Man in the Moon, 16 x 12 painting by Kim Novak ©2020

Man in the Moon

Main in the Moon, 16 x 12 painting by Kim Novak ©2020

Pastel over Watercolor

I’m a believer that there are no such things as ‘accidents’ in life, so when this sweet robin started to tap gently on my studio window I became entranced and decided to paint the event. When I was putting on some of my last strokes, I discovered a flaw in the surface that I was working on. I wanted to keep my first impressions, so I created a halo over the bird’s head…and then I saw Him!!!!  OMG!

See if you can find Him too!


7 thoughts on “Man in the Moon”

  1. Just yesterday, I heard a tap tap tapping on a window in my bedroom. I pulled the curtain back, and there on the sill was a tiny bird with light brown wings and a splash of bright yellow for a crown. A goldfinch. I lightly tapped back, unsure of what she’d do. She stayed there on my windowsill, unafraid. We sat for awhile, me and this sweet little bird. Then, she decided to move on. Off, she went.

    1. Appreciation of the beautiful works of art … particularly the plight of the natural world.
      I wish I had discovered this website years ago. … I operate a wildlife rehabilitation charity and feel these prints, the accompanying poems as well as your prestige from former career (bell,book,candle is also a favorite) would have enabled greater awareness to my community about the value of all living beings – not exclusively humans.

      – kathleen

  2. Ethereal..beautiful. It makes one think that there might be hope in humanity when a being creates such works of art. I love it Ms. Kim.

  3. A very beautiful Art
    As I see all yours is, wow
    In contemplative thought
    & Ideas
    What humanity should strive to be….beauty in motion as we sail the sea of life in all her

    I see a kindred spirit
    DJ starlight
    Ps I like my privacy
    So no email

  4. Hello Kim! I’m 75 and have always admired your work. Now even more so after seeing your paintings!

    I attended De La Salle University when Brother Benedict (Christian Brothers) was dean of Engineering. Is it true he was your cousin? He had a great sense of humour and loved golf.

    Stay well.

  5. Hello Kim. I’m the sister in law of Linda Evans and as I’ve always been a fan of yours on the screen I would also like to follow your artistic work on the canvas. I certainly enjoyed the gallery I just looked at, beautiful, gentle, spiritual and such wonderful color combinations. Pleasure to meet you and will be following your work along with my sis-in-law Linda.

  6. Your paintings are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I only started to paint about a year ago after our daughter died. Again Miss Novak thank you for your inspiration and beautiful work.🙏🏻

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