Vertigo / Vortex of Delusion," Original Painting by Kim Novak capturing the essence of the 1958 Alfred Hitchcock movie Vertigo, in which the artist starred with Jimmy Stewart. Copyright 2014 Kim Novak. All rights reserved.

Vertigo / Vortex of Delusion

Vertigo / Vortex of Delusion," Original Painting by Kim Novak capturing the essence of the 1958 Alfred Hitchcock movie Vertigo, in which the artist starred with Jimmy Stewart. Copyright 2014 Kim Novak. All rights reserved.
Vertigo / Vortex of Delusion


Pastel over Watercolor

Limited Edition of 200
12″ x 25.5″
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The original of this piece was commissioned by Turner Classic Movies as part of their 20th anniversary celebration and was exhibited at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel during the 5th Annual TCM Classic Movie Festival.

“Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film, Vertigo, is the story of a man’s obsession with an unattainable love, a woman who doesn’t exist. Twice in the course of the film, she is transformed into the object of a man’s compulsive desires; first in order to carry out an evil plot of another’s greed, then in order to have a second chance to recapture and reincarnate what he believes he’s lost in order to save himself.

“I painted the blonde hair of the fantasy object of desire, Madeleine, as it begins to unravel from its core, creating a vortex of delusion. As Madeleine’s impostor, Judy submits again to being made over in the image of obsession, this time in return for love, not money. This reality proves unsustainable; her facade begins to crack, mistakes are made that set in motion a storm, which irrevocably threatened everything in its blonde, illusory path.”

~ Kim NovaK, Artist


22 thoughts on “Vertigo / Vortex of Delusion”

  1. Your work is so beautiful, Miss Novak.
    I would love to see your interpretation of the Picnic dance in the moonlight. I know it was probably not your favourite scene to film, but it is much loved and cherished by your fans.

  2. Would there be an opportunity to purchase an Original ?

    Please add me to any mailing list for future exhibits.

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for your comment. This is Hannah, Kim’s webmistress. It is extremely rare that Kim lets an original go, as she has bequeathed her entire collection to the Butler Institute of American Art upon her passing. I have been working with her since we created her website in early 2014 and in that time I have only known her to sell one original painting. Please consider the purchase of one or more of Kim’s limited edition prints. I have two and they are gorgeous…quality all the way.

  3. Dear Kim,
    I first saw your work at Lincoln Center back in the early 70’s. It was a painting of your Mother. It was so lovely.
    I have the Larry Kleno book called “Kim Novak on Camera.”
    I love your acting… “Middle of the Night” and “Strangers When we Meet” are 2 of my favorites. You will always be remembered for your kindness, achievements in the arts and being the most beautiful blond of all time.
    Continued good health and love to you.
    Dee S.

  4. What do I see the bridge as symbolic of ? In Magaritte it would necessarily be a symbol, in Dali it would not, but it would be a dream object. I know, it’s from the film and you might not interpret, or would need the plot to see any connection.

  5. Ho Man birthday Monday
    I might need a stunningly beautiful painting by the woman who bewitched me in Vertigo when I was a child!

  6. Hello Kim,

    I found out about your art this weekend while I have been watching TCM’s tribute to Robert Osborne. I was lucky to see the interview that he did with you in 2013. You were so raw and heartfelt. I admire you. I have always liked you and your movies. My favorites being, “Picnic”, “Bell, Book & Candle”, “Middle of the Night” (very realistic) and one that Robert Osborne didn’t mention, “Moll Flanders”. No matter the role, you were always natural. Looking at your art, it’s emotional and a person can tell that. I especially loved, “Self Portrait”. It goes so deep, the expression. I liked the “Vertigo” montage. “Finding My Way”, I knew right away what that painting was saying. The steps, the suitcase and the breeze blowing the skirt of the dress. I identified with that because I have been trying to find my way too. You are a beautiful lady and thank you for your many talents!

    1. Dear Kim, I am reading Reluctant Goddess by Peter Harry Brown and loving every page of the book. I am a very spiritual person and I understand you are too. Prayer helps me survive and at times flourish with my Bipolar Disorder. I think you also have Bipolar?
      Vertigo is one of my favorite films of all times. Thank you for showing us grace, sweetness and class. God bless you, Jim

  7. Hello Kim
    You are a truly gifted person and l love your work both as an actress and artist. You have so much to be proud of in your life. There so few actors with your beauty and grace today.
    I will always enjoy your work. A loving fan
    Artie Hamilton

  8. A few months ago I purchased Vertigo/Vortex of Delusion; what’s amazing about your painting are the subtle colors, as seen in the hair colors and nosegay. Everything important about that movie is shown in the painting.
    What’s sad about your movie career is that people remember you only for Vertigo. But what about Picnic? (You’ll always be identified by the gray business suit from Vertigo, but your signature wardrobe has to be the pink dress from Picnic.) And there’s The Man with the Golden Arm. IV drug usage has become an epidemic in this country; it’s sad that people don’t remember that movie or its message.
    I have two questions for you:
    1. Your Vertigo characters had distinctly different voices. Was one of them dubbed, or was your voice used for both characters?
    2. Most of your movie characters weren’t exactly squeaky-clean. Did your parents have reservations about your movie career and the characters you portrayed?
    Thanks again for the Vertigo painting, and many thanks for your movies.

    1. First of all, I am thrilled that you are enjoying my paintings – that means more to me than you will ever know. Regarding the voices in the movie, I did them both…And my parents were very upset with most of the roles I played in movies. In fact, my father got up and walked out of my first film, PUSHOVER.

  9. I want you to know I’ve been a fan since I was 13-14 yrs. old (maybe your #1 😉 and remain so today, even though I’m a LOT older! As one of those girls who wanted so much to be anyone else, my “Once Upon A Time”, your movies made my life bearable many times, and I still love them.

    I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I was to find prints of your beautiful artwork finally available . I was so impressed with them when you exhibited in San Francisco. I saw them online, and hoped prints would be eventually available for purchase at some point. That said, I have ordered one, Vertigo, although there are three others I would love to have as well. I hope they will be still available when I’m ready and able to purchase them.

    Thank you so much for enriching my life yet again……or should I say still!

    Val Hoff

    Submitted on 2014/04/18 at 1:26 pm

  10. Ms. Novak,

    Your paintings are extraordinary! I love the painting Vertigo the most. I have always loved your films…Vertigo being one of my favorites, hence my love of the painting. Looking Back is very meaningful to me also.

    I am so glad that you stood up to the people who chose to be very disrespectful to you during the awards. They did not need to get away with treating you or anyone else in that way. Good for you…you tell them and put them in their place! What a world we have come to live in! You’re a beautiful woman and individual.

    Warmest regards,


    Submitted on 2014/04/18 at 7:31 am

  11. Dear Kim,

    I will never forget your kindness to me during a visit you paid to Tippi Hedren’s Shambala Preserve. I was Tippi’s Legislative Assistant at the time of your visit, and I had to miss joining you and Tippi for lunch in the beautiful safari tent by the lake because I was stuck giving a private tour of the preserve to a potential donor who was too shy to come and meet you. I was crestfallen at missing the opportunity to meet you myself, but you came into the preserve office afterwards and chatted with me about VERTIGO, my favorite film along with THE BIRDS. I was deeply impressed with how personable and down-to-earth you were.

    It was a joy to see you again when I was in the audience for your interview with Robert Osborne at the Turner Classic Movies Festival this spring. I’m sorry you got treated so shabbily in the media after the Oscars. You are an inspiration, and not one to take abuse without speaking up. Brava!

    Oh, that stranger I so resented for having to show him around the preserve instead of meeting you for lunch? He became one of my closest friends for over a decade now. But I sometimes joke with him, “I was furious with you that day. The only reason we’re friends is because Kim Novak came into the office after you left and talked to me!” Thanks for the many ways you have touched my life–and as a fellow painter, I want your giclee of VERTIGO/VORTEX OF DELUSION over my fireplace.

    Submitted on 2014/04/26 at 4:26 pm

  12. Ms. Kim Novak, I am 71 years old, and you have always been my favorite actress, Picnic,Vertigo. There are many beautiful actresses throughout the years, but none have been as beautiful as you and Rhonda Flemming.
    Thanks for standing up to bullies, today in schools, it is a major issue everyday, especially cyberbullying.
    I never knew that you are an artist, your paintings are beautiful, my favorites are Vertigo and Self Portrait.
    Thanks for sharing

  13. I wanted compliment you on your art, and also on being open about bullying. I saw the awards, and you are correct.
    I thought you looked beautiful, but then I had a teenage crush on you. Have always thought you were talented and beautiful. I guess am prejudiced, lol!

    My best to you

  14. Miss Novak,
    What a beautiful painting by a beautiful lady. You are a treasure.

    Some people are just spoiled and cruel. I for one am glad you spoke up about the remarks posted about how you looked.

    Hell, I thought you were dead because we didn’t hear or see much of you in the last few years….You looked so pretty when you appeared at the Oscars. I’ve never make comments on the web but I thought this warranted it. God Bless and keep on.

    One of your old time fan. Love, Dot

  15. I AM THOROUGHLY Impressed by your artwork. It absolutely took my breath away!!! I think Kim (if this is going straight to you), then You, should be Ever so Proud of your beautiful artwork, and the story behind it! I absolutely and unequivocally
    LOVE your beautiful work!! I wish I somehow in this lifetime would get to meet you because I have Always admired and loved your work!! Your amzing era! I am 56, so I can say, your are not That much older than I and Look how much you have accomplished!! All the actresses in your time frame on the sets of those wonderful films can never be repeated in any earthly manner!

  16. Dear Ms. Novak,

    What a brilliant artwork. It brought back all the feelings and memories from the movie that I consider the one for my “Island of Loneliness”. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend this year’s Cannes Film Festival to see you in person during the screening of “Vertigo”, but I hope that someday I get the chance to pay my respects to you in person. I have included my wife’s website, who is an artist in Vancouver, for your kind consideration and professional comments. Maybe we can bring some of your original artworks to be showcased at some prestigious galleries in Vancouver, for example Howe Street Gallery of Fine Arts, for exhibition or sale, in case you are interested.

    Best regards,
    Amir Hashemi

  17. Dear Kim, you paint from your heart – from your soul. You have such a deep understanding of this movie, and your painting shows it all in just one glance. You are an amazing artist. “Vortex of Delusion” is the perfect title for a deeply moving and beautiful painting.

    Thank you for sharing it with us.

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