"Looking Back to See Ahead," Original Painting in pastel over watercolor by Kim Novak. Copyright 2014 Kim Novak. All rights reserved.

Looking Back to See Ahead

Looking Back to See Ahead, Original Painting in pastel on watercolor by Kim Novak
Looking Back to See Ahead


Pastel over Watercolor Underpainting

When I’m not sure what I want to paint, I rely on my underpainting to give me inspiration. It excites my senses to watch the colors flow to and fro as I move the surface. It satisfies my desire for freedom. I often make a game of it to decide where I want to go next. Like when I was a child playing with a ouija board, using unconscious thoughts and feelings to guide your hands and fingers – so I did that with this painting. First it led me to a waterfall which you can still see, especially on the upper right side of my painting; then the water parted and it led me to her – a lovely young girl looking back at me!

~ Kim NovaK, Artist


8 thoughts on “Looking Back to See Ahead”

  1. You should do more portraits. This is so beautiful. Wisdom in her eyes and vulnerability, yet strong. Love it.

  2. “Looking Back to See Ahead” absolutely takes my breath away. I don’t have the means to purchase but wanted you to know how much I admire your gorgeous work and your courage for speaking out. Those of us with hidden disabilities have always suffered the unfair comments of others and it does hurt. The article about bullying has led me to your art and I hope many others also. Keep up this amazing work. Mr. Trump has never produced anything with his own hands so you are far ahead.
    With great admiration-
    Claudia Keeley
    Windsor, CT

    Submitted on 2014/04/19 at 9:33 am

  3. Dear Kim,

    Thank you for speaking out about bullying. I had no idea you were an artist. What wonderful work…my favorites: Looking Back to See Ahead, Deja Vu and When Winter Ends. I’ll definitely be researching your poem turned song as I am an avid student of poetry. What a fascinating story!

    All Best,


    Submitted on 2014/04/18 at 2:30 pm

  4. You have always been one of my favorite actors. I believe I’ve seen every movie you’ve made, at least all those released to the public. I also recently caught your interview on TCM and thoroughly enjoyed it…you’re such a lovely lady with so much beauty and talent. Up until now, I had no idea you were a painter! Luckily, I stumbled across this website. You have quite a touch, Kim and a very expressive hand. I admire your work as an actor and as a fine visual artist also. I think my favorite work on your website is “Looking Back To See Ahead”…..a very touching and haunting piece rendered in exquisite pastels and underpainting. I am of course also partial to your “Self Portrait”….those killer eyes. Wow!!! I wish you all the success in the world with your art and your life, Kim. My best to you and your husband (that lucky rascal). Warm regards, Dave Dunville

  5. Your artwork is beautiful, your paintings of faces are incredible, the self portrait and “Looking Back to See Ahead” show the character and life they have lived in their faces.

  6. You are so enormously talented, and it appears you have paid a great price for your talents. I think I might understand a bit, sharing just a few of your trials.

    My favorite pictures are: “Looking Back to See Ahead” and “Mountain Man” (I must be partial to portraits). I Also very much like your self portrait, but knowing it is you, would also like something more current. I will assess my budget and make a decision, hopefully while they are still available.

    My very best wishes to you.

  7. I have been a long time fan of yours as an actress and had no idea you have become such a talented artist.
    Love your style- as I am also an artist I have never tried mixing pastel with watercolor-
    I mostly do graphic design

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