5 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Dear Mrs Novak,
    I’m happy to have a chance to see your work. Besides all I didn’t know that you are great painter! Excellent colorit and energy. I really enjoy it. I’m also a painter and my favourit technique is watercolour. My father was saying that we are related like relatives (his family was Novak, from Croatia) but now I see that we have in common something unique. I would be happy to show you my works. Wish you a very best in your life and expecially in your art.
    Best regards,

    Tatjana Lulic Prpic

  2. Hello Kim,

    I must say you are quite remarkable, even today your beauty shines. I am a fellow artist, and like Hitchcock always find a new muse. I’ve admired your talent for a while now, and would love to recreate something. I do CGI animation, sculpture, and painting. It would be an honor if we could work together! Or even an autograph! I’d love to hear from you. Hope all is well

    Xx Troy

  3. Kim,
    Your awesome paintings are diverse and thought-provoking, to say the least. I’m in music, another indispensable art-form that reaches into the crevices of the psyche. What would we do without these gifts from our Creator! Keep up the good work, and I look forward to viewing future creations from your limitless imagination.
    Phil Brown

  4. You are a beautiful person inside and out from what I can see..Your art is wonderful..I am an amateur artist.You are a master…… Your comments regarding your appearance at the awards show and the heartless and ignorant comments from small minded people was hopefully the beginning of a new you…I know how you feel…I am the 62 year old daughter of a Narcissistic mother and am still working on dealing with my issues…Take care Kim….
    Claudia Martin

  5. Dear Mz Novak, your artwork is lovely. I will be back to view more. It was a joy to see you presenting at the oscars! You looked terrific!!

    Dana Laing, San Jose CA

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