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Butler Museum Exhibition Coming Soon!

Hi friends,

I am thrilled to announce that my recent artworks (created since the passing of my soul mate) will be on exhibit at the Butler Art Museum in Youngstown Ohio from June through August 2024. I plan to be there for the reception on Sunday, June 2. There will also be a screening of a half-hour documentary that I made with the French company, “Tangerine.”

I’m proud to report that this will be my third exhibit at the Butler! Hope to see you there.

May peace and joy be with you,

Incredible Emails

I soooo appreciate the incredible emails that some of you have sent through my website! They not only touch but hold me in their warm and wonderful arms of love! Here’s the email that moved me so today:

Dear Ms. Novak,

I do not know if you will ever read this letter, but I had to write to thank you for your expressive artwork and poetry. The beautiful colors in your paintings speak to my heart, and your poetry touched my mind and spirit. I am amazed at how vulnerable and confident you are to share your inner beauty.

I learned about your artistry from a recent YouTube video tastefully done about your career by Karin Alourde. When I saw the swirling colors in your paintings, I jumped inside of my being and felt joy. I Googled your name and discovered your art website.

Once again, thank you for giving, and showing, the world the deeper part of yourself. I feel you are a sensitive and amazing person, and I am blessed to have gotten to experience who you are.

You might wonder why I included this particular photo with my post today. I wanted to share an important event that had an uplifting effect on my Spirit. Meeting Pope John Paul II and my visit to the Vatican touched me deeply. Pictured are: Pope John Paul II, with Kirk Douglas & his wife, Anne Buydens, Kim Novak and her husband, Bob Malloy.


November 2023 TCM Cruise

I just returned from a TCM cruise around Mexico on the Disney ship, “Magic,” and thought I’d share with you a bit of what was going on at home and at Sea.
Happy Thanksgiving,

San Francisco Chronicle 2023 Birthday Article

For my birthday, G. Allen Johnson wrote a wonderful article for the San Francisco Chronicle’s Datebook section entitled, “Kim Novak came to San Francisco, and San Francisco was never the same.”

There is an icon in the top right corner you can use to read a larger version, or you can download the article to read when you’re offline. It might take a moment to load.

Download (PDF, 2.05MB)

And here is the video that Mr. Johnson closed his article with:


I want to thank you who have given me the much-needed appreciation and understanding to express myself through the arts. I hope that you are aware of how much you have touched me. I ask for your forgiveness in not providing you with your well-deserved, one on one, response. My full and rewarding life style has much to do with the need to prioritize my time. Yes, time has become even more precious and elusive as these years have flown by.

Please know and feel my appreciation for your special gift of inspiration that gives me the courage to move forward on my predestined path. My gift to you is the many secret messages contained in my art.