Hope, 2023 original painting by Kim Novak.


Hope, 2023 original painting by Kim Novak.
For me, my new year begins on my birthday. So here’s my new year’s resolution for 2023.
My heart has been empowered to keep going by those who believe in me. I vow to work on a bridge called HARMONY no matter what! I will apply fresh paint daily, using nothing but the best for lasting protection—guaranteed to restore good health by releasing all pent-up emotions. HOPE will be my “North Star”!
(Be sure to click the image to the right to see a larger version of this painting.)

4 thoughts on “Hope”

  1. He Miss Novak,today I saw the new documentary on ART . I loved it and now even more I admire you for your strenght ,stubberness,hihi, and your honnesty. You are an amazing woman , you are my example,love from Belgium. Wish you get 106 like your aunt !!!!????????????????

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