6 thoughts on “We Can Get Through this Together”

  1. Your art is beautiful, ethereal. I love “We Can Get Through This Together”. I would love to know when this will be available for purchase. Watching Vertigo today. You are your art!

  2. Just Watched Vertigo today..I totally fell in love with Madeleine..literally cried for Judy in the climax!..What a great piece of art and What a heart throbing impactful performance it was..Makes me go back to the character again!!!
    Great that you’re spreading awareness and impact with your artwork the way you did 62 years ago with Madeleine..!
    Much Love and may God bless you with good health and Power to create a difference in this World!

  3. We Can Get Through This Together
    Very interesting! I really like the painting. When will prints be available for purchase?
    Linda Morris

  4. Watching Vertigo now, another work of art. Decided to see what you’re up to. Beautiful art! So good to see you very active still! I pray God’s health and joy for you.

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