Man in the Moon, 16 x 12 painting by Kim Novak ©2020

Man in the Moon

Main in the Moon, 16 x 12 painting by Kim Novak ©2020

Pastel over Watercolor

Original Size 16″ x 12″

Limited Edition of 100
Available Print Sizes:
16″ x 12″ on 26″ x 20″ paper

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I’m a believer that there are no such things as ‘accidents’ in life, so when this sweet robin started to tap gently on my studio window I became entranced and decided to paint the event. When I was putting on some of my last strokes, I discovered a flaw in the surface that I was working on. I wanted to keep my first impressions, so I created a halo over the bird’s head…and then I saw Him!!!!  OMG!

See if you can find Him too!


4 thoughts on “Man in the Moon”

  1. A very beautiful Art
    As I see all yours is, wow
    In contemplative thought
    & Ideas
    What humanity should strive to be….beauty in motion as we sail the sea of life in all her

    I see a kindred spirit
    DJ starlight
    Ps I like my privacy
    So no email

  2. Hello Kim! I’m 75 and have always admired your work. Now even more so after seeing your paintings!

    I attended De La Salle University when Brother Benedict (Christian Brothers) was dean of Engineering. Is it true he was your cousin? He had a great sense of humour and loved golf.

    Stay well.

  3. Hello Kim. I’m the sister in law of Linda Evans and as I’ve always been a fan of yours on the screen I would also like to follow your artistic work on the canvas. I certainly enjoyed the gallery I just looked at, beautiful, gentle, spiritual and such wonderful color combinations. Pleasure to meet you and will be following your work along with my sis-in-law Linda.

  4. Your paintings are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I only started to paint about a year ago after our daughter died. Again Miss Novak thank you for your inspiration and beautiful work.🙏🏻

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