Meet Kim Novak by Harley Brown,International Artist Cover Featuring Article about Kim Novak and her art, June/July 2009 issue

Meet Kim Novak by Harley Brown

Meet Kim Novak by Harley Brown

International Artist Magazine Feature Article

Meet Kim Novak was written in 2009 by distinguished pastel artist Harley Brown, one of Kim Novak’s artistic mentors. A privileged look into the art, artistic life and home studio of Ms. Novak, the article was published in the June/July 2009 issue of International Artist magazine.

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3 thoughts on “Meet Kim Novak by Harley Brown”

  1. Thank You for being You. After all, You also are one of those
    Miracle Woman, a rarity in the Cosmos, as are my Daughters and Wife.

  2. Dear Kim,
    You are my namesake. It is an honor to now have your name. I would love to meet you in person. Not because you were a movie star but because you are a beautiful person.
    I’m so happy you are living a life you love. I’m glad my mom named me after you.
    With love, Kim Sparkman-Novak

  3. Kim Novak ,
    I have admired you since my early teens when I watched Picnic .
    I want to say thank you for all that you have shared in your movies and in your art . It has been important to me that you showed yourself as a strong , gifted person who has chosen to live out your dreams as an artist . The art is wonderful . Thank you . shan chaney

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