7 thoughts on “If Only”

  1. Dear Kim, I recently previewed your immense talented artwork. Exquisite, raw, and powerful. I can relate how art heals the mind as well as the soul. The haters out there are only wish they had your talent. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Love “ If only” ! Best wishes from a fellow artist ( sculptor) living on The West Coast of Vancouver Island . Emily Morgan . Keep up the beautiful work Kim . Your heart shines.

  3. Am 76, i always liked you, brilliant in Vertigo and very wise leaving Hollywood
    Your paintings are fantastic too and your surname means a lot to me: in Italy when my sister and I were 12 and 14, a Novak family helped us to go through school, my mum had no money, father was away, they took us under their wing, we played with their children in their beautiful villa.
    Am pleased of this opportunity to connect..another link…
    Best regard and congratulation

    1. I never realized that you were so artistic talented Kim, I know exactly where I would hang one of your pieces in my home, and would proudly show it off ,Murray from Cornwall Ontario Canada

    1. I wish you a nice Birthday. I love 💕 this picture and can see a story in them all. Comeback to your Museum in Youngstown soon. I want you to know I’m glad you’re here and that I love you very much happy Valentines Day too 🌟🌺🪷🌺🌸💐🌸

  4. I was watching The White Buffalo wondered if you were OK and discovered your beautiful paintings… so original and moving! “IF ONLY” makes me wanna cry ….IT WORKS! I hope your happy and healthy stay safe and keep creating! all the best.

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