Kim Novak painting with her pet Steller's Jay, Shadow.

About Kim Novak

Kim Novak Biography

“I never dreamed of becoming an actress or a movie star. As a young girl I won two scholarships to the prestigious Chicago Art Institute where I hoped one day to become a great artist. Working as a model during junior college, I traveled to Hollywood on summer vacation where I was discovered by an agent and signed to Columbia Pictures.

Actress Kim Novak in her acting days. about Kim Novak, bio imageIn 1956 I became the No. 1 box office star in the world for three years, starring opposite actors such as Jimmy Stewart, William Holden and Frank Sinatra, and working with directors like Alfred Hitchcock. My most famous film was Hitchcock’s “Vertigo,” which is considered by many to be the greatest movie ever made. “Picnic” and “Bell, Book and Candle” were two of my favorites.

It is so rewarding to know that my film work is receiving more acclaim with the passage of time. Although I have never received an Oscar, I was given a Golden Globe and have been honored with the prestigious Golden Bear Award for Lifetime Achievement. In 2003 I was presented with the Eastman Kodak Archives Award for my contribution to film – preceded by honorees Greta Garbo, Jimmy Stewart, Audrey Hepburn, Martin Scorsese and Meryl Streep.

At the height of my film career I decided to walk away from Hollywood – not wanting to fall prey to the tragic endings that often result when stars and sex symbols get lost in an identity crisis. I turned my back on a successful and lucrative career to define who I was and what I really wanted to give and get out of life. I moved to a cliffside dwelling along the wild coast of Big Sur, California with the purpose of creating a lifestyle in harmony with nature while combining it with my love of painting and writing poetry. I remember how pleased I was when one of my poems was made into a song and recorded by the Kingston Trio and Harry Belafonte.

Kim Novak painting with her pet Steller's Jay, Shadow.
Kim Novak painting with her pet Steller’s Jay, Shadow.

I married twice, first to a Shakespearean actor from England after we fell in love while filming “The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders,” and then again to my soul mate, equine veterinarian Robert Malloy. We now live and love with our dogs and horses in Southern Oregon. When not off riding in the hills and valleys, I am off painting the hills and valleys.

My first dream has never changed. I feel so grateful for the perspective I gained while experiencing the art of “make believe” in Hollywood, and then returning to my first goal to refine my talent and paint my feeling. Over these years I have had the opportunity to study with many fine artists. I have been particularly blessed to receive the wisdom and influence of my two great and irreplaceable mentors, Harley Brown and Richard McKinley. Now I feel ready to share some of the results of these past years. My only limitations are the boundaries of my imagination. I hope always to be able to stretch my mind as I exercise my body so that I will keep growing my dreams and expressing my fantasies.

I’ve lived a long rich life, and the wonders of Nature have allowed my eyes to retain their innocence to experience things for the first time. There is so much of life that still touches me profoundly, and if I can touch someone else along the way, in my own way, I can’t imagine any better reward!”

~Kim NovaK

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  1. Hi Kim!! My mom was just at the Butler yesterday and loved your work. I was bummed when she told me that she didn’t get the chance to tell you that I was named after you! My dad who passed away in 2020 was a major fan of yours!! His little girl had to be named Kim!!

  2. Hello Kim I just wanted to say I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful lady than you I’ve been on a kim novak movie kick lately and I love your art and we share a birthday Feb 13 hope all is well .

  3. Dear Ms. Novak,

    In sending this note into the beclouded digi-sphere, I have no illusions concerning the odds you will ever actually see it. Nevertheless, I just wanted to say–…so many things for which I can’t find words. So I guess I’ll just say, “Hello.”

  4. I’m here for Bob Gilman. He will be 91 in July and believe me when I say he is your biggest fan. He has so many pictures of you in our apartment that folks thought you were a relative.

    He really just wanted me to tell you Happy Birthday for him.

    I’m going to surprise him on his 91st with one of your paintings.
    Be well and remember that there are many people who appreciate you.

  5. I loved reading your post and your life. I was named after you. I was a teenager asked my mother why she named me Kimberly since I was the only girl and it wasn’t a family name. She told me she named me after an amazing beautiful actress named Kim Novak that she was very strong independent woman and that’s what she hoped for me. My mom had bi-polar . I love your paintings. My grandfather was an artist. I would have loved to have met you.

  6. Hi Mrs Malloy
    – I am Florence Williams’s great nephew – I met you at the Studio Club on Lodi in 1953. We used to visit there occasionally. Here’s hoping this finds you well and wishing you all the best. Your artwork is outstanding and I enjoy it very much. To your health. Cent’Anni and more!

    1. Hello Kim,
      I just want to say that I always thought of you as an incredibility gorgeous lady, but now I also see, through your paintings, the inward beauty. May God continue to bless and keep you, wishing much continued peace and joy. As a side note, my mom’s maiden name is Malloy, who married ah Nickles. Scotch-Irish.

  7. Dearest Kim Novak what an honor to be able to see your beautiful creative paintings. On August 20, 1959 my Father named me after YOU, his favorite star. I see you as a beautiful woman…. You seem to have kept a part of yourself for yourself, that is wonderful. love Kim

    1. Are you Kim N. from Ohio? If so, I remember you from swimming at the U Club and being friends with your cousin Dina.

  8. Ia Orana! I live way in the Southern Hemisphere and am half Tahitian half Chinese. I hadn’t even heard of the movies you starred in (deepest apologies) until recently when I saw you on a a snippet of Vertigo-intense. The only art I have been exposed to is Islander art, Tapa cloth from Fiji, Tonga, Tahitian carvings (my mother’s island) and Maori Art pieces. I studied in Oregon though @ the University of Oregon for my undergrad and wished I could have known of you then. Is there a biography book I can purchase? In any event thank you for your contributions to the movie and artistic world. Much Aroha Nui and Kia Ora Vahine to you and your whanau Miss Novak.

    1. How lovely that you discovered Kim’s talents in your own time! Kim’s biography-in-progress was lost in a fire and she was so devastated that she decided not to try and re-write it. There is one recently published book that will give you some insight into Kim’s life, along with many beautiful reproductions of her paintings, “Kim Novak: Her Art And Life.” It is available at the Butler Institute of American Art website:
      Thank you for your love and blessings.

  9. I want to thank you. Ms. Novak, for bringing entertainment and beauty to all of us throughout your lifetime. I crushed on you from the first time I saw Picnic; my wife teasingly referred to you as “My second blonde”. Although I enjoyed and will watch a number of your films, two of them, Picnic and Vertigo, are on my very short list to watch every year.

    I am so pleased that you are getting such satisfaction out of your visual art and poetry, and I know that was a lifelong interest of yours. Selfishly, I’m glad you took a detour through Hollywood to bring us your wonderful films.

    I wish you the very best of health and happiness.

    David DeVore

  10. I’d be surprised & delighted if you a young boy (maybe 12 or 13) running up to you at the train station in Chicago asking for your autograph. You had no pen or paper to write on until someone handed you a small business card and a pen to sign your name for me. Sadly, somewhere along the way I lost that card, but not the wonderful memory of meeting you. And I’ve always been charmed by the fact that I lived at 2045 also, but on the next block East of your parents street. One of my neighbors (Jack) claimed he used to play baseball with you in the street. I don’t know if that’s true. But thought maybe you might remember. Anyway, thought you might enjoy knowing you are still admired and remembered by this old man (now 76) who was lucky enough to meet you one fall day many years ago. Dan

  11. I’m so glad t have found this website with your wonderful artwork, I was especially impressed with your self portrait and your tribute to VERTIGO. Your films have always been favorites of mine. I can remember first seeing BELL, BOOK and CANDLE on tv in the 60’s and becoming an instant fan. Some of my other favorites are THE NOTORIOUS LANDLADY, BOYS NIGHT OUT, KISS ME STUPID and THE MIRROR CRACK’D.

  12. Hello! I have just received my copy of your wonderful new book, with your exquisite artwork and poetry, and your reflections on your experiences before, during, and after Hollywood. Thank you, thank you for sharing your artistry in film, on canvas, and in writing! I salute you for making your mark on film history, and then having the strength and courage to walk away from that in order to find your peace and happiness, and to express yourself in a new artistic medium.

    1. Hi Kim,

      Just found your Facebook page and so happy to see yourself, dogs, horses and family. I’m 42 so grew up on 70s, 80s movies really so missed a lot of the grand age of Hollywood. What films of yours or others of the black and white age do you think I should consider watching?

      I did however, get into Hitchcock at an early age, from the Psycho films (which are all subsequently well done in memory of Hitch). The Birds and Alfred Hitchcock presents being on TV a lot in the 80s, I watched them also. I’m sorry to say that The Birds is my favourite, but don’t let that put you off me! 😉

      By 2007 at the age of 26 I started to take my fascination more seriously and set out to buy every Hitchcock film still available, which I have now done.

      Vertigo is a classic and one of Hitchs best, if only because its acted so well, filmed so beautifully and keeps making you think. Its like a sub plot is going on but you cant put your finger on it. And then the bit with ‘the nun in the tower’, far too creepy! What do you think it’s all really about? Certainly not vertigo lol.

      I loved seeing the black and white pics of you with Cary Grant and friends and the more recent colour ones with your long time partner. I hope the pain isn’t too bad for you at times 😞

      I’m a creative individual myself, I love to make music, films and record comedy (and in my youth, horror). Some of my best work is recording music videos for genuine artists, although they look amateur still. Check out Peter Lumley 43 subscribers on YouTube lol. However one of my videos has 170,000 hits 🙂

      Have you been in anything in recent years? Would it be terrible to ask for an autograph??!! You still look very pretty today.

      Have a fantastic weekend Kim xxxxx
      Love from Peter from England
      [email protected]

  13. As a girl, I watched your movies, amazed at your beauty, grace, and dignity, but more so by the emotions that flashed on your face; there was so much beneath your surface. I felt that I was seeing a glimpse of the real Marilyn Novak from Chicago, not just Kim Novak, the actress.

    You managed to keep your sanity in the movie-making machine of Hollywood, surrounded by sycophantic users and losers, and you always kept your dignity intact. Your grace and wisdom is inspiration to all of us.

    Thank you for sharing your art with the world; I find it mesmerizing–beyond the aesthetics–and another glimpse into a rare, magical mind.

  14. Wow! I am so impressed with your art. Simply beautiful.Beautiful artwork. Thank you for sharing Ms. Kim, Beautiful Paintings, Great artist site. I liked that life is a dream cause the dog looks like my Maltese. You are a great lady and Trump is a bully. Beautiful, simply beautiful artwork, as you have always been and still are. Thank you for putting up this site. Visiting has been a wonderful experience.

  15. Speaking from afar I think you are an amazing person and the fact that you turned your back on Hollywood for an authetic life is the best proof of that assumption. All the bullying you had to endure in recent years (which was cruel and needless to begin with) cannot change that.

    You may not be 26 anymore but it seems to me that you are much more alive than many people who are that age. “This above all: To thine own self be true” – indeed

  16. Hi Kim,

    I was wondering if you might share the story behind the image at the top of this page of you and your pet, “Shadow”. It’s really, really beautiful…

    1. Kim lives a quiet, yet very busy life. I’m sorry, but she just can’t start doing autographs. She says it wouldn’t be fair to do this for some people and not for others, and if she were to accommodate every request, the volume of pictures and autographs that she would have to keep up with would take too much from the time she needs to paint beautiful works such as those you see here on her website. We hope you understand.

  17. On Sunday evening, May 20, 2018, I had the honor of attending “A Tribute To Kim Novak” at the Castro Theater in San Francisco. It was not only thrilling to meet you, but what a special treat that you were able to share your artwork with us. I especially enjoyed your personal comments on each one, as they were visually shown to us on the big screen. Many thanks Kim for returning to San Francisco , and for sharing such an intimate evening with your fans & friends. Cheers from Sacramento!

    ~ Jimmy Short

  18. From those of us waiting to take the final exam for the online class 50 years of Hitchcock from TCM and Ball State University, Indiana, it is astonishing that these are your paintings and good luck to you as you continue.
    Your paintings are very beautiful and especially thoughtful.

  19. Greetings from West Chicago. I have just viewed your site and the works within. An incredible talent and life.

  20. I’m extremely impressed with your artwork, Ms Novak. You are a natural doing what you do, and your passion shows through. Just like your acting career, you can honestly say you have had success in 2 different careers. I also read the comments about your Oscar appearance and your obvious mistreatment. The one real capper was the Trump comment. Being the shallow idiot that he is, no one should be surprised. With his wife with her obvious makeovers, coupled with his stupid buck and a half haircut [!] he really has shown the world for years that he is a classless jerk. Now unfortunately, the world knows just how ignorant he is! He will always be an ass, while you will always be a beauty!

  21. Hi Ms. Novak. I just wanted to thank you for your amazing performance in Vertigo. You are so beautiful, just like your paintings. I wish you a long life and love you.

  22. Utmost respect to you Ms Novak and thank you for your wonderful art! Maybe I will be able to afford to buy a painting of yours someday!
    You say “I have never received an Oscar”but please do not let that give you a moment’s regret. Your performance in “Vertigo” is THE great movie perfomance of all time. As you say, the film is now regarded by many as the greatest EVER made and your part in it is of course central to its success. Your performance in that movie has haunted me my whole life, it is incomparable. Please know that you will live forever in the hearts of many as long as civilisation endures.
    With gratitude always and all best wishes
    Stephen Mead

  23. Just wanted to say thank you for giving me so much. You will not remember me, but I will not forget you. I never thought that I would ever put two and two together but by the grace of God, I believe that I have. You touched my soul long ago, and I will always be grateful. It is not important to anyone other than myself. To me you will always be “The Lady In The Forest”.
    To your every happiness. Bless you &
    Many Thanks!

  24. Hi Kim,
    Fellow artist, dreamer, and writer too – when I was young I lost my mother to lupus; early in my life, she’d embark on how I had such a mature soul, a lust for adventure.. she introduced me to many iconic women like you, and I still look up to you all today. I remember, having this small radio in our kitchen and on rainy days I’d turn on the local jazz station and watch the rain fall as I constantly wandered in my mind, dreaming of things I wish I could do when I’d ‘grow up’.. I just always remember having a driven mindset, that I wanted to ‘move mountains’. I too can share similarities with you; which puts my mind at ease. Now I’m in my 20’s and I haven’t been dealt the best cards in life, but whilst viewing your beautiful artwork I was able to escape; to have my heart feel raw emotion again because I have finally found someone of similar characteristics..thoughts, inner emotions/feelings- someone that can truly me. A true role model or mentor so to speak. For some reason, I decided to research you today to see where you are in life and I am so thankful that I did. Your painting “Goodbyes and Hellos” truly reflects my current journey in absolute favorite of yours that we’ve been blessed to see. Xx

  25. Dear Kim,
    we are happy we can invite you in Czech republic during the Febiofest movie festival and we are also happy we can see your beautiful paintings in Strahov Monastery!
    Best wishes to you!

  26. Dear Kim,

    Your paintings are so, sooo beautiful! I feel so much love looking at them, particularly Goodbyes and Hellos and the blue bird tatoo…In fact all of them. They are Jewels to me. I am bipolar, and have been having panic attacks for so many years . Therefore I have the privilege to understand you with all my heart. Do you sell posters (Lithographies) of “The blue bird Tatoo”? I would love to buy it for my living room! It would be so marvelous.. Thank you Kim for offering your treasures….
    PS/ I would love to know what your favourite fragrances are…just curious, much love to you!

  27. Greetings to you, Kim. I always wondered what happened to you.
    Thanks to our modern day life, I now know. I was born in the 40’s
    and I always had two very real interests, they are music and art.
    As a very young kid I made up songs and always had a pad of paper to draw and make believe. I see your painting and they bring back old memorys of childhood days. I’am so glad you stuck
    with your paintings. You have one of the most interesting ways to paint and tell a story. Not just any story but a part of your story. Happy Birthday and keep telling your storys your way.

  28. Hi Kim.

    Just want to wish you a very happy birthday!!! Your art is AMAZING!!

    You probably get bored hearing from so many millions of fans how much your films and life have inspired them, but please indulge one more accolade:

    As a child, I was often in and out of hospitals for treatment of various illnesses. Pretty tough, lonely times for a small child in a strange place full of mostly adults.

    I was also a huge film buff and avid movie magazine reader. (I also recall seeing a wonderful article with pictures about your life in Big Sur with all your animals at that time. So idyllic!!) After a particularly painful treatment, I just wanted to curl up in bed, pull the covers over my head and cry. But I heard that “Bell Book and Candle” was showing on TV that night, so I had to watch one of my favorite actresses in the hope of distracting myself from my depressing reality. You, Jimmy, Jack, Elsa, and Pyewacket helped take my mind off my illness and treatment. Somehow, the pain and fear magically evaporated for the 2 hours I spent watching Gillian and Pye spin their enchanting spells.

    Just want to thank you for helping a frightened little girl navigate through a challenging childhood. God bless and happy trails!

    Kate in Sacramento CA

  29. Hi Kim
    I did put a poem on here for you, but I cannot find it. 🙁
    I just wanted to say THANKYOU for the precious moments I had with you on board QM2 July of this year.
    After getting married in New York, and staying in Cary Grant’s apartment for my wedding night, I never dreamed in a million years, that I would have the absolute pleasure of meeting you on the cruise home. I am still shaking now thinking about it!
    You were so gracious, so beautiful, and GENUINE.
    And once again, please forgive me for making you cry!!!
    And when your wonderful husband told me I looked like one of your best friends from home, I secretly hoped that by looking at your friend, you would never forget me!
    I shall never forget you. Thank you once again, for making a dream come true for me. Never stop painting. I see all your emotions in them. You are, and always have been, a true talent, on and off the screen.
    God Bless you and your family Kim. And may 2015 be everything you want it to be.
    All my love
    Mandy xxxx

  30. I was so excited to learn about the art of Ms. Novak. I love studying the lives of famous actresses. Many, perhaps most, paid a great price to pursue their careers. To discover Ms. Novak’s paintings is a joy and reassurance that a person can always go back to their first love and laid hold of their dream and calling. I love her poetry as much as her beautiful paintings!

  31. Kim, I have always loved the abstract painting of Pyewacket in “Bell, Book and Candle.” (I have a siamese cat who looks just like him.) Do you possibly know where I could get a print copy to frame, or who the artist is who painted it?

  32. Hello Ms. Novak!

    We just purchased your print “Goodbyes and Hellos” for our new home. Could you tell us when you painted it?

    Hoping you can arrange an exhibit in Austin where we live!

    Happy Holidays!


    1. Hello Richard,
      GoodByes and Hellos was painted just a few months ago. I am so glad you like it! I wish you well in your new home.

  33. Keep casting the enchanting spells of your muses and magic! You are a lovely woman of strength, talent and integrity. This art emanates with energy as if illuminated from its own beacon within, just as you radiate with your own shimmer and grace. Shine on and may peace and warmth always be within you.

    Crisp Breezy Autumnal Wishes ! 🙂

  34. Beautiful work from a beautiful soul. Your paintings really give me an insight of your inner beauty. I’m a photographer and love capturing the beauty of this world but your hands show another kind. Thank you for sharing…

  35. I’m so amazed at Kim’s work. I never realized she is such a talented artist. The colors are just amazing. And the added touch of her beautiful poems is a glorifying touch to the art. Someday, hopefully I’ll be able to afford one of her works. You’ve had a beautiful life, with your love of nature and animals. I to have a bird who never left my side, my loving crow. Plus my dogs, horses and cats. I wish you well, you are beautiful, inside and out. So glad you left Hollywood behind. God bless you Kim. Your wisdom is deep.
    Sincerely, Nancy

  36. Watercolor is the true test of an artist. Control is everything. I am particularly taken with the color choices you used on the beard on your mountain man (yes I know that part is pastel). Your work is magnificent, as is your brush control. The variety of your subjects and your interpretation shows a great range.

  37. Dear Ms.Novak:
    Your artwork is beyond words….Mr. Van Gogh would be proud, and so would Mr. Renoir I believe.
    May GOD continue to bless you Ms.Novak.
James C. Reynolds
La Porte, IN

  38. I viewed your artwork finding this page, and I am falling in love with you all over again. There is great beauty in your soul and it flows through your art.
    Sincerely, Jack H. Diamond

  39. You paintings are absolutely beautiful as are your comments. I feel like I have encountered a beautiful soul. Never allow anyone to destroy what is within… May you always know joy and peace.

  40. Your artwork and poetry are beautiful, thought provoking and lovely. Simply gorgeous. The poetry that accompanies the work is perfect. Thank you for sharing your fabulous and artistic talent!

  41. Oh, dear, wonderful Ms. Novak! I am so excited to learn that you are such a gifted artist. You have touched me so DEEPLY with your words, whether through your poetry or otherwise, with your incredibly stunning and evocative artwork, and, well, with just YOU being YOU and sharing yourself with all of us!
    I understand very well the always sensitive, sometimes strong and sometimes fragile artistic personality. The very difficulties that life tosses our way are what not only make us MORE sensitive (or CAN, anyway, if we allow that to happen!), but also what make us even MORE fragile. I believe that being a natural-born artist (i.e., a highly creative individual) is the most horrendous, yet also, simultaneously sometimes, is the most rewarding state of being that ANY human can experience. And it seems that VERY few artists are able to cope with that strange, yet apparently necessary dichotomy without having it annihilate them before they can even begin to experience the joy which their artistic expression would bring to themselves as well as to others.
    You are, obviously, one of those very few people.

  42. Dear Miss Novak,
Discovering you are an artist was a pleasant surprise. I read your message about bullying..good for you..and did an internet search to see where I could send a letter of support. That’s how I found out about the paintings.
They’re beautiful! Absolutely they are what people should be talking about. You are a gifted painter. I hope more people become aware of your work. It’s easy to see the joy that went into creating them.
Sue Daman

  43. Your artwork is unbelievably inspiring. It brought tears to my eyes and heart. There is such feeling that comes from the work. I am also an artist and see the beauty in your work. Thank you for allowing others to see your work.

  44. Thank you for posting your art. It is beautiful! Much of it brought tears to my eyes. I especially loved the one depicting Sophie gazing at herself in a mirror. Our four-legged friends are truly special; they give us so much and ask so little in return. You’re a beautiful person. God bless you.

  45. Your web site is wonderful. Your paintings are always fasinating besides being beautiful. Having the explanations of your thoughts along the way makes it all very special. You truly are a creative beautiful soul.

  46. Mrs Novak,

    You please keep on painting and expressing yourself! I lately watched again Middle of the Night, Human Bondage, Vértigo, Bell, book and candle, and your performance is really superb, moving for me. Please do keep on expressing yourself.

  47. Hello,
    I find myself here, because I watched Vertigo, last night.
    They say when you focus on something, you notice it more. One of my focuses is on makeup. It’s artwork for the face. While I noticed the plot, I also noticed how beautiful your eye and eyebrows look.
    A silly thing, I know.
    You are still a beautiful lady, have beautiful eyes, and make lovely artwork. I’ll add this page to my saved blogs.
    Look forward to seeing more of your art in the future.
    Call me a new fan of all of your work, past and present. <3

  48. I just finished watching Bell, Book and Candle again! Loved you and Jack Lemmon in that movie! Got curious about your art that I went through your website gallery. Amazing! Lovely! Mystical!

  49. Hello Kim
    I have been with you in your films since “Pushover” and enjoyed them all since when I was young in the 40s and 50s, we spent a lot of time at the movies. But I am so pleased that we share a love of art. I also sometimes paint pastels over a watercolor background. Your paintings are so deeply personal and poetic. I got a late start and am so grateful for the peace that painting has given to me. Please continue to post your new paintings. They are beautiful. Joan

  50. Fate is surly on my side. I just happened to stop at one of the e-mails and it turned out to be about the Butler Art Museum in Youngstown, Oh. I will be going to your show!
    I live close by in Pa. I am sure I will enjoy your show.

  51. Dear Miss Novak…

    First let me say…. I have never written a letter to any other person of celebrity status. You are the first!! Plus….you are a fellow Oregonian so they always come first!! I live in Central Oregon.

    The reason I am writing is over your treatment at the Academy Awards. I was appalled at the way you were introduced…the treatment from the audience,,and by Ellen DeGeneres’ total lack of response to your presence there. It is not often a Hollywood legend is present at a ceremony….yet her tone of voice was like she was introducing her sister or brother. I don’t think that they realize that you blazed a trail for them in Hollywood. Actresses in the 1950’s were treated differently than today. Had you and others not set standards then that still exist today….where would they be? I was telling them all……”get off your butts and give this lady the never-ending applause she deserves.” And ..I will always believe that.

    Critics are critics…if they didn’t have something somewhere to pick at…they wouldn’t have a job. Critic is another word for a bully. Always fight them and come out ahead!! Never let your chin down…..hold it high!!! It’s obvious they have not been thru anything like you have been thru……a fire and cancer….or they would certainly back off. You survived those…..keep that chin up and pay no attention to the critics…they are nothing.

    In closing…..I love your movies…..the music from Vertigo that played with your entrance on stage is one of my favorites. I think your paintings are terrific….and I think you are terrific!!!

    Thank you..Miss Novak…for you and your gifts to the world.


    Steve Dale

  52. Your artwork and poetry are beautiful, thought provoking and lovely. Simply gorgeous. The poetry that accompanies the work is perfect. Thank you for sharing your fabulous and artistic talent!

    1. Your artwork and poetry are beautiful, thought provoking and lovely. Simply gorgeous. The poetry that accompanies the work is perfect. Thank you for sharing your fabulous and artistic talent!

  53. Dear Kim,

    Your art work is incredible, along with your poetry. I had no idea you were blessed with this talent, along with your beauty and acting. I’ve always been a fan since I was a little girl (now I’m 60 eeks!) Thank you for sharing your talents.

  54. I always enjoyed your movies but had no idea of what an accomplished artist you are. I was also disturbed by the remark made at the Oscars by Trump. However, you must consider the source.

  55. I just wanted to say that I had never gotten to see any of your paintings before and I am certainly not an expert on art as a whole, but I know what I like and your paintings really touch me. I am more than impressed and if my humble opinion matters in the least, I think you are a great talent. I always loved your movies and considered you one of the most beautiful actresses ever. I am sorry for the negative comments that some ignorant people may have said after the Oscars, people just don’t think sometimes. We are all human, and no one really has the right to judge someone else harshly or bully. I am glad that you took a stand against it. You are a hero in my eyes as well as a beautiful actress and extremely gifted painter. Thank you for being around during my lifetime.

  56. I have thought of many things I would say to you. I think you’re a genuine person with a kind heart. All I ever wanted was to speak with you and hear what you had to say about my father and grandfather. I know you knew them well at one point in your life…perhaps distant forgotten past at this point. If you ever feel inclined to speak with me please email me. I would love to speak with you. I’m sure by my last name you know who my father/grandfather was. I still have the painting you made of them when my father was a boy.

    1. Shannon,
      No, I am not Kim and I do hope she answers you on a personal note. I just wanted to tell you the movies Kim made with your grandfather were the best (my favorites.) I know Kim truly loved your grandfather. She did an interview on TCM, it is out on DVD now. I hope you saw it. She reflects on various people in her life, and on Mr. Quine, she stated how much ‘she loved that man.’ Kim is a very busy woman, but I do hope you hear from her. Regards, -Teresa Gibson

  57. I watched all your films and you were so talented and stunning beyond words. I really enjoyed looking at your art, Wow, multi talented you sure are. I am looking for space on my walls. 🙂
    I still remember you vividly in human bondage, that movie dug into the deepest darkest and most painful human emotion. You rocked it!!!!

    As for Donald Trump and the likes of him; they don’t call him “Big Mouth” for nothing.
    IF I were him, I would never talk about anybody’s looks. He is Rude but he does not care. Glad you spoke up and glad you love your life. 🙂
    A fan from NYC

  58. Hello Ms Novak,
    I just looked at your beautiful paintings. The colors are amazing and so vibrant. I envy those that can create such beauty.
    I was really sorry to read that you had been bullied over your appearance at the Oscars. I loved watching you on TV that night from my home. In todays world so many people have no respect and believe it is ok to say mean and harsh things to people, famous or not. You stood up for yourself and should be proud of who you are. I’m just a simple person who believes in being nice to everyone, young, old, poor or rich, famous or not, a human life is precious and bullying is unexceptable. May you be blessed this beautiful Easter day.

  59. Kim,

    I like your work. I live in Ashland Oregon, and I’ve heard you live nearby.

    I am glad you live in this beautiful area, and you love it. Your sense of contemplative, intuitiveness, and touch with the sacred land underneath you…

    I have been trying to make a documentary about painting for years. Wonder if I could ever interview you with the camera my father bought for me, ,,

    My email hopefully goes through.

  60. Your artwork is beautiful, truly, in every sense of the word.

    I also want to add words in support of you here as to something that I learned about recently on-line that, frankly, made me feel extremely sad: You are one hundred percent correct that you were unjustly subject to bullying on social networking sites on-line; and, THAT, in my opinion is entirely UNACCEPTABLE with a capital “U”. I wish you the best in terms of health and happiness for always. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  61. Dear lady,
    It hurt my heart, to read that comments of people hurt you.
    My hope is that you will stay strong, and always remember
    your talent, beauty, and worth in the world,
    never allow anyone to diminish that within you.
    I wish you well in your art endeavors…
    add some beauty to the world,
    as it seems to be needed.
    Best regards.

  62. I have long been a fan. I also am an artist and I love your paintings. They are very moving. I love the way you use color. Is there anyway I can get an autographed photo?

    1. I love your art work. I am an artist also. I will be going to the Butler to see your work and I am looking forward to it.
      How can I get an autographed photo?



  65. I had no idea Kim Novak was such a talented artist. Some time ago, I sent her a drawing I had done of her, asking her to autograph it. She very kindly did so and it is now framed and displayed in my home. I would not have sent it if I had known of her great talent, but she was very gracious and only proved she is the last of the Hollywood Greats. A wonderful lady , still giving great pleasure to millions of her fans.

  66. Ms. Novak, I think your work is lovely and gives me a sense of serenity. Thank you also for your years of sensitive film work. I recently had the chance (via the matchless resource that is TCM) to see “Middle of the Night” again. Wonderful performance.

    Please know that many of us have nothing but contempt for that boor and public fool, Donald Trump. Please don’t allow anything he says to give you so much as a moment’s distress; it’s a waste of your beautiful spirit.

  67. Hello Ms. Novak,

    I am writing to tell you how wonderful it is to find out you became an artist. You live the life I could barely dream of! I too have a great passion for horses. About me, I started out as a radio announcer, radio programmer, communications/public relations, and then out of a real job, because of the downturn. My husband is from Dublin, Ireland. He is an architectural designer and has now been looking for work before Christmas. We adopted a beautiful baby girl from Russia at just under a year old, and as she grew realized she had FASD and learning disabilities. We are watching for every spark of creativity and interest she shows to encourage her to find the best in life. I had a morgan horse, Dreamweaver, for quite a few years when I went to college. I learned dressage, short fences and obstacle driving. All so much fun!!! I love the colors you use and the creativity you show in your paintings – especially the girl who lives in her own world. I enjoyed seeing you in movies as well! I wish you all the best and continued happiness. Ignore the detractors; there always a few spreading their negative energy. And if you would, say a prayer or two for us as we try to get back on our feet again. Blessings, and Happy Easter, Janet. I’m so glad I found you online!

  68. Thank you for your sharing movie make believe with your talent.
    Your art, well, it’s stunning and touches my spirit.

    Thank you for your courage standing up to the bullies at the Oscars. Cruelty is never acceptable and used by cowards.

    I wish I could bring one of your creations home.

    Thank you,

  69. I saw you on TV today and just read your Bio. You are beautiful inside and out. Your artwork is amazing. You have real talent.

    You have mostly likely had a happier life away from Hollywood than if you had stayed there. Most of the stars seem to be willing to do anything to get publicity.

  70. Ms. Novak, your artwork is as beautiful as you are. And gosh, I would have never known you were 81 years of age had you not made a statement to those bullies out there after the big award show. And you look fabulous at 81 years young. Your beauty only shines through even more in both your writing and your paintings. I didn’t realize what an accomplished artist you were and it makes sense with you studying at such a world famous school here in Chicago. Thank you for sharing your art with the world.

  71. Dear dear Ms. Novak,
    I’m from Medford and one of my clients, that works at the Big R, let me know some time ago that you’re here in the valley. Can’t remember her name at the moment….I do permanent makeup. Have been doing so for over 20 years. I’m about to retire, but you can see me on: ( There isn’t enough room on here to say all that I want to say,…but I do admire you. I thought you looked wonderful on Oscar night. The heck with the others. And I know what it’s like to take a relaxant and try to perform. I’m so sorry you were hurt. I’m so soft-hearted myself, and would have been horrified at some of the dumb comments. Please know that you are wonderful and will always be a beautiful woman, in my eyes, inside and out. I love love your art work. I had no idea that you were so artistic. Guess I’ve been in my own little world for too long. I hope to own some pieces myself ….when my ship comes in. I’m not able to right now….but I seriously will in the future.
    God bless you! I was raised on a horse and cattle ranch in Southern Oregon years ago. Now I have 5 dogs and 5 cats. Love them all dearly…..and hurt so badly when they die. I’m sure we’ll see them again some day.
    Well, I just had to find a way to tell you how glad I was to see you on screen again and to express my feelings. I’m glad that you spoke out.!!
    Always, Jeanie

  72. Hello,

    I happened upon your website purely by chance. I think your artwork is lovely and hope to one day make a purchase when I have more of the means monetarily…

    I was looking at your comments on bullying which led me to your website.. I am sorry for the cruelty people exhibited during the Academy Awards.. I’ve always thought you to be a very classy lady..

    Thank you for speaking against bullying!

    I was a victim when I was young and this prompted me to teach my daughter that No One is better than anyone else, regardless of what they do or how much they have… My daughter has learned well and treats all with respect yet tolerates no bullying..

    If through your experience and your words at least one person’s life is enriched, then you have made a difference!

    You Have made a difference, Lady Kim NovaK!!

    Cheers and All The Best to You!

  73. I just read an article about your hurt from the Oscars…I just wanted so say I think you looked beautiful and did a terrific job. I’m sorry there are so many people on this earth that take such pleasure in trying to demean others. And Donald Trump? Well, he has money but not much else. You can’t fix stupid and you can’t buy a beautiful soul. I wouldn’t trade my Midwest, working stiff life for his, for any amount of money! What an unhappy, ignorant person he is.

    Your paintings are beautiful. Such a talent! I’m not a student of the arts, but I do know that I like Monet. Many of your paintings reminded me of his.
    Hang in there and don’t let the small minded people get you down!

  74. I am now 68 years old and have missed seeing you in movies since my twenties; therefore, I was so happy to see you on the Oscar’s and extremely upset at the way you were treated. But don’t worry…..what goes around comes around!!! It was with great pleasure that I saw what a wonderful artist you are now, and that you were able to walk away from the glitz of a fake world and be the real person you are. That takes A LOT of courage. It is so admirable of you. And you are such an accomplished artist! I saw your work tonight and I felt touched by it, which reflects deep sensitivity and sensuality (not in the sexy way – but in the form of ‘sensation’ – senses). I love the trees and how you describe that you imagine them in a different world! You are so unique, and you are looking just great! Don’t pay attention to the idiot bullies!! 🙂 You are still glamorous and I would be proud to have you as a friend!
    Christine Fetzer

  75. My Dear Miss Novak,

    In my waning youth (just turned 59), I have seen example after example of our attempts at cheating life (of its inevitable consequence), cheating relationships (denying symptoms as someone else’s issue – my ex who was eventually diagnosed a bipolar), cheating ourselves… by focusing on those things that do not help us grow in life.
    I am so sorry what you had to endure by comments made by insensitive, self serving comments after the Oscars.
    Your art is PROOF… you have beauty beyond what other judge beauty by.
    In my waning youth, I have found that beauty is found in either children, or, the seniors I watch over. Those in between, are somewhat blind. Your art is a representation of where your true beauty lies. Fame, fortune, physical attributes… all fleeting. The beauty inside you… in your art… in your heart, will live forever!
    I just thought you should know that.
    All my best.

  76. Ms. Novak,

    Amazing poetry and paintings. What insight to life and love for those with us who don’t walk on two feet. Your words and paintings make me cry. You have such insight as to why we are all here…to do “good” things in our lives and love all living things.

    As an old disabled Vietnam veteran, I am so glad that you are speaking out and bringing to our attention your amazing talents. But most of all, that you are a sincere good person. Beautiful in all ways…forever. Thank you for sharing, you are an amazing lady!

    Very best regards.

  77. I just finished viewing the 3 pages of your art work, and I loved them all. We enjoy watching the birds who come to our feeders (when the squirrels leaves some food). The fact that you incorporate the birds and animals in your work is wonderful. The longer I looked the more I saw. They really are magical and calming. You are obviously very happy with your decision to leave Hollywood. It was the right choice for you.

  78. Ms. Novak,

    Amazing poetry and paintings. What insight to life and love for those with us who don’t walk on two feet. Your words and paintings make me cry. You have such insight as to why we are all here…to do “good” things in our lives and love all living things.

    As an old disabled Vietnam veteran, I am so glad that you are speaking out and bringing to our attention your amazing talents. But most of all, that you are a sincere good person. Beautiful in all ways…forever. Thank you for sharing, you are an amazing lady!

    Very best regards.

  79. Dearest Kim
    Forty years ago people always told me I looked exactly like you. We have both aged and are experiencing another phase in our life. I find you beautiful. I’m impressed with your paintings. So much emotion and deep thought in each one. Keep painting and remain your lovely self. Hugs to my “twin”, Renee Ollerich

  80. Your paintings are beautiful and thoughtful. You are very talented. I was young when you were young (well, I’m about 3 years younger), and I always loved your movies. I just want to tell you that I was incensed about comments and bullying about your appearance–especially by Donald Trump! You are a lovely and sensitive person. Don’t let mean comments get the best of you. Wishing you a continued happy life.

  81. Thank you for speaking out against bullies. Your voice will help others to heal and hopefully speak out for themselves.

    Your art work is stunning and so alive. May you keep producing as you make this world a better place.

  82. Ms. Novak, I stand in awe of your talent as an actress and also as a painter. More than that, I appreciate you for standing up to bullies. I was bullied a lot when I was young. People do not realize how it weighs on you. For me, I dreaded moving back to my home town because of it. You, ma’am, have showed me that at my age, I can be strong enough to lift my head up. If you could do it in face of what Hollywood demanded of you, I can in my life.

  83. I just read an article re: your thoughts following your appearance at the Oscars.

    BRAVO! Way to stand up, speak up and be courageous! I was a fan in your movies, and am even BIGGER fan today! And your artwork is beautiful!

  84. Dear Kim, is it alright to call you Kim as I don’t know what the proper address should be, I have viewed all of your paintings and must say that I am very touched. I am especially moved by the horse rolling in the field of flowers, I too have lost too many of my four legged friends, it is never easy but always worth it. I love them all. I am hoping to purchase one of your prints at some point.
    I want to tell you that you are one of the most beautiful and alluring women in the world, I’m sure you are tired of hearing comments such as that, but it is true. I saw you on the Academy Awards and thought you looked great, I was just so happy to see you at all! Don’t let the critics get to you, screw ’em! Who hasn’t had a fat injection or two from time to time, not to mention Botox, etc…….
    Hold your head high Kim, you have made a great impression on the world.
    Sincerely your friend and fan,
    Mark Houston Mahan

  85. I have always thought you to be a gentle soul..just from seeing you in your movies..I felt that. Today I find you a courageous. Your paintings beautiful and insightful.
    I was pleased to hear that you stood up to rude and insensitive people.

  86. Dear Ms. Novak,
    You are truly a great artist and human being. Your courage in speaking out against these bullies is inspirational. You will always be one of our great and BEAUTIFUL actresses!
    Would it be possible for you to send me an autographed photo?
    I appreciate this favor very much!

    Vincent Miscione
    18922 SW 93rd. Loop
    Dunnellon,Florida 34432

  87. Kim,
    I just read on the internet about the comment Donald Trump made. Please just consider the source. Why he thinks he can make a comment about how anyone else looks is beyond me. It reminds me of a close friend of mine who for years has made comments about my hair like “I wish you would get it styled”. I have long straight baby fine blond hair, that certain hairstyles will not work and I know that. The funny part is that he has been wearing a “comb over” for years. I thought at one time it was a toupee, but I never said anything to him because I don’t like to hurt peoples feelings, and I know he must have been sensitive about it. Some people just don’t think before they open their mouths.

    You are a beautiful woman, and always have been. I can not believe you are 81. You barely look 40, or at the very most 50. I am so glad you met your soulmate. I am 63 and never was that lucky. Enjoy your life, and don’t let idiots like Donald Trump get to you. They are not worth it.


    P.S. Your paintings are beautiful. I am an artist too, and even went to The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, but didn’t stay long.

  88. Hi, Kim. I just read a article about what happened to you at the Oscars and just wanted to say I’m sorry that you were treated so unkindly and so disrespectfully. There is just no excuse for people to be so critical. I thought Donald Trump, of all people, would certainly know better. Anyway, I am sorry and you didn’t deserve that.

    You are a very talented artist. I especially like “Mountain Man” because it’s a great portrait and because my wife calls me that. We spend a lot of time in the mountains here in northern California. I also enjoyed seeing your pet Stellar’s Jay. We have a lot of them in this area.


  89. Just wanted to say hi Kim. And thanks for being the artist that you are, and for speaking out to the bullies. Who needs them.
    I hadn’t realized or had forgotten that you are a very good painter. Keep up the good work.

    David Morse, formerly of Carmel, now San Francisco

  90. Hello Kim Novak, I’ve been looking at your artwork. You’re a good artist, I’m an artist as well(landscapes of Alaska) and I know how much an artist puts into each creative work. I read your comments against bullying on the news, thankyou for stepping out like that,the world needed that. It’s not only a persons appearance that can be bullied,but their creativity or style as well.
    Most of them do it out of jealosy. Quite silly really, but you’ve done a great job as a person, as well as an artist,
    From one artist to another,Good Luck in many further endeavors ,(you might think about writing a book which showcases your artwork, I wrote a couple-historical cookbooks and the people in my local area liked them ,which for some reason surprised me..haha you just never know..)Thanks again, Verna Coy

  91. I enjoyed seeing you at the Oscars!! Very proud of your outlook on people’s criticism of your appearance. Keep your chin up, it sounds like you are!! Read your article about your outlook on it today on web & found my way to your website. I really enjoyed looking at your art, reading your poems, and reading a little about yourself. It sounds like you have a wonderful life!!

  92. Kim, I love your work as an actress and you have beautiful paintings. I wanted to write you in response to you coming out against the bullies from the oscars. People make themselves feel better by breaking others down. It is their problem, not yours. You are great and I hope to see more of you soon.

  93. Hello, Ms. Novak. I am profoundly moved by your story and art. I am the daughter of an artist, sadly , she passed @ 82 in 2008. She greatly influenced my interest in the arts. I saw the recent event and read about the insensitive comments. I am sincerely sorry you had to endure that crass behavior! You have always been a unique and special artist in your film career for me. I too am a wanna be, something, singer , dancer, artistic , just a bit slow to grow. I just turned 66 and I’m still blooming. We have a love for Music in common. I too have spent many a lovely night @ the Britt. I love the venue and the thrill of the music I have heard there. Have a lovely summer and hope to see you again in public some time. You deserve an Oscar for your acting career as far as I’m concerned! Aloha Nui Loa from Redding, Ca. Lynn

  94. I am so sorry you r were hurt by what was said about the Oscars. Stay strong and sweet and keep being creative. You are beautiful and a star. I wish I could offer some space in my heart where you could store some of the pain so you could go on creating.


  95. I have long been a fan. I also am an artist and I love your paintings. They are very moving. I love the way you use color.
    Is there anyway I can get an autographed photo?

  96. HI Kim, I just wanted to tell you how fabulous you look and what an amazing talent you have both in the theater and with your paintings. I can not believe you are 81!!!!!!!!!!

  97. You will forever remain beautiful to me, inside and out. Your artwork is beyond words. I had no idea you were gifted in such a way. Stay strong, many love you.


  98. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your artwork. Keep up the tremendous work! Hopefully someday I can afford to have a painting of yours on my wall!
    Thank you for the inspiration! I wish you the best of luck Miss Kim!

  99. Ms. Kim
    You looked fabulous at the awards. Is Donald blind or something. I didnt see anything wrong with your appearance.

    Your still lovely and a lovely beautiful lady from within.

    I love Liza Minelli to. Wish her well for all of us.

    My favorite movie of you is the one with William Holden.

    Keep going and your paintings are out of this world.

    Look Im not schooled in art but your paintings look like some of the “masters”.

    Love yah.


  100. Hello Beautiful! I had no idea you painted. What a lovely thing to have learned this. Your paintings are truly amazing. I must tell you that I found your website through a Yahoo Entertainment article. Thank-you for saying something publicly about bullying. It makes me so sad that, even today, you felt like you needed to do a three day fast before the Oscars ceremony. You are a beautiful woman inside & out and I’ve never thought any differently. Thank-you again for being so special.

  101. Thank you so much for not staying silent regarding bullying. I greatly admire you. Your art work is very beautiful and spiritually moving. So wonderful you are enjoying such a rewarding life. There is life after Hollywood.

  102. You are so very talented! I really enjoy looking at your art work! Keep on painting and creating! You are very poetic in your paintings! I could look at them all day!

  103. Ms. Novak,
    So happy to find your website. I love your paintings. You are so creative. I always loved your films; I’m 10 years younger so when I saw them you were ‘grown up’ and so beautiful. You still are–inside and out. So glad that you have a great husband and are living your creative life. May God bless you abundantly. Thank you.

  104. Dearest Ms. Novak,

    Your art is as timeless and beautiful as you are! What a wonderful talent you’ve been gifted with.
    I will definitely keep your works in mind when choosing gifts for my clients and referring clients to art they should choose for their homes.
    Tammy Hunt

  105. Ms NovaK,

    I just wanted to thank you for speaking out about how adult bullying. If we are to stop bullying amongst our youth, we must look at ourselves and correct our awful behavior towards each other. I suffer from severe depression and often my relapses are triggered by cruel treatment to myself or those around me. Again thank you. I also admire your art work. I am envious, you have a beautiful outlet and form of expression.


  106. I have to say that my curiosity drove me to visit your site and I find your paintings “mesmerizing”. You have a very keen eye and a masterful way of using the brush.
    Enjoy your talent with passion!


  107. Ms. Novak,

    Your artwork is amazing and beautiful. I just read an artical online about your treatment in Hollywood and how much you were hurt by their comments. I am so glad to hear you have not only gotten over those comments, but have decided to fight back. You are an amazing and talented woman and I hope others who have been bullied find strengh in your words.

  108. Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring collection. You inspire me to take out my pastels. I get too excited when working and lose myself so often, I forget about the world outside. Perhaps that might be for the better, …considering the world today. My aloha to you.

  109. Hi Kim. I just read your story about the Oscars. I’m so sorry this had to happen. It has however, led me to your website which has shown me such beautiful images and stories about what inspired them. You have really made my day. In Reflections about the dog… this is how you should feel – not by others opinions on how you look, but rather how you feel on the inside. It’s apparent that you truly have a beautiful soul. Don’t let that be broken by those that think they are beautiful on the outside – they can be very ugly on the inside. My love to you – Sue

  110. You are truly a beautiful woman, inside and out. One day I hope my drawings are as beautiful as yours.

  111. Dearest Kim,
    I have enjoyed all the movies you have been in, and for someone to to be critical of you is wrong. I am 73 and we cannot be young forever. Shame on any remarks made to you !
    You, as an artist, are a God given talent and thanks for sharing your work for all to see. My daughter is also bipolar….Jan Austin, TX

  112. Miss Novak:

    I am 68 years old. That is only 13 years younger than you. In my youth I was fortunate enough to see many of your films. Some with my parents and others just myself and some friends.

    Your beauty was something that made a young teenager’s heart flutter.

    When I saw your appearance on the Academy Awards, I turned to my wife and said, “Kim Novak what a beauty. She always was.”

    Just know that many of your fans were so pleased to see you that evening.

    Forget the likes of Donald Trump. Trump has demonstrated more and more each day that he is an obnoxious individual, who thinks he can get away with his comments because he is a supposed millionaire.

    Again, thank you for allowing a young man in the 1950’s and 60’s to have a crush on your beauty and talent. And now in 2014 knows that a Kim Novak is still a beautiful talent.


    PS…Your art work is as beautiful as you are.

  113. You are more beautiful now than when your were younger. Your strength in speaking out, your courage, gives you such greater beauty. Your films have provided us a view into the depth of your artistic talent and that talent is tremendous. You are my hero for speaking out and for dealing with your bipolar disorder.
    You have always been and always will be a super star to me. Bless you and may God always hold you in hand and keep you safe. We love you.

  114. Dear Kim, I am so proud of you for standing up to the bullies and sharing bipolar with me as my daughter has been diagnosed with the same.
    We all need to forget the simple, narrow minded amongst us !
    Donald Trump is not someone I would appreciate looking at every day, critical ass with wealth on his side. As for the others it is a sad day when we are judged just on our appearance.
    I am a 73 year old white female that lives in Austin, TX and I still love you after all these years. You are a great artist, keep up the good work and talent that God has blessed you with.

  115. You have an artistic eye and have talent. I know what it’s like to try something new especially as you age. Don’t worry about the remarks of others. I believe how you see life is a more healthy view than your detractors view of the world. All the best.

  116. OMG! Your work is so beautiful! I was drawn to your website from the publication of your being bullied by Hollywood and I wanted to comment to you:

    1. At 81 years of age you look marvelous! Besides that you are just as beautiful inside as well!
    2. Your films have been admired and respected for years and will continue to be.

    Now your art work and poems should be just as respected and admired.
    Thank you for sharing yourself.

  117. Kim

    Just wanted to tell you how supportive I am of your letter and feelings on the award night behavior. You have the right to do what makes you feel better about yourself and no one has the right to publicly denigrate you for taking care of yourself! Keep creating your glorious art and putting it out into the world, and keep being you.


    Janet Middleton

  118. Fellow Artist,
    I applaud you + your reverence for life which is reflected in your art. I am a better person for seeing it! Thank you.


  119. Ms. Novak your paintings are exquisite. Your works are obviously an expression of your soul. Beautiful!

  120. Hello Ms. Novak,

    I have always found you to be a haunting person and personality in the best sense. I first saw you in Vertigo on television when I was about 10, and my parents were watching it. To be honest, I later only remembered the scenes in which James Stewart was following you as the mysterious Madeline, and the transformation of Judy into Madeline redux. I had even forgotten from what movie these images remained with me until years later, and I saw a revival of Vertigo in San Francisco around 1980. In between, I had seen you in other films, and always found you fascinating. Please forgive any gushing on my part. I like many of your paintings, and will buy one when I am able. In the meantime, stay as natural and beautiful as you always have been. Best wishes to you and your husband. And thank you for many hours of enjoyment while watching your performances.

    Best wishes,

  121. I emailed you here not to comment on your art, which is amazing ( and my wife and I were greatly touched by the story of Shadow the Jay) but to tell you I think it is super you spoke out about the bullying that took place.

    I was disgusted to read about it, and to read so many people attacked you as if you were a non-person, as if your celebrity status excused bullying and hate that likely stems from jealousy and their own personal weakness.

    I participate in no social media – I don’t even own a cell phone though I live just outside of NYC – I am a just retired middle school teacher, and I saw the connection between what was happening and bullying immediately.

    You are a unique soul – able to leave Hollywood behind and embrace a wonderfully different life, or so it seems from what I have read. One thing I have learned in my time is bullies are weak – always – no matter how strong they appear. Your courage to speak out is important – were I still teaching, I would use this as a teachable moment with my students. I am so sorry the bullies were able to hurt you – but you triumphed by speaking out.

    And if my wife looks as wonderful as you when she is 81, I will be a lucky man.

    Sincerely, John L.

  122. What a pleasant surprise to come across your website. Albeit via the article about bullying at the Oscars. You’re courageous to stand up against this senselessness. I’m glad you included your web address to share your artwork. I am an artist as well however have not allowed time for myself to develop. Seeing your work and reading your words has opened my eyes to seize time for myself to do what I love. Thank you. I wish you much success at your show. Sincerely Dawn Krom, Woodbury, MN

  123. Hi Kim,I saw you onTMC and did not know that you were an artist.I was truly blown away.I have seen every one of your movies and always watch them when they’re on.You are so talented!Stay healthy and keep painting.We all love you Kim. God Bless,Mary

  124. Dear Ms. Novak: Watercolor is the true test of an artist. Control is everything. I am particularly taken with the color choices you used on the beard on your mountain man (yes I know that part is pastel). Your work is magnificent, as is your brush control. The variety of your subjects and your interpretation shows a great range. I am happy for you and your many talents

  125. Dear Miss Novak,
    I had no idea you were an accomplished artist. I love your paintings. They have such flair and feeling. Of course, I have always admired your work as an actress. I think my favorite was “Bell, Book and Candle”. My dad even had a Siamese cat named Pyewacket.
    I recently read in the news that you were upset against bullies and that you had a bad experience at the awards show this year. I am so sorry that you were mistreated. And also Ellen was wrong to disrespect Miss Minnelli. you have such grace. and you are one of my heroes.
    God bless you.
    Mrs. Teresa Ramos

  126. Have admired you for years as an actress. Your work as an artist is beautiful. I never knew. I’m also glad you came out verbally against the bully’s on Oscar night. I was glad to see you and hear that sexy voice once more. You go girl. Have a wonderful life and don’t let the B——- get you down.

  127. Kim,
    You are so incredibly talented. I had no idea you were an artist. I’m so sorry about the rude comments you received. As for ‘The Donald’, take that one from where it came.
    You look great, keep up the good work. I have loved your films.

  128. Kim,
    Your beautiful art is a reflection of your beautiful soul. I was happy and very proud of you on Oscar night. I thought you looked great. You will always be beautiful and talented when you are doing what makes you shine. Just ignore the jealous “bullies.”

  129. Dear Ms. Novak,
    First let me say that I didn’t know you were an artist, besides acting. I’m very impressed with the paintings I see here. I’m sorry if this is the wrong place to write about this; However, I didn’t know where else. I watched the Oscars and didn’t know anything about the comments I’m now hearing about. I normally don’t watch self congratulatory events but when I do, I am sometimes witness to a gift. When I saw you walk out on the stage I was thrilled. It was great to see you out there. You’re 81 and look that great, and someone has the nerve to say something bad? It’s disgraceful. I grew up watching you in some great movies. The majority of people in this country, the non elite, have nothing but good things to say about you and how beautiful you still are. God bless.

  130. Dearest Kim, I am an artist to but nothing like your art work. If I could afford to I’d buy them all! I am 51 have been cut out of my family and suffer from severe chronic pain in my spine. Art work takes me away from the pain and into my own little world w/my friends I create. If you ever want to teach someone all you know I’d love to be her. I lost my mother and family not long ago. Will you be my friend, teacher and the mother I never had? I want to move to the west coast but have no family anywhere. Think about it for a bit. I loved your open letter to the bullies by the way that’s what brought me to you!

  131. You are such a beautiful talented person! Your artwork is incredible. Today I read on the BBC news website about the awful treatment you received after your appearance at the Oscars and I am so shocked and horrified. My husband and I love both your movies and your art. We were so happy to see you at the Oscars this year. I’m glad you have called the bullies out and are standing strong! You are the definition of beauty – inside and out.

  132. Hurray for Kim Novak!

    You are talented and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your life and art and now serving as a role model for older women. Ignore the haters.

    Best wishes to you!

  133. Kim,
    Your artwork is sublime. I fell in love with you watching Vertigo at the age of 12 on TV and have been a fan ever since. I’m now 62 and have renal cell cancer. I just wanted to tell you I think it’s great that you spoke out about the cruel comments after your Oscars appearance.
    I really enjoyed the interview you did for TCM and it was nice to learn much more about my favorite actress.

  134. Kim,

    Your wonderful comments, in your “bio”, about nature were perfect. This world is all about nature, or it should be. Also, thanks for being part of my life, on film, in the 1950’s, and part of my life, through your art, in the 2010’s

  135. Ms. Novak
    I couldn’t find any other way to email you, so I decided to write here. I hope you get this..

    After reading the news story about the comments Mr. Trump made during the Academy Awards about you, and how it affected you- I felt compelled to write to you for some ‘regular people’ support.

    I am one of your biggest fans. I found your early Hollywood career to be one of the few that was always spot on and you always looked amazing. Your film, Vertigo w/ Jimmy Stuart is and will always be one of my very favorite movies. You did a superb job, as did Mr. Stuart.

    I am heartbroken to have heard how the insensitive, unprofessional and just plain rude comments made by Mr. Trump affected you. I cannot understand why people make public comments such as these. Just remember- and I know Hollywood is brutal when it comes to judgment of others’ appearances, but comments such as this is not a reflection on you- it is a reflection of the person who made the comment. It doesn’t define you, it defines them.

    I believe you have a huge fan base that has stood the test of time. I’m in my forties, I am a classic movie buff and prefer to watch art that was made between 1930-1965. I think the artistry is better, the acting is better and the women more respectable and glamorous- all standing on their own merits. Today’s films are so full of ‘movie tricks and special effects’, earlier films are by far more art than film.

    At any rate- know that you are a cherished and respected actress and I see here- accomplished artist and no one- not even a world famous financial mogul can tarnish your reputation on any level, for any reason. The comment was neither funny, nor tasteful. I never had much respect for Mr. Trump, for what that might be worth.

    Keep doing what you’re doing. You are amazing and beautiful, talented and loved and nothing said by another and tweeted or reported by the media will ever change that.

    It’s not what’s on the outside- it’s what’s on the inside, and you have a beautiful soul.

    My very best to you.

    A devoted and respectful fan~

    Trish Showalter
    Highlands Ranch, Co

  136. Your art work is beautiful. Pay no attention to the nay sayers and bullies, you will never change those type of people. You’re still as beautiful as ever. Stay strong…..

  137. Dear Ms. Novak,

    Your paintings and poetry are exquisite…I am so very sorry for the bullying from some after the Academy Awards….Donald Trump has no right to complain about anyone’s looks….just look at him and his duck hairstyle! And I, too, am sorry for the comment about Liza, who looked splendid as did you….please try not to let these people, who obviously have drunk too muck Kool-Aid and have too little of substance to do with their life get you down….I have suffered from bipolar disease all my life but am doing great now…my mother also suffered from this disease for many years when there were insufficient treatments to say the least…nevertheless, she carved out a very good life and was a wonderful mother…..

  138. Dear Kim, I feel like I can address you by your first name, as you were a household name while I was growing up in the 50’s. I’m so glad you have decided to fight back some of the bullying of this world. As I age, I’m appalled at the lack of acceptance for anything shy of perfection. I was elated to find your website and I’m now in love with your paintings! You have so much more to share with the world, in addition to your wonderful film career! Your gifts of light and color, as well as your poetry make pure magic. I felt like I was seeing a glimpse of the whole Kim Novak. I am not a wealthy woman, but will become a purchaser of your art, as soon as I can decide which one(s) I must have as inspiration in my own life. I thought they were all wonderful! Thank you so much for deciding to publish your website so your art could be seen and appreciated by people like me; who had no clue you were such a fabulous artist! I’m now experiencing my 60’s and at times, aging has been difficult. However, I still believe in the concept that we are all individuals with unique characteristics and something to contribute — because we’re each “one-of-a-kind.” Very sincerely, Judy Hughes

  139. I just wanted to let you know you are a beautiful person. Don’t let what ignorant people say affect you. I am 52 years old and love your movies and I have passed that love on to my daughter who is 26. I have just now found your website and viewed your beautiful paintings. You have a God given talent and it shows in your paintings. The people who make stupid comments are not smart enough to know how wonderful and interesting your life has been, the wealth of knowledge, courage, and life stories I am sure you could teach all of us. Stay strong, you are a beautiful and unique person. Just wanted to let you know people like me do care.

  140. Dear Kim,

    I just read your post on Facebook, and was proud of you for speaking up about bullies. We all remember how beautiful you were during your years in the public eye while making movies.
    No doubt you have been amazingly beautiful all your life. I don’t know what age you are now, but I imagine you have been more beautiful than anyone else your age–all along the days of your life.
    I was born a redhead, and by junior high I overheard people who didn’t know my name–describing me to others as that beautiful redhead with the great figure. Needless to say, at the age of 66 now, I have experienced the gasps from people who haven’t seen me in awhile. The people who have been with us all along, have seen us grow older gracefully. They still see the beauty inside and out.

    Thank you for your post. It allowed me to witness a beautiful person–inside and out. I love your fine art paintings. Your style is amazing. If you can–send me any future newsletters about your works. Be Well, Be Happy, Live Long, Life Needs You. Be Blessed!

  141. Hi Kim
    Your paintings are not only amazingly beautiful but very inspiring also. Thank you very much for sharing your life’s work with us. You are still a beautiful woman inside and out.
    Love and Respect, Always
    Tony Amendola

  142. Your paintings are absolutely wonderful! I could never afford one but I’m so happy that I can see them online!! 🙂 Each image seemed to draw me into it. Simply beautiful!!!

  143. Dear Kim,
    Your talent is immense. Absolutely love your paintings and poems. Thank you for sharing your works. Very touching indeed!

  144. Just wanted to say PRAISE GOD for this amazing artist Kim Novak for standing up for herself and for finding her passion. Hollywood is too superficial for you Kim – the Lord God wants us to be not of the world but of the spirit. Today is Good Friday and I pray that you have Christ in your life as he died for us in order to give us salvation.

  145. Dearest Friend,
    I adore all your work. It shows you are not just an actress, you have soul, you have depth and walk earth just like everyone else!
    Your movies are always a joy to see, and your ability to carry yourself in such a graceful manner, well goodness, be proud of what you have accomplished as an actress to be sure….However! On that note, be in constant celebration mode for the amazing work you have now in your life! You will always remain inspirational to me and lovely. Age is a right, and you earned it!
    Thank you for your ability to share your wonderful artistic side without hesitation. All my love, Dolores Arge, MB, California.

  146. Hi Ms. Novak!

    I am so very sorry of your treatment at the Oscars. Hollywood has lost it’s glamour and sense. People like Donald Trump have to make fun of others to feel better about their selves. I was bullied growing up as well, in a “Christian” private school. Your art is so calming and beautiful, thank you for sharing it with the world. Bell, Book and Candle was my favorite movie, you were outstanding! Thank you for being a great female role model for us all. May the Powers that Be bless and keep you and yours. Your Fan, Elaine

  147. Greetings Ms. Novak!
    as u see my name is Kim also and my mom named me after you; she loved your movies. I am an actress, producer, teacher and director. I spent about 2 yrs in Hollywood, didn’t like it that much, currently I have taken a break from acting, although it is my first love, I wasn’t having a good time during the process/ rehearsal process, which I love as much as performing. I love your paintings and your poetry and I feel that you being an artist primarily helped your work as an actress….in your movies, your aura was earthy and there was integrity in your work. Congradulations on making 81 yrs young. May you stay healthy and live to 100 like your Aunt. Hopefully I will blessed and find a partner who cares for me, really cares and accepts me. I am older and am begininning to work again on me, so that I can knock down old behavior, habits and open the door for a partner to enter. Blessings and Joy, kwm!

  148. Just wanted to say you are a tremendous person. Gorgeous, talented actress, artist and ‘person’. Don’t let anyone get you down with their comments. Your volume of work as an actress speaks for itself and after viewing your art work, I say it does as well.

    ‘Bravo’ for speaking up for yourself the way you did. I wish you nothing the but the best in the days and years to come!


  149. Beautiful, simply beautiful artwork, as you have always been and still are.
    Thank you for putting up this site. Visiting has been a wonderful experience.

  150. Thank you for your wonderful contributions to the arts in the many forms you have enjoyed expressing yourself. You are a true treasure. May health and happiness grace you and your families lives. Sincerely, Robert Prather

  151. Dear Ms. Kim…..
    I’m elated that u responded to that which taunted u; u r now, as u were in the 50’s & 60’s, just as beautiful. U can’t help that u’re beautiful. If it were meant for u 2b any other way, it would be. A thing is what it is.
    At the tender age u’re @ Ms. Kim, u’re just as beautiful.
    I admired that sassy looking hairdo u sported w/the black striped blazer. Ms Kim, u still got your sexy Lady! Be proud!
    & w/these words, the ‘HATERS’ r doing their jobs as ‘HATERS’ do.

    Demetria Ladalski
    P.S. I’m an art lover too, & plan to purchase 2 of your prints that speak volumes to me.

  152. I read your response to the bullies and am proud of you for standing up to them. Personally, I think you look fantastic. Your artwork is also a gift. It is filled with raw emotion and love of life mixed with your inner pain from time to time. I highly respect and admire your art and will purchase one when I can.Thank you for sharing your inner world, CS

  153. Hello Ms. Novak,

    My 7 year old daughter and I were just admiring your artwork on this website and wanted to acknowledge your immense talent and heart. I have also been following your quest to speak out about bullies and those who feel as though putting others down is a way to build themselves up. You are obviously a beautiful woman both inside and out and we wanted to say that to you to assure you that not all people have a black heart. Bravo Ms. Novak the artist, and Bravo Ms. Novak the woman!! We love you.

    Robert & Presley (7)

  154. I first want to tell you that you paintings are wonderful and I hope to make it to the butler to see them. One in particular struck me – was it “altered states” ? it is a wonderful surreal painting.
    i hope you are now ignoring the foolish and cruel remarks people have made regarding your recent academy awards appearance. You have always been will alway continue to be beautiful because your beauty from your soul shines through your outward appearance. Donal Trump was once a person I kind of admired. His recent crude and rude comments have soured my admiration for him.
    I too am a person in my “golden” years (71 y.o.). I have no problem with my wrinkles and totally white hair. If people don’t like it they can, as Ray Price commented on “golden years”, kiss my ass. Btw I too am an artist, a painter, I’ve made my living for nearly 50 years as an artist. Don’t we share a wonderful blessing.

    If you don’t know what Ray Price said about the “golden years” google him and golden years comment (i think it’s on google).

    Take good care of yourself lady, you’ve earned the right to do as you wish. Damn smart ass big mouths.

    Art Krummel

  155. I have watched your films over the years and believe that you rank high on the list of great actresses of our time. I am sad that there were not more movies with you in them but I do understand that you wanted to do what you loved most which is painting. Not only are you a great actress, you are a great painter too. You’re paintings are so beautiful. You could look at your paintings for hours and feel the depth of beauty, feelings and emotions in each one. I just want to say this too, you were beautiful when you were acting and you’re just as beautiful today, don’t let anyone tell you anything different. Your a strong beautiful woman with a great talent, and thank you for just being you. You have a big fan base around the world and I to am big fan of yours. With Love and Sincerity
    Marvin Farmer

  156. Good morning Ms. Novak: I am so very happy to hear your voice via the Oscar ugliness. It was quite warranted and healing.
    It has also helped to calm my own fears, giving me strength to continue with my project and its story, which is very topical, true and a labor of love trying to get it produced.
    Most of all, being a major fan of the classics, to see you and to learn about your painting……….FABULOUS!
    Blessings to you. Thank you! Ozzie

  157. Dear Ms Novak
    Your artwork is a testament of the beautiful life that God has given you as well as your inner and outer beauty that you have shown as a person over the years on the big screen and off. You are nothing less than a Hollywood legend and Donald Trump and anyone else that aspires to speak like him are only showing their true colors which they have only one of, black. I am glad you have stood up to their bullying actions, but in the end this is really nothing about their miserable existance.
    God bless you…..

  158. Dear Ms. Novak,

    I recently read about your earlier life in Big Sur in the books ‘Dreaming in Color’, and ‘Nepenthe’, written by members of the Fassett family, and now I am able to view your lovely compositions, here. After becoming aware of the bullying and hate-speech targeted at you, as unpleasant and unspeakable as it is, my hope is that you might embark on a series of paintings examining the subject, from your experience. Thank you for speaking out, for all of us who are not celebrities, movie stars and are simple people who have feelings that shatter like glass, when unloving, unkind and words that hurt are directed at us. Thank you for remaining a gracious, beautiful lady, in the midst of an ugly hurricane, created by individuals not worthy of our time or attention. Paint on, live on, and bless your heart!

  159. I’m so glad you spoke up for yourself regarding the Oscars, Ms. Novak. You tell ’em! Liza too. I thought the comments about both you and Ms. Minnelli were mean spirited and cruel. If it helps, most of them were from folks jealous of your talent and successes. Not sure where Ms. DeGeneres was coming from though. I realize it was a joke, but it was in very poor taste. Class, taste, talent, honesty and candor–that’s what separates you and Ms. Minnelli from the rest. These words also define “movie star” in the truest sense of the word.

    I see that in your paintings as well. A definite strength, candor and honesty pervades each canvas. Also a realistic, yet optimistic, use of color. Thank you for sharing them online for those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to purchase one of them.

    You indeed remain a shining “star” both on screen and off. Thank you for being Kim Novak.

  160. Dear Kim…….BRAVO!!!!! First off, my favorite Movie is Bell, Book and Candle. But , I knew you loved animals and I thought I remembered that you liked painting. But, today I saw HOW MUCH!!!!! Your paintings are excellent!! What Fun!!!
    I have lived (without the movie star part) a life with some similarities! I’m 63 now, and FINALLY working on the art. Not as a hobby, but as the gift God gave me that I can now fulfill!! I am SO proud of you!!! If I had some extra$$$ I would buy several of your paintings!! Your portraits are amazing. I do them, too, but so far most of my work is in black and white pencil. I want to learn oil, too. Well, enough said!!! Be Happy!!!!!

  161. Ms. Kim, Beautiful Paintings, Great artist site. I liked the life is a dream cause the dog
    looks like my maltese. You are a great lady and Trump is a bully.
    You out class him anyway.Take care and God Bless.
    Best Always, Fred Tambellini

  162. Kim, I read your open letter concerning the attack on you and was so proud. I also have experienced cruel remarks at times in my life and it made me stronger. Jealous people are responsible for demeaning others to make themselves feel better. Your art is an expression of the person you are and who you have become. The notes attached to the prints touched my heart. I wish I could afford a piece of your talent but feel honored to have been able to browse among the paintings. You are beautiful inside and out, Your strength is a power to us all and hope to so many. Gail

  163. After reading your comeback remarks after the Oscars, and seeing your website listed at article end, I came here to see what you were about.
    I am impressed! Your artistic talents are wonderful, I only knew of you (in reruns-I was born in ’53) as an actress, and I must say, Vertigo is one of my all time favs. But your paintings speak volumes about your subject’s emotions. Complimenti!

    But more impressive is you standing up for yourself, and setting an example to be proud of. Thank you very much. Happy Easter

  164. Oh Kim– Not only are you beautiful now but always have been (don’t pay any attention to those people out there with their snide remarks, they don’t mean anything), and you are a wonderful artist. I am an artist myself and have tried many different media but your pastel and watercolor work makes me feel very inferior with mine and gives me the inspiration to try harder to express myself in that genre. I work mostly in oil and acrylics but have been trying watercolor and pastels which I really like using. Your art, all of it, is absolutely wonderful and you are an inspiration for me and I am sure many, many other artists.

  165. Looking forward to the exhibit at the Butler Institute! And very curious about why the capital K in your last name…

  166. Dear Miss Novak,
    I have just discovered your site and am so delighted by your art. So much so I am compelled to extend my heartfelt congratulations on your wonderful gift. I have been a fan of yours since you first appeared on screen and never missed a movie. I am 71 an artist also. Taught to many youth and adults.
    My students have consistently won First awards in both the San Joaquin Valley and Stanislaus county fairs every year for the last decade and two of my students received first at the CA State Fair . Seeing you recently on TV revived my memories and having discovered your site, I have saved it to revisit it and wonder at your marvelous mastery of color so exquisitely expressed. I am an old fan of your movies and now a new fan of your art. I pray you long life to continue exploring ways to divine it through your most creative palette.
    Robby the Pencil Minstrel

  167. I viewed and enjoyed both the paintings on this site and your “About Kim Novak” comments. I hope you will continue to enjoy your life and not let naysayers injure you. We all get older. The only alternative is not one most of us would choose. Live, love, laugh & be happy!

  168. Dear Kim, Your paintings are beautiful, they really touched my heart. I have always been a huge fan of yours, love all your movies. I didn’t watch the Oscars, I stopped watching years ago, because of exactly what happened to you and Liza, they are so full of themselves and rude. They think they will be young forever, wow they have a shock coming. I’m 64 and if you are not 20, well you know. By the way you look awesome. I’m glad you spoke out, but honestly don’t give the satisfaction, they are a tiny percent of the way most people act and what they believe. Thank you for all the wonderful movies and I think most are jealous when they act that way. Keep up the good work….P.S. If I knew you were going to be on the Oscars I would have watched it for you…..Sincerely Patricia Pasquantonio-Braswell

  169. Dear Kim,

    Your work in film has given me tremendous pleasure. Vertigo is my favorite film, mainly because of the pull and fascination exerted by your portrayal of Madeline/Judy. Picnic also touched me deeply.

    I didn’t know before that you are an artist, but I am not surprised in light of the sensitivity you brought to your roles on screen. Your paintings are very accomplished.

    Your work should be cherished and honored. I know it will continue to be a source of pleasure to me and many, many others for as long as people watch movies.

    Just wanted to send you some good thoughts from a fan in London.

    Best wishes,


  170. Dear Mrs Malloy,
    I don’t know if you will ever see this note but I just want to say I fell in love with you when I saw your first picture. I said to my self now this gal is going to be one of the greatest movie stars ever. I don’t think there is anything you can’t do once you put your mind to it. Your paintings are so full of you. When I see them and read your comments, well…they bring tears to my eyes. I am so glad you have found your peace in life. Please don’t ever stop painting. You have made our world a better place. Now tell your husband to take very good care of his gem.

  171. Dear Ms. Novak,
    I want to commend you on your honesty and integrity when speaking out about cruel comments from certain people. Every person deserves respect. Bullying is something we must all stand up to. Well done for highlighting such an important issue.
    Your comments led me to look up your art website. Congratulations on your beautiful artwork, and I wish you well in the future.
    Best wishes,

  172. Good morning. I was led to this site after reading your experience on bullying. I am a researcher who studies incivility, bullying, and dysfunction in the workplace. I would like to use your story and link it back to your show the beauty of your art work. In addition I want others to read about your story. May I ask for permission to share your information? The website is I believe that you can help to educate others on this topic. Thank you for considering. If interested please email me at the disclosed email address. Your artwork is beautiful!!!!

  173. Dear Ms. NovaK,
    I was so glad to read of your response to the ‘nay sayers’ of Oscar night. They are negative people, who look to put down instead of build up. You are amazing……believe those who appreciate and admire you and your work over the years.
    As a young girl, I wanted to be you. I had your pictures on the walls of my room and would watch your movies whenever they came on the TV. My favorites are ‘Picnic’ and ‘Bell, Book and Candle’. I even named my black cat, Pywacket.
    But I think the most amazing thing about you, was being able to accomplish being part of Hollywood and the movie industry, while enduring a Bipolar Disorder. My daughter was diagnosed with Bipolar/Borderline Personality Disorder when she was 13yrs. She decided even then, that drugs and alcohol were a better choice than medication. She’s 36yrs today and still has not made the decision to go on medication. But I have hope and faith, that the Lord has his hand on her life and his plan will unfold.
    Your story is more an inspiration to me now, than before.
    God bless you and keep you.
    Regards, Bonnie DiGeronimo
    (Your paintings are so gorgeous)

  174. Thank you for your wonderful visions in paint. I too find it soothing to express myself, but in photography. Don’t allow those bullies to win. The audience has always loved you and will continue. We are the only ones that really count.

    Have a blessed day and march on girl!

  175. Kim, your art is as beautiful as you are. Each piece shows all of your kindness and love of the world you possess in your heart. I so enjoyed reading your precious thoughts about each painting. I have tried to paint and am a 68 year old “student” trying to paint something near what one would call art. I get very discouraged because of the lack of realism in my art, but being able to see your art through your eyes is helping me to learn. Love you,

  176. Dear Ms. Novak,
    I am a great admirer of your paintings as well as your films. Please know that those of us “out here” will always be with you in spirit and support, and know that you have a loving , calm and very supportive audience, whether it be on canvas or film. You are so beautiful in a myriad of ways and your artwork is another extension of your soul, creativity and introspect. You are sublime, my dear, and have brought much passion and joy to your many admirers. Please know that we share your sensitivity and strength in all that you create.
    Ms. Brooks Bennett-Nordenberg

  177. Your works of art are very satisfying to look at. I get a sense of calm and relaxation. Maybe it’s the colors you have chosen, or maybe it’s the story that goes along with each piece, but none the less, I find them inviting.

    I went to your website after reading an article that appeared on Yahoo with regards to your comments about the Oscars. Needless to say, I didn’t watch the Oscars but I commend you in using the word “bullying” to describe the nasty comments made. It is with works of art, like yours, that meet the challenges to express life in a calm, relaxing and meaningful way. Also, to me it seems that your works put on canvas how to look at the pressures in our lives and how we can meet them and live with them. I love your piece with the feet standing in the water and the transformation between you and the trees. Well done.

  178. Kim. have always wondered what happened to you and it was so good to see you again. Your paintings are so amazing a wonderful imagination you have.
    When I was younger, had a relative that used to call me Kim Novak and it warmed my soul (smile))))
    Wishing you a Happy and Blessed Easter
    Love and Blessings

  179. Miss Novak, we had no idea you were an artist and so were thrilled and delighted to see your work. Your portrait work is incredible, the colors of life you thread into people are so vibrant and tangible that we found them breathtakingly beautiful. Your work as an actress was wonderful and it’s nice to find out what happened to you after all these years. It’s too bad Ohio is so far away or we would come see your art show and tell you in person how magnificent we find your work. Don’t let the bullies affect you because you have so much to share with the world and we wouldn’t want to miss a single thought or idea. We love you and your wonderful art.

  180. Dear Kim,
    Your paintings are beautiful ! They reached out and grabbed me and took me inside them. Only great artists can attain that! You are certainly one of the greatest.

  181. Dear Ms. Novak,
    You are the cat’s pajamas. Loved your films, but REALLY love your paintings. I dabble and watercolor underlining finish in pastel is very rewarding. I especially like “Canyons of My Mind” and “Finding the Road Home.” Your works are inspiring.
    Think you still look amazing and wish you further satisfaction in your art.
    Vicki Moran

  182. As I was browsing news online this morning, I read an article about mistreatment by Donald Trump! He is one of the biggest bullies I Have ever seen….and he is never apologetic about anything he says! He’s a jerk…I have another name for him, but I’ll refrain from saying it. 🙂

    I would truly like you to know that there is nothing wrong with how you look….your are beautiful, and I am not just saying that either! We should all be so lucky to look like you at age 81yrs young!!!
    Also, I want to add that I love your artwork…gorgeous pieces!


  183. Hi. I just wanted to tell you how much your story of your life and art have meant to me over the years. I applaud your talents in all your endeavors and they inspire me to be more creative as well. I am a 4th grade teacher, but I have also performed as an actor-singer-songwriter, written poetry, and painted watercolors. Your paintings are beautiful and filled with depth of spirit, as I believe you are yourself. Continue to speak out for truth, understanding, and what is truly important in this world, a loving heart. Thank you. Kim Agosti

  184. Born in 1957, I always thought I was named after Kim Novak. At some point, I learned that I was named after a boy my Dad knew when he was stationed in Korea.

    At any rate, it always gave me a feeling of connection to Kim Novak, the movie star. Through the article on her recent bullying encounter, I learned of her artwork.

    It’s beautiful. Some day, I hope to afford it. But for now, I’ll save this site in my favorites and visit it.

    Thank you for sharing,
    namesake, Kim

  185. Dear Miss Novak,
    Discovering you are an artist was a pleasant surprise. I read your message about bullying..good for you..and did an internet search to see where i could send a letter of support. That’s how i found out about the paintings.
    They’re beautiful! Absolutely they are what people should be talking about. You are a gifted painter. I hope more people become aware of your work.
    As for the rest…could you please indulge me in a short story? I was bullied for years. It does impact your life. A few years back i ran into one of the bullies who apologized for what she did. Which i never thought would happen. My guess is life taught her a few lessons along the way. That happens.
    It will happen to the people who criticized your Oscar appearance. Hopefully they learn from it.
    In the meantime ignore them, hug the animals and continue with your wonderful art work. It’s easy to see the joy that went into creating them.
    Sue Daman

  186. Just wanted to say I read your comments regarding the Oscars and bullying, and then found myself here.

    Your artwork is spectacular, and so are you. I watch Vertigo very often; it is my number one movie of all time.

    Hope people will continue to speak out against meanness, even if they’re not in the public eye – and you’re certainly justified in doing so.

    Thank you for the things you’ve gifted to the public for many years.

  187. Will you be appearing at the Butler Art Institute while your paintings are there?The Paintings are great.

  188. Your artwork is unbelievably inspiring. It brought tears to my eyes and heart. There is such feeling that comes from the work. I am also an artist and see the beauty in your work. Thank you for allowing others to see your work.

  189. Ms Novak, it was good to see you at the Oscars and I think your beautiful and your paintings are wonderful. People can be so mean. Good for you for standing up to the idiots that put you down. I pray to god that I look as good as you do when I get to be your age. My mother loved your movies and I was raised watching them, and love them as well. God Bless you I will keep you in my prayers. You go girl ! 🙂

  190. How beautiful you are! Inside and out. Congratulations on not allowing Hollywood to ruin you! Loved your art! You have great talent!

  191. Oh, dear, wonderful Ms. Novak! I am so excited to learn that you are such a gifted artist. You have touched me so DEEPLY with your words, whether through your poetry or otherwise, with your incredibly stunning and evocative artwork, and, well, with just YOU being YOU and sharing yourself with all of us!

    I, too, am an artist (but haven’t done anything for decades!) as well as a self-taught singer-pianist and songwriter, and a creative “healthier comfort food” cook, so I understand very well the always sensitive, sometimes strong and sometimes fragile artistic personality. The very difficulties that life tosses our way are what not only make us MORE sensitive (or CAN, anyway, if we allow that to happen!), but also what make us even MORE fragile. I believe that being a natural-born artist (i.e., a highly creative individual) is the most horrendous, yet also, simultaneously sometimes, is the most rewarding state of being that ANY human can experience. And it seems that VERY few artists are able to cope with that strange, yet apparently necessary dichotomy without having it annihilate them before they can even begin to experience the joy which their artistic expression would bring to themselves as well as to others.

    You are, obviously, one of those very few people. I see it in you because I see it in myself, as I am in that minority as well.

    I’m so proud of you and inspired by you for standing up for yourself against the bullies who hurt you, especially after your Academy Awards appearance. You are beautiful, in every way, and the only other thing we as artists and exquisitely gentle and sensitive people can do, besides standing up for ourselves when people like that attack us, is to pity how UGLY they are. And their ugliness has absolutely NOTHING to do with physical appearance!

    Thank you for what you are STILL giving to us, so incredibly generously, every single day of your life, dear, sweet, eternally beautiful Ms. Novak. And if I were able, I would buy every single one of your spectacular works of art and hang them all over my house, just to marvel and them, and to LEARN from them, day after day! Thank you so much for continuing to share yourself, your very WISE self, with us, no matter what! We NEED you!!! Desperately!!! More than every before!!!

    Your beauty and goodness will never die sweet, lovely lady! NEVER!!!

    Very sincerely, and with love,
    a fellow artistic human being……..Daryl Grant Lindsay

  192. Dear Kim,

    I am an artist and a writer too. I have always thought you were wonderful, and I have just now discovered you are also an artist. I want you to know that I am very touched and impressed. Your work is fabulous and I’m so glad that your life is as described with your work.

    I also want you to know that I truly think you look terrific. We all change with time and we don’t look exactly like we used to, but I think you are still as beautiful as you used to be. Your soul shines all around and through your appearance. I was so thrilled to see you on the Oscars. Personally, they didn’t deserve you, and you certainly didn’t deserve anything but love and adoration !

    With my heart, I embrace you for all you have been and are continuing to be. God continue to bless you richly always.

    I send my love,
    Anna Louise

  193. Many years ago, I stopped watching both phony “roasts” and award shows because the current thinking on humor is gross, vulgar beyond reason, demeaning, and very much not funny. Therefore, I did not see what you went through. I read your letter online and agree with it. These insults called jokes (especially from the man with the worst comb-over in history) are actually meaningless as they do this to themselves and each other and think nothing of it. In the end, that is your best option, think nothing of them and their comments. I viewed your artwork finding this page, and I am falling in love with you all over again. There is great beauty in your soul and it flows through your art. Sincerely, Jack H. Diamond

  194. I am a 63 year old woman who grew up watching and re-watching Kim Novak movies. She was and still is one of my favorite actresses. I had wondered for years what had become of her and was so happy when I finally saw her on TCM channel with Robert Osborn in an interview. And even happier when I heard how great her life has been for her since she dropped out of that often cruel and over rated Hollywood life style. I love how her life has grown and turned out for her and I think she is face more valuable as a humanitarian, animal activist and artist. My only regret is that I am in no way financially able to afford any of her work. I think her art is breath taking. I was appalled at the criticisms and the way that she was received and treated at the Oscars. My only regret is that I will not live long enough to see those stupid vain people grow older and how they will deteriorate with time and age. Personally I thought that she looked great. You ignored them when you got away from them Kim, Keep it up. You are a better person than anyone one who had any disrespectful remarks. You will always be beautiful inside and out!

  195. Loved you as an actress, love you as an artist, love you as a beautiful woman and human being! Wishing you continued Blessings!

  196. You paintings are absolutely beautiful as are your comments. I feel like I have encountered a beautiful soul. Never allow anyone to destroy what is within… May you always know joy and peace.

  197. I fell in love with your presence and beauty from the few movies I saw of you as a child. ‘Bell Book and Candle’, a favorite. Came upon your website and beautiful artwork as a result of an article regarding your recent Oscar appearance. As an artist myself (retired professional ballerina), and now teacher and fine art enthusiast, I have always felt one’s true self and soul is displayed through their expression in art, there is no hiding of that truth. Your artwork that I just discovered is beautiful and touches me. The article regarding the Oscars talked about negative response to your appearance. What idiots, you ARE a beautiful woman in all your layers to the core. The article stated you are 81…this must be a typo. And if that is accurate, well I have found my new role model, I pray I not only have your love and appreciation of the innocence of nature’s gifts, but also look as stunningly beautiful and Sexy if I am gifted to live that long! God speed and blessings for many more happy years and good health.

  198. Hi,
    I am a screenwriter but, also an oil painter. I love to do art. Oil painting is one of the most precise ways to paint in my opinion. I am at grad school at Harvard now, earning a masters in clinical psychology and autism research. I am also a high functioning autistic person and have dealt with a lot of teasing throughout the years. even a lot of being taken advantage of in hollywood because of my good nature through my autism. I would love to visit, see your art and chat with you. I hope this is possible. You can contact me anytime.
    Ashley Cohen

  199. I only wanted to say how proud I was to hear you speak out about being bullied. You are a beautiful actress and I loved all your movies. But I hold a special place in my heart for bell, book and candle. Do not let these people get you down. Wait til we see what they look like as they get older. Remember you are beautiful, a wonderful actress and your painting are just beautiful…

  200. You’re a beautiful person inside and out Ms. Novak. Your artwork is special too. Keep you chin up. People love and admire you for what you were then and what you are now.

  201. Your paintings are beautiful, and you are beautiful! Thank you for standing up to the bullies who are shallow shells of humanity.

  202. Your art is lovely. I was astounded and very disappointed that the “audience” at the Academy Awards were so very disrespectful of you and failed to appropriately honor you. You are quite the fantastic talent, and remain a very beautiful woman.

  203. We support you and are very happy to read that you speak up against such disrespectful idiots in Hollywood. You are a treasure and love you and your art. Kent & Inge – California.

  204. Good evening Kim,

    Thank you for sharing your talent and your life with us on facebook. That means the world to your fans.
    I love your art work!!! I watched all your movies.
    I just wanted to tell you, ” thank you”. Grazie MILLE!!!

    Cute doG Blessings
    Maria Angela Brunetto
    “Immediatamente i miei cagnolini otterranno tutto quello che si meritano”
    “Some people dream of angels, I hold them in my arms”
    Please like our Facebook page:
    Petfinder link:
    Please ask for an application only if 100% sure.

  205. Hi Kim,
    I read an article on line about how hurt you were after the Oscars. It made me feel sad. I’m so happy you stood up for yourself. Donald Trump has no right to judge anyone. You’re a lovely woman. I didn’t realize what an amazing artist you are. Life’s too short to let mean people allow you to have a bad minute let alone day.

  206. Hello Kim, my name is Ariana, from the East Bay, Northern California. I just wanted to applaud you on speaking out against those at the Oscar’s and those who can not keep their negative comments to themselves. I came across your website reading one of the articles published regarding this recent event. I was interested in seeing more of the person speaking out. So I opened the link to your website, I just want to express that your artwork is beautiful, interesting, alive. I like the hidden images such as the horses in the wind or the leaves and bodies intertwined in the trees. I too see nature as my comfort and the way to be in touch with reality. Too bad not all of us can see it that way, I am glad I came across that article and your paintings, as much as it touches me, I hope this touches you. Please know you are beautiful, I can see that through your paintings, poetry and words. And this is just a small piece of you I am sure. I just wanted to send some encouraging thoughts, and may God continue to Bless you and you be that medium for sending the message that beauty is only skin deep. I am proud you spoke out, aging is a beautiful thing that now unfortunately most are soon to forget. I hope those that don’t know you see that link and maybe just catch a glimpse of who you are.
    Happy Thoughts and Trees, Ariana.

  207. About your gift to life.
    I Love you’re images, your Art.

    Thank You so much Kim Novak I hope that I have what it takes to have my own surgeries. I’m getting close to the time. You look lovely and powerful.
    The world needs you to speak for us against the bullies. They might always be there but I for one would be inspired to learn how to stand up for myself and anyone else who is being marked as a target for people who need to judge others so insidiously as if we have to match their standard so that they can feel better. or to get a laugh because a big percent of the population would laugh with them.
    The scary thing is the bully thinks it’s right.
    We Need you Kim Novak. Set them straight . You’re an elder of this great Tribe. You have earned your Power. Please Use it. Just Be Yourself you are ready and I love your honest true self, fumbles and all. We will back you up. We will send you blessings of strength and confident, competent, incomparable, wise and lovable energy. Abundant blessings Kim, on this journey of leaving us your lovely legacy. You are Perfect.

  208. Kim, your artwork is beautiful and I love the narratives describing each piece. I wish I could afford to buy one; I especially love the Vertigo painting, but looking at them was very nice too and I am glad I was directed to your website to view them. You are still a lovely woman despite some of the bad comments I read on the Internet about your appearance at the Oscars. Goodness, how could anyone expect a woman of 81 to still look 25 anyways, even in Hollywood. Its laughable, really, the ignorance that exists there and I hope you do not take that to heart. Regards and best wishes.

  209. No response needed OR WANTED. If possible I would have preferred not to have to leave my email address but I understand why it is required. I enjoyed your movies. A year ago or so I read about why you left film and how you were leading a happy life. Country life, love, and horses. And now I see, painting too. I read some idiot comments recently by dolts like Trump. This is the first time I have contacted a celebrity. Be strong. You are blessed with beauty and talent but none of that really matters. You have depth and integrity. Treasure your true friends. You have made excellent choices. The jerks have to hurt others to feel that they themselves are “better”. Life is better as a collaboration or a contemplation than a competition. They sense what you have and that offends them. Unfortunately, they also see that their comments troubled you. They will be back. When that happens consider it the compliment that it really is. Be at peace. God continue to bless you.

  210. Dear Ms.Novak:
    About the bullies at the awards show.

    It is my experience that those who insult/bully others have their own dragons to deal with, but the problem is they are still floating in the River of Denial.

    People like them bullies, are so far below you in humanity, humility, respectability as well as a few other things. They could NEVER EVER hold a candle to you Madam…What I would say to them, I can not say here, for I refuse to use that kind of language in the presence of a Lady.

    Your artwork is beyond words….Mr. Van Gogh would be proud, and so would Mr. Renoir I believe.

    May GOD continue to bless you Ms.Novak.

    James C. Reynolds
    La Porte, IN
    [email protected]

  211. What an inspiration you are to all of us. I have loved you as an actress, and now as an artist and poet. Kim, God has blessed you with an abundance of talent. You have no idea what a lift you gave me this evening when I visited your website. So, if anything positive has evolved from the hurtful things Hollywood has said about you… is the fact that I (and hopefully others) just discovered this wonderful kindhearted, talented woman, by being directed to your website and discovering, deep down that you ARE a beautiful soul inside and out! Thank you for making my day a little brighter!
    I also live in Oregon….. and can relate to the beauty you seen in this serene corner of the world.
    I wish you and your husband all the best!
    Sheila Gerdes

  212. Dear Ms. Novak,
    I enjoyed your website, and I also want you to know you are a beautiful person inside and out. I am sorry for any pain you experienced based on the recent comments unkind people made about your recent TV appearance. It was baseless and completely unacceptable behavior.
    Hopefully the voices sharing kindness and love will resound louder in your ears than the unkind ones. You are a wonderful artist! Clearly you are able to take in the wonder around you and put it on canvas- only someone with an open heart and kind eyes can see the world in such a wonderful way. Best regards!

  213. Kim,
    You were an amazing actress & you are an amazing artist…I love your work! You have led an incredible life & how wonderful that you found such balance. I’m so happy to have found your website…you are truly inspiring!
    Bless you,

  214. Hi, Ms Novak.

    Fan letters are so awkward to begin…

    I have admired your work, as an artist of screen and canvas, for many years. Today I am writing to say thank you. Thank you for speaking up about the bullying in Hollywood! I’ve heard that you are quite shy (my voice teacher, Marge Rivingston, said she used to know you) and that’s what makes your comments so remarkable.

    You are a lovely soul and I am glad that you have taken a strong stance. I support you, as so many, undoubtedly, do!! 🙂

  215. Dear Ms. Novak,
    I don’t normally read up on celebrities but the story about you at the Oscars caught my attention. I think you were and are a very beautiful and obviously very creative person. Your art is absolutely incredible. Thank you for sharing your art.

  216. Bless your heart Kim!!! I almost never read those stories, but when I saw your name I did. You are as beautiful as ever and if it weren’t for that “event” at the awards about bullying , I wouldn’t have checked out your website and I am glad I did. Your art work is simply elegant, innocent & magnificent just like I imagine you to be.
    I was born in NJ, finally fit in when I move to No. Ca in the late 70’s, (Nevada City) and have lived in 12 countries. I somehow found my way also to Oregon on the north coast 4 years ago. I head a research team as a psychoneuroimmunologist with a wonderful veterinarian. I am a Doctor of Metaphysics and Divinity. I am so happy that you are living your dream with your Soul Mate and hat you ride through the hills with your sweetheart! Blessings

  217. Kim,
    Your artwork is amazing and so are you. Many people think they are above all and will say anything without thought. When growing up was difficult because I am hearing impaired, however, with support from a wonderful teacher and family, I did well in the “man’s” world and achieved my goals to become General Manager of a cable television company. I am now unemployed, and 67 years old. I will survive as I always have. Thank you for being you!!!!

  218. I’m so amazed at Kim’s work. I never realized she is such a talented artist. I to am an artist, but of such a different style . My work seems boring compared to hers. The colors are just amazing. And the added touch of her beautiful poems, is a glorifing touch to the art. Someday , hopefully I’ll be able to afford one of her works. You’ve had a beautiful life, with your love of nature and animals. I to have a bird who never left my side, my loving crow. Plus my dogs , horses and cats. I wish you well, you are beautiful, inside and out. So glad you left Hollywood behind. As for D. Trump, he should take a good at himself. He’s a shallow, and materialistic man. He could use a few fat injections! Hee hee. I’d do it too. God bless you Kim. Your wisdom is deep. Sincerely, Nancy

  219. I am writing you to support you as an artist and human being. As you may have guessed, my parents named me after you. You were my father’s favorite actress and I have always told people that whenever they ask me.
    I too, am an artist/photographer. It took me until I was 50 years old to realize who I am and what I wanted out of life…. I’m finally becoming the person that I hoped to be, day by day. Little did I know I’d be so inspired by someone I was named after….. your artwork is beautiful and so are you. I’m sure my late father would still think so too. Thank you for sharing it with the world. Best wishes to you, Kim Adamis

  220. Dear Mrs. Novak,
    Beautiful paintings.
    I would never have guessed such other talents. And isn’t that so with people in general: we don’t know what talent and character are underneath the face (an attractive or unattractive one, for that matter).

  221. Kim,

    First your paintings are fabulous! I was so disappointed in the media’s response to you at the Oscars. You Look beautiful and jealous bullies who say otherwise don’t know what they’re talking about. I for one would be happy to look 1/2 as good as you do at 81 or for that matter any age.

  222. Thank you for posting your art. It is beautiful! Much of it brought tears to my eyes. I especially loved the one depicting Sophie gazing at herself in a mirror. Our four-legged friends are truly special; they give us so much and ask so little in return. I was a fan in the late 50’s/early 60’s and I was so happy to watch your interview with Robert O. on TCM. I was angry to read those ignorant comments online after the academy awards ceremony! Your response, which I just read online, nailed it!! I’m a 70-year-old lady myself so I understand. Pay no mind to those bullies; they don’t matter!!!! You’re a beautiful person. God bless you.

  223. Beautiful work from a beautiful soul. Just remember your strength within. The outside world always will have something to say.

    You paintings really give me an insight of your inner beauty. I’m a photographer and love capturing the beauty of this world but your hands show another kind. Thank you for sharing…..


  224. Just checked out your site. Your paintings are beautiful, just like you. Don’t let anyone tell you any different, you are beautiful inside and out. Your paintings reveal a true sensitive soul. I love them

  225. Hello Kim. I was just reading the article about the ‘Oscar night bullies’. Can I just say that I am so glad you had the courage to speak out about this. It really annoys me when these so called ‘upstanding people’ start to put others down with their comments and gossip. The great George Harrison called it “the devils radio”. I myself am not a great film buff of any kind and don’t watch the Oscars or anything like that. As the old saying goes. Too many cooks spoil the broth. I do love the old films. They had Class and a real sense of wonder and your films were in that bracket.
    You were Beautiful then and you are Beautiful today Kim Novak. So I am really glad you spoke out. I also didn’t know you painted. They are fantastic. Your personality shines through(not that I know you) soft and warm.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Gerald Devlin.

  226. Dearest Kim,

    You ARE a GREAT artist! I LOVE your work. It has touched me profoundly, as have you. Just the fact that you left Hollywood at the height of your career is a feat few have accomplished!

    I have always loved you, Kim, as your soul – who you are – comes through on the screen. The more you share yourself with us, your fans, the more I feel your love. It’s just so obvious that you are simply a lover. I get the feeling, ’cause I am, too.

    Life is never easy – for anyone; but the older I get, it seems the less easy Life gets. I’m alone and living in a place I hate because I can’t afford to live in a beautiful place (you know, trees, water, fresh air…). So I am very grateful for the Internet! And the more you connect with us – through your website and, even more recently, your Facebook page – the more fun and joy I get out of this “twilight” time of my life.

    While one of my friends was on my Facebook page, she commented on your “Picnic” photo with Miriam Nelson; she said she loved the movie and asked if I had met you. Sadly, I had to answer “No”; but your recent communications with us helps me feel as if I have and that I know you. You are so special – definitely the kind of person I’d like to know and spend time with. And, believe me, I am VERY picky!

    Anyway, thank you for sharing yourself with us. It really means a whole lot to me.

    Sarah Catherine

  227. Kim, (“touch someone else along the way,”) You certainly did that for me when I went on tour for the release of “GIDGET”. I was only given the plush interview shows(Jack Parr) and found out that you were responsible for the wonderful treatment. You told the publicity Dept that I was a good actress and shouldn’t be subjected the the lesser TV, Radio and Newspaper Interviews. Thank you so much for your graciousness. Also, thank you for sharing your God given talent with us. I have always loved your paintings in which your innate goodness permeates throughout all of them.
    Jo Morrow
    PS Your unselfish help, made my four year contract with Columbia Pictures, quite pleasant.

  228. Your web site is wonderful. Your paintings are always fasinating besides being beautiful. Having the explanations of your thoughts along the way makes it all very special. You truly are a creative beautiful soul.

  229. I love that we can all have dreams that can happen! Thank you for sharing your beautiful artwork and life with us.

  230. Thank you, Kim, for sharing yourself with us. You are so special. Your movies have brought so much pleasure to your fans, and now we can experience more of your talent from your poetry and paintings.

    God bless you and keep you safe, healthy and happy.
    Sarah Catherine

  231. I have been a longtime fan but am ashamed to admit I never knew you had bi-polar and were a talented painter! I am happy that you chose the “real life” rather than the mirage! Kudos to you my friend on the screen!
    Longtime admirer, Dana

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