same time.”

~ Kim NovaK, Artist


One thought on “Meltdown on Wall Street”

  1. im still new to facebook and a computer for that matter, i still have to get a picture for facebook. i lost my mom in 2010, mother and grandmother both were school teachers, my mother was born in 1931, also a child of the depression. her dad my grandfather was lucky, he worked for firestone rubber, here in akron ohio, came up from tennesee in 1926 to akron to better his life. but even the employed had to be careful. i love all your paintings, when i get back from vacation, ill see how i can work it to buy a print of vertigo . i think your fans want to take up painting now.thank you again for sharing your life with us. also i didnt know you would be in youngstown for your art exhibit, i was upset not to know, but i didnt know you had facebook. i am 45 minutes to an hour from youngstown, and i am going to see your exhibit, i think it ends july 20th. im very proud of you and hope the best for you and bob

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