Pope John Paul II, with Kirk Douglas & wife Anne Buydens, Kim Novak and Bob Malloy. Another event that uplifted me just like the incredible emails that some of you have sent.

Incredible Emails

I soooo appreciate the incredible emails that some of you have sent through my website! They not only touch but hold me in their warm and wonderful arms of love! Here’s the email that moved me so today:

Dear Ms. Novak,

I do not know if you will ever read this letter, but I had to write to thank you for your expressive artwork and poetry. The beautiful colors in your paintings speak to my heart, and your poetry touched my mind and spirit. I am amazed at how vulnerable and confident you are to share your inner beauty.

I learned about your artistry from a recent YouTube video tastefully done about your career by Karin Alourde. When I saw the swirling colors in your paintings, I jumped inside of my being and felt joy. I Googled your name and discovered your art website.

Once again, thank you for giving, and showing, the world the deeper part of yourself. I feel you are a sensitive and amazing person, and I am blessed to have gotten to experience who you are.

You might wonder why I included this particular photo with my post today. I wanted to share an important event that had an uplifting effect on my Spirit. Meeting Pope John Paul II and my visit to the Vatican touched me deeply. Pictured are: Pope John Paul II, with Kirk Douglas & his wife, Anne Buydens, Kim Novak and her husband, Bob Malloy.


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  1. Happy Birthday Kim! I was fortunate enough to attend the tribute to you at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco. As a life long fan, it was an honor to see you in person and hear about your film career, as well as your life as an artist. With much love,

    Jimmy Short
    1929 Dawnelle Way
    Sacramento, CA 95835

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