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  1. Dear Ms. Novak:
    I just wanted to express how much I admire your talent. I founded an organization that has helped local artists have work. It is called the metro New Orleans Street Gallery. We pay local artists to beautify utility boxes. It sounds trivial but it has helped local artists get noticed. This was something we started after hurricane Katrina. All artwork is inspirational and yours is amazing!
    Hope that you are doing well. Just know that you have inspired many others.
    All the best
    Jeannie Tidy

  2. Dear Ms Novak, I have always enjoyed your work in films. Fabulous actress! Beauty too! I didn’t know of your art talents. I am so enthralled with your artistic side now. I’d like to send an autograph request to add to my collection. If I send, will you please sign for me?
    David Hase

  3. I’ve just read the G2 article dated 15 February 2021, in The Guardian.
    What an interesting piece.
    You have so many good qualities, and to consider your mental health and being bi-polar, I think you think far more clearly than many of the so called “actresses” if today.
    You are truly a legend. You can be proud.
    I look forward to looking at your artwork and following your future journey.
    Best Wishes

  4. A great actress and a fantastic woman.
    I watched 4 of your movies on TCM today!
    Amazing skills and I wish you all of the best!
    I heard about your husband passing away…
    May he rest in peace….
    Michael D’Antonio
    Brooklyn, NY

  5. Hello Miss Novak. My name is Evan Newbold I’m originally from Miami Florida. I just wanted to say I think your paintings are beautiful. They are incredible works of art. And let’s not forget your work on film. Wonderful.

  6. Kim,
    Thank you for bringing much needed attention to mental illness. Unfortunately, it’s still a stigmatized issue, which often leads to misunderstanding and misinformation. I am a strong, successful woman, who has suffered from mental illness my entire adult life. Even though I have lived with this unpredictable, sometimes all consuming disease, I still struggle with the shame. Not only do I wish for more education over truly complicated illnesses of the mind, but also I also pray for more compassion. Thank you for sharing your story-thats where compassion is born-in the stories we share! Take care.

  7. Kim, I just had to express my reaction of amazement to your Vision at Sea painting! Much has been talked about in the scientific community about the 4 dimensions of our discernible universe – 3 spatial and one time. Theorists who write about String Theory talk about the possible existence of 11 physical dimensions in total. Without getting technical, I see the horse in motion, not in our 3-d cosmos, but as representative of a view in these hidden extra dimensions. Much has been conjectured about the spiritual realm that we cannot peer into. Yet you have done something so awesome as to give the viewer a vivid picture of the horse from another realm superimposed into our own universe. You have a unique gift, Kim, the powerful ability to bring the ‘imaginary’ into reality. You have a beautiful and powerful imagination.

  8. Miss Novak. I have always been a huge fan of yours, since the movie Picnic, which I love! My mother who passed in 2005 gave me her original 45 of Moonglow and the Theme from Picnic. I am 60 now, but I still listen to it on other media and think of both you and my mother. I was thrilled to see your artwork as I am also an amateur artist. You are very talented in many ways! I too could have had an art scholarship but took another path. I also admire you for following your convictions with regard to Hollywood. Anyway, I look forward to seeing more artwork and following your site. Thanks!

  9. Always been a fan of your acting talent – since Vertigo… you were and ARE, exceptional.

    I was on stage at 5 and we lived in Long Beach, CA (my dad had the nightclub in the traffic circle there – 1958 to about 1964) and I know. {;-)

    They like YOU but want something ELSE, want to change you… ah, such is life! Almost every girl I ever dated was the same… and now – (proof in the pudding) – maybe that is just us.

    Love you Kim… I am a musician, artist, painter, and poet.

    Good to see the real you… I had no idea! Keep it up.

    Love your art! Described above as a perfect smash of expression and impression! Very good!

    I had my several minutes of stardom, but in the end… want to be only – ordinary.

    Hope you like this one…

    Time’s Passing
    Paul Sannes (1998)

    Beneath the feet
    Of ancient wanderers
    The Sands of Time… fade
    To distant horizons
    Like our lives, with age
    Diminish… to specks of memory

    Yea, the Fate of millions, pall
    When held to one moment of History

    Yet here we stay
    To bear the days
    December’s cold
    July’s hot haze

    To bring in Winter’s wheats
    And Summer’s sweets
    We sweat the land alive
    And toil a breathing bed

    For those who’ll come
    For those who’re dead

    It’s just Time’s passing…


  10. Terry Payne.
    What wonderful reading all the above post make , Kim has always been a great faverourite of mine .loved her most of my life , 85years old 24 December 2018 . Fabulous lady fantastic paintings . Still can’t take my eyes off her beautiful face after watching the films time and time again . Thank you Kim for living in my generation lovely lady. My home town is Plymouth Devon England, lm now a British cold war veteran /National Service /Territorial Army Retired psychiatric Nurse . Take care . Stay Safe my friend.

  11. Ms Novak, your movie ” vertigo” prompted me to Google you. How exciting that you are an artist. I’m 71 years young and am finding out I have a gift of painting. A year ago I took a painting class on a whim that maybe it would be something I could do. Your paintings are wonderful. You have inspired me . Thank you. Bonnie ryder

  12. Dear Ms. Novak: I graduated from Wright Junior College in 1972. I was very active at the college and was President of the Phi Theta Kappa chapter there.

    There was a story that circulated about you about how you were the “star” of the drama department, not because of your talent or beauty, which has been well documented in your film career, but of your willingness to help others. The story also says that you invited one of the professors to accompany you to an awards presentation.

    I don’t know if any of this is true but I like to think so. You have always epitomized what a classy lady is like.

    Best regards!
    Dr. Larry Smith

    1. Hello Ms Novak. My name isStanley Armin . I live in Roselle Park New Jersey. I’ve always been a fan of the movies of the 40s and 50s and especially yours. Painting is such a incredible Gift and when you pair this beautiful art with the acting it truly sensational. I’m also a screenwriter working on several screenplays. Abraham Hawke and The Shadow Men . Also one with my sister Elaine, Gabe Abd Travis set in 1844 on a Plantation, staggering story by my sister. May you live in our hearts forever

  13. I just watched your great interview with Mr. Osborne and came away loving you even more then before. Your beauty outside has always been undeniable, but for the first time I saw the enormous beauty inside. Your talent as an artist is very telling. As being a fan for 50 plus years, I just wanted a minute, I never thought I would have, to express my love for you as an actress, artist and more so the person you are. Love you, never change. Sincerely, Craig Rodrigues

  14. Dear Kim,
    I just watched your inspiring interview with the late Mr.Osborne. He was very loved by our family. It just so happens that “Picnic”and “Vertigo” are our favorites. I have watched so many interviews. I am a forensic psychiatrist. Your frankness, sensitivity, and amazing insight are humbling to me. God bless you for sharing so much with us. Your paintings are Transcendental. Your contribution to mental health cannot be adequately expressed in words. Please continue to be the wonderful gift you are to humanity and To OUR ANIMAL FRIENDS WHO ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH!
    Ronald Mark Stewart,M.D.

  15. dear Kim,+
    I fell in love with you since I was fifteen,1960, when I saw you in
    ” Picnic”….then I discovered the most beautiful, sensual,sweet woman in the world…since those years my dreams spoke of you…
    I still love you Kim……ciao!
    massimo from Rome

  16. Dearest Kim!
    I was so happy to “discover” your art website!! Wish I could have seen it earlier, being a life long admirer of your work as an actress, I mean , for many many years , more than 55..since I first saw you when I was a teen , in 1958, in” Vertigo”, which the more violent ( and repeated 20 times in my life!!) emotion I ever felt in a movie theater..and I never got over…..I had heard of your passion for painting, of your great talent, which I can , at last, admire , here…such a tecnique, but not only a technique, a true and beautiful inspiration!! I am so happy to see how” yourself” you are through your paintings and poems, faraway from all the “masks” of the “dream factory” , masks you wore , though, so magnificently, all along your life…I always knew that you were a beautiful soul, a magnificent human being, for your concern and tenderness for nature, life and other people..everything your painting reflects so deeply, such an empathy, such a sensitivity…I am myself a musician,in France, and I can share what you say and feel about your art, so necessary, not only a whim, but a vital need that allows us to share a communion with the invisible , inside and outside of us, with the beauty of the world, and , sometimes, to “escape” the disaster that this same world can be…without forgetting who we are, and where we belong..!!.As Rimbaud once said, you “settle” vertigoes, you “wake up” some springs, and you kiss the” Summer dawns”…And above all, you are yourself, free and true. You are a bliss, Kim! Thank you for being what you are, what you have always been, thank you for being in this world, thank you for your everlasting grace, your courage, your authenticity!! I love you for what you are: a great artist , and a magnificent , admirable woman. Take care!!
    Affectionately yours!! forever.

    1. Dear Kim,
      I’d want, if you allow me,to add some words about some recent comments , in some medias, about what would be the so-called “transformation” of your appearance, and especially, on behalf of Mr Trump…I must say that I was deeply shocked by such rude declarations, I can see again the same brutality that the “Hollywood system” had been using towards you, the same lack of respect of what you are and decide to be, as the free woman you always were.. To me, your beauty is absolutely intact, beside that, what should matter is your freedom, your dedication to Art!!…but I must be dreaming…!! I just hope you are doing well , in spite of everyrhing they could say!!! Beauty, Art , Independance, this is what you are!!! Keep on working for the light, as Robert Schumann said!! Take care, Kim!! Love from France.

      1. Kim Novak ARTIST 👨‍🎤 . Com I fell in love at
        My 1st meeting at the Matador & have been stuck on You ever since , no end to true LOVE
        🌹 🍷🍷. ( Toast ). Till we meet again !!

  17. I read , in one of the comments you made on your paintings, how important music was for you; as I said in my former message, I am a musician, music is my life, it keeps me “standing”, and allows me to “escape” the disaster that this world can sometimes be. I play a very ancient historic 17th century organ ( 1627!!) in France, a pure wonder. I usually improvise, late in the night, alone in the church, so close to beauty…I guess you can understand that perfectly!!…..May I send you this improvisation , as a tribute to your art and talent? Thank you!

  18. Dear Kim…I am deeply moved to “discover” your website, and only regret not to have found it before!…I am French, a retired French Literature teacher, but above all, a musician, organist. I have been a fervent admirer of your art as an actress, for more than 55 years….since I had the most violent emotion I ever had in a theater, when , as a teen, I saw you in “Vertigo”, and never really got over…But, I had heard of your passion and great talent for painting and poetry, and I am now so happy to be able to appreciate your work here..,and so moved to realize how totally “yourself” you are ,through painting and writing, far away from the “dream factory”….I always knew that you were a beautiful soul, a deep human being, with such a sensitivity, an acute perception of human complexity, everything that your paintings and poems reflect so well, as they reflect your concern and tenderness for people. As Rimbaud wrote , you “settle” vertigoes….and kiss the “Summer dawns”!…You are a bliss..! .Thank you, from the heart! thank you for being what you are, faraway from the masks, thank you for being in this world. Affectionately yours..
    Robert Descombes

  19. Dear Kim,
    Looking at your beautiful paintings always brightens my day and brings a smile to my face.
    Thank you for bringing your paintings into the public domain.
    Take care Kim
    Kevin Cronin

  20. My Dear Beloved Kim;words cannot express my joy in being able to be in touch with you through your beautiful website.
    I’ve been a big fan of yours since i was quite a little teenager;in highschool about 9yrs ago!
    A few months ago Vertigo was on TV ; It was about 2am i guess; i was just mesmerized by you! I couldn’t help but stare at the screen just admiring you ,your wonderous flawless beauty and your amazing performance for each and every single moment !Me and mom were just praising your beauty. I absolutely fell in love with your killer eyes!
    I got so angry at the last scene! I will Never ever forgive Alfred Hitchcock for the way he ended such a beautiful and heartfelt love affair between you and Jimmy Stewart!
    After that i tried to find Bell,Book And Candle but i was unlucky:(
    Your Paintings are sooooooooo Beautiful!
    You are such a great inspiration to me, i mean i look up to you ,i say to myself;hey one of the most beautiful girls that has ever walked on this planet hasn’t just sat in one place ;she makes and paint such amazing pieces of art ;so me all the girls should follow your footsteps and try to make things rather than just doing makeup and wearing beautiful clothes(though that’s a necessity but Real Life is much more than just paying attentetion to a body and a face!)
    I just can’t wait to see more paintings of you and new updates!
    Wish you the best of the best My Dear Sweet Gorgeous Kim!:******************
    Bestest Regards!

  21. I am very happy on finding your website. I was looking up Jeanne Engel the movie on Wikipedia I just watched. By the way you were excellent in that movie as the rest. Anyway your website came up and I love your work. You are awesome. As my favorite actress as well.🎥🎥

  22. I have just watched the movie Pal Joey for the first time and was captivated by your performance. I am an Irish artist, 78 years young and paint almost every day.

    I don’t know if you will get to read this but I think you were right to follow your heart and do your painting and writing. Artists do it for themselves and nobody else. I have stopped showing my work as it puts too much pressure on you and robs you of valuable painting time.

    I look forward to watching some more of your movies.

  23. Kim,
    You said, “I am so pleased that you like my art – enjoy!”
    In return, I am so pleased that your art is available to the general public through limited edition prints.
    I do like your art for the esthetics and artistic values. The fact that you put so much of yourself into your art makes me appreciate it even more. I love the descriptions and poems that you use to show what each piece means to you.
    Keep up the good work.
    Is a collection of your poems and writings published anywhere?
    Thank you so very much,

    1. Kim,
      I enjoyed your web site and was surprised to see you so approachable and down to earth.
      My name is Frank Tarr, 79 and happily married to the best woman in existence, and my one point I share with you is I am a poet. I found this out as a teenager around 1964. I failed to pursue it as a career as I had already decided my path. Nevertheless, it remains as a constant hobby to this day.
      I’m only letting you know this so that I can tell my beautiful bride that I have fulfilled what I would describe as a passion of mine. And that is to say I have “spoken” to a famous movie star I fell in love with around my sixteenth birthday. Like many friends in my life, I was ‘twitter-pated’ by you in your beginnings on the silver screen, as I’m sure many others have been too.)
      So I can now inwardly boast of my having spoken to you ( by email, at least.) It is very exciting to know I have had,( albeit minimally) actual contact with you. I appreciate this fulfilling experience of knowing we share poetry as a passion, and that I have contacted you. A dream come true having “met” you.
      I remain,
      Your fellow poet and a fan that has admired you since his childhood, and was his hearts desire. Thank you for being a fine actress, and also being a fellow poet,
      . Their is something so fulfilling by painting with words.
      Frank Tarr( Australia),aging fast, and trying unsuccessfully to
      hold back the years, along with my beautiful and forever bride, Sharon.
      Thanks for your time.????????

  24. Dear Mrs Novak,
    I’m happy to have a chance to see your work. Besides all I didn’t know that you are great painter! Excellent colorit and energy. I really enjoy it. I’m also a painter and my favourit technique is watercolour. My father was saying that we are related like relatives (his family was Novak, from Croatia) but now I see that we have in common something unique. I would be happy to show you my works. Wish you a very best in your life and expecially in your art.
    Best regards,

    Tatjana Lulic Prpic

  25. Hello Kim,

    I must say you are quite remarkable, even today your beauty shines. I am a fellow artist, and like Hitchcock always find a new muse. I’ve admired your talent for a while now, and would love to recreate something. I do CGI animation, sculpture, and painting. It would be an honor if we could work together! Or even an autograph! I’d love to hear from you. Hope all is well

    Xx Troy

  26. Kim,
    Your awesome paintings are diverse and thought-provoking, to say the least. I’m in music, another indispensable art-form that reaches into the crevices of the psyche. What would we do without these gifts from our Creator! Keep up the good work, and I look forward to viewing future creations from your limitless imagination.
    Phil Brown

  27. You are a beautiful person inside and out from what I can see..Your art is wonderful..I am an amateur artist.You are a master…… Your comments regarding your appearance at the awards show and the heartless and ignorant comments from small minded people was hopefully the beginning of a new you…I know how you feel…I am the 62 year old daughter of a Narcissistic mother and am still working on dealing with my issues…Take care Kim….
    Claudia Martin

  28. Dear Mz Novak, your artwork is lovely. I will be back to view more. It was a joy to see you presenting at the oscars! You looked terrific!!

    Dana Laing, San Jose CA

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