Kim Novak painting at her home in Carmel, California


Thank you for visiting my website. I’m excited to be able to share my art with you online and invite you to enjoy looking at my paintings. Please note that many of the large images below are detail shots; click the smaller images to view full size versions of each painting.

 “My style of painting is the result of striving for a harmonious union of impressionism and expressionism.  I have always been influenced by life as it exists around me – touched by my past, the world of make believe – and concerned with what affects life today and how it might effect and infect life tomorrow.  Through the use of symbolism I have found a way to express my passion for life, vent frustrations and experience the freedom of self-expression.  This is the ultimate reward that comes to the visual artist.”
~ Kim NovaK, Artist
Site updated with four new paintings on April 23, 2014.

8 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Dear Ms. Novak,

    Thank you for honoring us with your grace, elegance and class at the Academy Awards.

    Blessings and best wishes.

  2. Dear Mz Novak, your artwork is lovely. I will be back to view more. It was a joy to see you presenting at the oscars! You looked terrific!!

    Dana Laing, San Jose CA

  3. Bravo, bravo, bravo! I just read your open letter and it led me to this website. I will always have wonderful memories of you then and now.
    Thank you for having the courage to take a stand on “bullying”.
    None of us remain young except in our hearts.
    You apparently have been gifted with a young heart and much courage.
    Many Blessings,

  4. You are a beautiful person inside and out from what I can see..Your art is wonderful..I am an amateur artist.You are a master…… Your comments regarding your appearance at the awards show and the heartless and ignorant comments from small minded people was hopefully the beginning of a new you…I know how you feel…I am the 62 year old daughter of a Narcissistic mother and am still working on dealing with my issues…Take care Kim….
    Claudia Martin

  5. Good Morning, Ms. Novak.
    You are a very talented artist. I am not sure which one I liked the best. Although, “They Left Laughing” choked me up. What a special event and you captured it so beautifully. After reading what you wrote it made me think of my parents, aunts and uncles that have passed on before me.
    The poem with your painting “Once Upon A Time” spoke to me. As a young girl I often thought about trees, still do, and wondered which one I would be.
    Whenever I am being spiritual I am near a body of water, which if often. Lucky me. “Life Is But A Dream” reminded me of those times talking with God and, I am always asking what do you want me to do now?
    And, I have to say, “Mountain Man” is so detailed it belongs in a museum. Absolutely outstanding.
    I wish you well.

    Gail Grace White
    Self-Esteem leads to a Bright Future!!!
    248 470 3415

  6. Dear Ms. Novak.

    I am proud of you and in support of you in your speaking about after having felt hurt and abused by the Oscar ceremony comments aimed at you and at Liza Minelli.

    You have always appeared as a beautiful and sensitive person in you films. I felt like I knew you and wouldn’t want you to be hurt. Isn’t that funny how feelings come across in film ?

    My brother has spent his life dealing with bi-polar and personality extreme mental illness. It is a shame that people confuse illness and quiet with weakness. And that folks will prey on that!

    Good for you to speak out.

    Philip Rosenfield

  7. I have just read about your sad experience in Hollywood and of your mental pain and emotional anguish caused by those who have no humanity, humility and even lack hono !
    Ms. Novac, I was one of your biggest fans in the 50′s & 60′s and had often wondered what had happened to you after I loss track of you while in Vietnam & 4 years of military service in the Air Force.
    I had watch a “Special” on you a short time ago and was so happy for you! It appears that your life with your husband up in the high country has a storybook quality about it. You’re still a drop-dead knockout beauty!
    Please know that you still have many fans & admirers and we’re with you 100%! I’m presently waiting to see you with Robert at TCM. I am a faithful follower of TCM and Bob has shown many of your films!
    You’re only 10 years my senior but if you’re like me….you’re only as old as you choose to be!!!!
    Thank you for so many wonderful awesome performances in past films…and for your loving and caring appearances now that still turns heads and brings our admiration to your feet.
    ….Was & Will Forever Be Your Fan, Follower & Friend,
    Denny Martin
    MSgt, USAF (Ret.)

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