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The Magic of Music

Original Pastel Painting by Kim Novak, created for the 2010 Britt Music Festival. Copyright 2014 Kim Novak. All rights reserved.
The Magic of Music, created for the
2010 Britt Music Festival


The 2010 Britt Fine Arts Poster is a print of Novak’s original pastel piece “The Magic of Music.” She describes her approach to her work, saying “Much of my art consists of surrealistic storytelling. Sometimes I like to paint pictures of trees with human faces and bodies whose gestures suggest images of my fantasies or a dream.

“Often while attending the concerts that are held under the stars by southern Oregon’s ‘Britt Music Festival’, I allow my mind to wander off into the forest that surrounds Jacksonville. I think about the trees and imagine their reaction to earth-shaking percussions, and the voices and musical instruments as they echo through the valleys and over the hills. I wonder how the forest and its creatures could not help but react with feelings and emotions as they witness these concerts?

“This painting, ‘The Magic of Music’, is where my fantasy has taken me, to a place of happy harmony – a place where music blends the folklore of the woodlands with pure freedom of expression.

'The magic of Music', original poem by Kim Novak: “In my fantasy, the fine tuned fingers of a wise old frog create music in a stream; While a rabbit keeps time, thumping her foot on a log. She beats on a drum, for all creatures to come, who believe in the magic of music. Haunting refrains swirl in the mist, stirred by the tail of a mystical bird, Whose rhythm is such, that a family of trees, excited to please, begin to bend and twist. They forget their inhibitions and free their intuitions…these trees decide to dance! For that moment in time, nothing else matters except the Magic – the Music - and the Harmony it brings to our land!”