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  1. Hi Kim,
    Fellow artist, dreamer, and writer too – when I was young I lost my mother to lupus; early in my life, she’d remark on how I had such a mature soul, a lust for adventure.. she introduced me to many iconic women like you, and I still look up to you all today. I remember, having this small radio in our kitchen and on rainy days I’d turn on the local jazz station and watch the rain fall as I constantly wandered in my mind, dreaming of things I wish I could do when I’d ‘grow up’.. I just always remember having a driven mindset, that I wanted to ‘move mountains’. I too can share similarities with you; which puts my mind at ease. Now I’m in my 20’s and I haven’t been dealt the best cards in life, but whilst viewing your beautiful artwork I was able to escape; to have my heart feel raw emotion again because I have finally found someone of similar characteristics..thoughts, inner emotions/feelings- someone that can truly be a true role model or mentor so to speak. For some reason, I decided to research you today to see where you are in life and I am so thankful that I did. Your painting “Goodbyes and Hellos” truly reflects my current journey in life..my absolute favorite of yours that we’ve been blessed to see. Xx

  2. I am ordering this beautiful and touching painting today, Kim. I also noticed the timing you painted it, and that, too, was meaningful to me. Can’t wait to have it in my home. With love.

  3. I noticed Richard Johnson just passed, and followed the thread to pictures and biographies which led to The Eddie Duchin Story. I saw the movie in Havana, Cuba as a young American child with American parents living and working there, and won’t forget the movie or some of the tunes and your acting in it, although at that young age I thought it was “real” ~ loved the songs and your passion! Of course we got out of Cuba with just our lives. Just ordered the soundtrack, looking forward to it. I live now in Wyoming, with lots of horses, blue skies and wide spaces. Glad you are still around, loving your horses and paintings and your Dr. Malloy. You made some good choices, and did it your way. Here’s to you and yours happiness!

  4. Hello Richard,
    GoodByes and Hellos was painted just a few months ago. I am so glad you like it! I wish you well in your new home.

  5. Hello Ms. Novak!

    We just purchased your print “Goodbyes and Hellos” for our new home. Could you tell us when you painted it?

    Hoping you can arrange an exhibit in Austin where we live!

    Happy Holidays!


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