5 thoughts on “Woman From the Train”

  1. Chère Mademoiselle Novak,
    Quelle joie et quel bonheur de découvrir ici, quelques part, au-delà de nos océans, votre travail artistique, si sensible et poétique.
    Je vous présente mes plus chaleureux sentiments depuis Paris.
    Julie Allonzo, poètesse et peintre.
    Translation: Dear Miss Novak, What a joy and happiness to discover here, somewhere, beyond our oceans, your artistic work, so sensitive and poetic. I present you my warmest feelings from Paris. Julie Allonzo, poet and painter.

  2. Truly a stunning portrait. Beautifully rendered, pastel over watercolor – I never would have dared that.

  3. Wonderful! I’d love to know her. Such honesty and warmth in her face. (Like you, Kim.) Very nice.

  4. Miss Novak

    Really surprised and gladly surprised. I think your skill, your
    capacity as an artist has helped you a lot in hard times.

    abel posadas from Argentina

  5. This is excellent! She has a turn of the century quality.

    I am excited to discover your facebook page. I have been a fan of yours ever since the late 50’s and have done paintings of you and collages. I also have volumes of magazine articles and photos of you throughout your carrer that you are welcome to because of the various fires.

    I will collect some paintings to post.

    Michael Gibson

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