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  1. Dear Ms. Novak,
    Like you I am an artist. When I was young I saw all your films and was always taken with your beauty. Seeing your art work I see that you are also beautiful on the inside.
    I was horrified at the remarks made during the academy awards. It said nothing about you but more than enough about others. Standing up for yourself and calling it what it was, bulleying , is to be admired. Growing older in this culture is not easy but you are doing it well. I think it was Betty Davis who said, ” growing old is not for sissies.” Good luck to you in all life’s adventures.
    karen frances

  2. Really nice paintings. Enjoyed your insight and background on your paintings.

    Also, read your comments regarding the Oscars. Hang in there and don’t let anyone get you down. I suffer from severe depression but worked 80 hour work weeks but there were days I could not get up and go to work. I never was able to tell anyone why I could not come to work and my bosses called me quirky. I did not like most of them anyway so I decided to blow them off. You look great and I love your paintings.

  3. Thank you for sharing Miss Novak’s paintings. They are beautiful, especially loved the horse. Often wonder about her when we are in Carmel, and where she might be. Thank you

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