2 thoughts on “Finding My Way”

  1. Hello Kim,

    I found out about your art this weekend while I have been watching TCM’s tribute to Robert Osborne. I was lucky to see the interview that he did with you in 2013. You were so raw and heartfelt. I admire you. I have always liked you and your movies. My favorites being, “Picnic”, “Bell, Book & Candle”, “Middle of the Night” (very realistic) and one that Robert Osborne didn’t mention, “Moll Flanders”. No matter the role, you were always natural. Looking at your art, it’s emotional and a person can tell that. I especially loved, “Self Portrait”. It goes so deep, the expression. I liked the “Vertigo” montage. “Finding My Way”, I knew right away what that painting was saying. The steps, the suitcase and the breeze blowing the skirt of the dress. I identified with that because I have been trying to find my way too. You are a beautiful lady and thank you for your many talents!

  2. Love your painting – Finding My Way.

    I did a similar set of photos with a friend, Cat Calloway, April last year in Vernonia, but this one painting seems to say everything I was trying to say in my series of photos.

    Exceptionally well done. 😉

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