Responses to Kim’s Art

Responses to Kim’s Art

There have been so many kind comments left on my website since we launched it in 2014! I’ve long wanted to share a few of the precious appreciations I’ve received for my art that have touched my heart in a special way.

There are more. Many more! And I am deeply moved when I realize that so many people have come to my website over the years and kindly left a comment on my artwork before leaving. There are so many that I couldn’t share them all.

My sincere and grateful thanks to everyone who has taken the time to leave their thoughts about my art here.


Precious Appreciations


Saul Vargas Ethereal..beautiful. It makes one think that there might be hope in humanity when a being creates such works of art. I love it.
John Murphy

I am humbled by your vast amount of incredible work in film and art and have few words to convey effectively my appreciation. I will just say thank you for all your wonderful healing gifts which reach so many in far-reaching positive ways. On your blessed path, you share so much magic, wonder, and wisdom through your art and writing. The universe writes the script and I guess we’re all learning the lines. Thank you for the music as the song goes.


You have just deeply touched me.


James Grady Pace

As a fellow poet, I can say this….your art transcends an eclectic and insightful soul who has aged as gracefully and quietly as one could possibly age during these modern times of complete, unadulterated insanity. Thank you so very much for sharing your true, inner consciousness…

Malcolm R Campbell

I love the flow of paint and time and love in your paintings.

Debbie Shoemaker

I woke up this morning with your hummingbird painting image in my mind. It is one of my favorites of your paintings. I love your artwork. I miss the idea of being able to purchase some.

Linda  Solomon

This book is the most wonderful gift! Kim Novak’s magnificent art will inspire you to understand the difference between just looking and truly seeing. She teaches us to appreciate the beautiful connection between human, animal, and nature. She makes our dreams a reality through her art and I am forever grateful to be inspired by her.

Candy Workman

Your new book, Kim Novak, Her Life and Art, just arrived today…I am filled with anticipation to lose myself reading it and seeing your art. We met you at the Butler Institute when your paintings were displayed. I purchased one of them and it is one of my most prized possessions. Your art and beauty are beyond compare. You have a grace and style that echoes a time that transports me to the past and makes me long for those days when people had a sense of class and dignity. You are truly a beautiful lady. Sending you warmest hugs and wishes for the holidays and beyond.

DJ starlight2infinity

Very beautiful Art
As I see all yours is, wow
In contemplative thought
& Ideas
What humanity should strive to be….beauty in motion…as we sail the sea of life in all her

I see a kindred spirit.

Elisa Brown

Your artwork is beautifully executed and thoroughly emotive and soulful. I am awe-struck by such talent!

Dr J John Portera               

Kim Novak’s paintings eloquently emanate from the core of her heart, mind, and soul. They are completely honest, naked, without a measure of the ‘make believe’ world she was a part of for years. There is no artistic manipulation to impress others.
Each one seems to project a symbolic and personal catharsis; be it for suppression or acceptance of her blues. Conversely, they oftentimes loudly exclaim her ecstasy at a given period. They’re not unlike the manic highs of a soaring spirit, or its despair when in the depth of depression. Some made my heart feel like a shot of adrenalin had hit it, racing in ecstatic euphoria; while others seemed to shake my very soul into some surreal sense of sympatico with her.
Her paintings, to me, simulate the integrity of how she immersed herself into the unforgettable characters’ roles she reflected on film. She became those characters. Authenticity reflects both her film career and her art. At 79, I’m still ‘in love’ with this beautiful and uniquely talented human being.
“Resisting Temptation,” “The Ecstasy and Agony of Healing,” and “ Self Portrait, ” are among those I’d love to own. Her artistic genius causes me to think of the words written by Keats, in Endymion: ”A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it shall never pass into nothingness.”
Through the magnificent beauty of her art, Kim Novak’s own innate beauty will never cease to be seen and savored by those who’ve been visually and vicariously able to touch her through the films of her once ‘make believe’ life in Hollywood. I’m delighted she has followed her true passion in expressing WHO she is to this world.

Laurie Pink        

Hello. I am blown away at seeing your art in your gallery. Your work is fantastic beyond belief. I am in awe of your use of color. What a treat to come upon after learning that you are an Artist. You just changed me. Can’t wait to turn everyone on to it! Be well!

Ray Howe

Dear Kim Novak,
As a fan of yours for many years( I’m 85) I am impressed with your style and art in general and I have sometimes worked and painted with some of the best. You “got it.” Love your ability with water scenes. Take a big bow.
Peace and love.

Florence Bessemer

What beautiful expression and colour throughout your paintings Kim. It’s not hard to feel what you felt when you painted them because your intent comes through so clearly. Maybe different to individual people but very personal and relatable nonetheless. I feel that you give a lot of yourself away in each painting, much like you did in your films. I’ve enjoyed them all for years, but each Christmas I wait for Bell, Book, and Candle and never get tired of watching it again. I had a Siamese Cat growing up and his name of course was Pyewacket!

I think most of us struggle to keep on level ground no matter who we are and we are a product of the family we grew up in. That can mean challenges mentally that take a lifetime to figure out, if we ever do. You are a wonderful lady. A great actress who put yourself totally into all your films and such a talented artist as well. So many sides to such a fascinating person and the life you’ve lived. I’m a true admirer. Congrats on all your talents.

Timmy Larson

Kim, I just watched you in “Picnic.” You were great! This led me then to your website and I have spent the last hour admiring your art. Although I am an American, I did live and work for 5 years in South Africa while Madiba (Nelson Mandela) was alive, so I particularly like your work of him…Kim, I wish you well, and thank you for your wonderful work on the screen and canvas!

Gregory A Bolling     

Every bit as good as Picasso and Van Gogh and perhaps better.

Donna Reggie

Dear Kim, I recently previewed your immensely talented artwork. Exquisite, raw, and powerful. I can relate to how art heals the mind as well as the soul. The haters out there only wish they had your talent. Thank you for sharing.

Evan Newbold

Hello Miss Novak. I just wanted to say I think your paintings are beautiful. They are incredible works of art. And let’s not forget your work in film. Wonderful.

Christopher O’Riley

I am so inspired by the depth, intensity, and overwhelming beauty of your elegiac work.
Love always

Another response to my art that is precious to me, a condensed version of my mentor Harley Brown’s forward to my book:

“Kim Novak is one of the most genuine individuals I’ve ever known. This comes from an inner strength to honestly reveal herself. We witness it in her enduring film performances and masterfully expressed upon canvas. What is within Kim does reach out to us.

“Without exception, every one of her paintings is notably different and an exclusive experience. Her impassioned individuality is revealed on her canvases, accompanied by her descriptive choice of words. Kim speaks for herself and it is up to us to open our minds and explore her deeply felt visual and poetic expressions.

“One of the reasons Kim’s art remains alive is that it is completely from her heart. She shows us magnificent visions that live within her searching mind. Things might not be what they first appear…

“What keeps her at her easel is an enigmatic energy force, flowing impromptu onto the canvas…

“With her paintings and poems, Kim opens herself to us. A true artist with an honesty that comes from the years of her very full life. Observing, boldly interpreting…and allowing what is within to be revealed, her expressive ability in bringing her imagination and observations for us to see and study is unsurpassed. We can experience Kim’s vision that she has created with a layer of mystery.”

~Harley Brown





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