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Woman From the Train

Woman From the Train, Original Pastel over watercolor painting by Kim Novak
Woman From the Train


Pastel over Watercolor Underpainting

Limited Edition of 100
16″ x 12″
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“Oh, to learn again what I’ve forgotten ‘bout this woman of mystery;I’d seen her then, yes, way back when, guessed she was an image from our history.He tried to show me, Dad tried to tell me ‘bout how to sort out roots of one’s family tree.But me, I didn’t want to hear then, youth too dear then, to learn ‘bout ancestry.'Mail Order Bride,' he said. Suitcase by her side, she stood waiting on the train track, too late to turn back.Where’d her man go? How’d her world go? Things I’ll ne’r know,If only I’d asked him, if only I’d listened - but time has moved on - as has the woman from the train” ~ Kim NovaK Original poem by Kim Novak, actress and artist. ©2014 Kim Novak. All Rights Reserved.If you find the poem’s text too small for you to read, please click on it to view a larger version.