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Horse Heaven

"Horse Heaven," Original pastel painting of a Haflinger horse rolling in a field of forget-me-nots by Kim Novak
Horse Heaven




Over so many years I have lost too many four-legged loved ones that I thought I could never live without, yet I survived. Maybe being married to a large animal veterinarian helped me to accept the inevitability of their loss as part of the cycle of life. I was able to move on, trusting that the time and place would come for all of us to be together again. It has never been easy, yet I was left with all those incredible memories to relive in my mind…and the possibility to paint them!

This pastel is of Hunka Hunka, my happy Haflinger driving horse and good friend; he thinks he is living in the pastures of Heaven right now.   I painted him rolling in a field of wild forget-me-not flowers…where I shall always, always picture him forever more!”

~ Kim NovaK, Artist