A Wave of Memories - A Hand Full of Feelings, painting (portrait of the late Robert Malloy) by Kim Novak

Art has been My Savior

While this has been a strange and difficult time of loss in my life, art has been my savior. I want to share some of my paintings that have kept me going since losing my soul mate.

These are not offered for sale at this time, but if you would like to order one, please send a request through my contact page.


Harvest of Sunlight, poem by Kim Novak, 2021

9 thoughts on “Art has been My Savior”

  1. Greetings to my name sake! I was named after you, my parents really liked you. Whenever someone would ask if it was Kimberly, I would say, “No, its just Kim, like Kim Novak”and now, after 64 years, (12/13/1959), I look you up and you are also a painter, with soul and skill. So nice to connect, and I wish you all the best.


  2. Oh.. dear Kim… you have (this sounds corny, I know) always been my idol.. I was not pretty as a young girl… you were my go to ideal.. your great beauty.. then your turn in the Hitchcock film, the comedies.. I just loved your work… but most of all.. your gift as a painter.. I too am a painter… you are a wonderful technician, but beyond that a soulful person full of depth and whimsy! the colors are spectacular… ok… stay well… and if you have a chance click on marilynmichaels.com I am an entertainer… (when Im not painting!)

  3. I have loved you since I first saw you in Jeanne Eagles when I was a child. I have seen everything you have been in, including a trip last night with The Eddie Duchin Story. And your art?. Magnificent. Your legacy will last through the ages. I have always been with you…

  4. If I buy, may I please have an original personalised message and signature from Kim on the purchase?

    1. Kim does sign all her prints in the standard manner for artists. If you send us a request for a (brief) additional message after your purchase she will do her best to accommodate your request.

      1. I have been a Kim Novak fan since I first saw Vertigo. I too would like to be contacted when her artwork is available. I think her artwork is Fabulous.
        Thank you

        1. Hello Kathleen. I’ve added you to the print notification list. I’ll contact you when prints become available again. Thank you so much for your interest in Kim’s art!

  5. Glad you’re doing your expressionism …savor your art time…peace and elevated enriched personal understanding is reached thur expression…your depth will be explained thur art…I felt your depth in talking art When I painted your exterior after storm…saw your getaway screened in peace spot…peace and feel your U…

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