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Welcome to Artist Kim Novak's website. This is her introductory statement.



My heart is touched to hear from so many of you who shared the warm remembrances over the weekend of our wonderful one and only Robert Osborne. It is my pleasure to offer you a big discount on my art—A chance to share my soul with you!

$100.00 reduction of all listed prices of my giclées on the Limited Edition Prints page of my website, www.kimnovakartist.com (“RAINBOW VOICES” price is already as low as it can go ) …AND, from TODAY, THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING, through MOTHER’S DAY, those same giclée prints will be ON SALE FOR AN ADDITIONAL 20% OFF! It feels so good to be the bearer of REAL, GOOD NEWS for a change…and by the way, it is not “FAKE” news!!! I hope you will be able to take advantage of this fine offer!

Wishing you a Springtime filled with ‘GOOD NEWS’ for all your friends and your family!

Kim Novak​

Vertigo / Vortex of Delusion

Vertigo / Vortex of Delusion," Original Painting by Kim Novak capturing the essence of the 1958 Alfred Hitchcock movie Vertigo, in which the artist starred with Jimmy Stewart. Copyright 2014 Kim Novak. All rights reserved.
Vertigo / Vortex of Delusion


Pastel over Watercolor

Limited Edition of 500
25.5″ x 12″
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The original of this piece was commissioned by Turner Classic Movies as part of their 20th anniversary celebration and was exhibited at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel during the 5th Annual TCM Classic Movie Festival.

“Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film, Vertigo, is the story of a man’s obsession with an unattainable love, a woman who doesn’t exist. Twice in the course of the film, she is transformed into the object of a man’s compulsive desires; first in order to carry out an evil plot of another’s greed, then in order to have a second chance to recapture and reincarnate what he believes he’s lost in order to save himself.

“I painted the blonde hair of the fantasy object of desire, Madeleine, as it begins to unravel from its core, creating a vortex of delusion. As Madeleine’s impostor, Judy submits again to being made over in the image of obsession, this time in return for love, not money. This reality proves unsustainable; her facade begins to crack, mistakes are made that set in motion a storm, which irrevocably threatened everything in its blonde, illusory path.”

~ Kim NovaK, Artist