9 thoughts on “Finding My Way”

  1. This gorgeous piece of art is so very personal to me… it’s like Kim is calling someone home to her heart. Such a journey of Love, for Love 1.

  2. I would love to be able to share my thoughts like you in a painting you are so blessed and talented . God truley blessed you

  3. Finding My Way

    How beautiful and so true for all of us!

    A unique and lovely piece that speaks to the soul.

    The journey in this world that surrounds us can be tumultuous one. You chose a beautiful and peaceful route.

    This piece is so many things, mesmerizing, real, truthful, and speaks volumes, to me.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Love it!❤️

    1. Thank you for your kind words about Kim’s website! It’s an honor to assist her this way. Being an artist myself, working with the images of her incredibly imaginative art gives me great joy, too!

  4. I really enjoyed the pastel paintings on your website. I am a pastel artist as well and just returned from a trip to the north shore of Oahu. The ocean views are just splendid for pastels. Suz B.

  5. Hi Kim,
    Just saw “Boys Night Out” on TCM and heard that you were a painter as well, so I checked out your site. Wow you really have combined impressionism and expressionism in a rather explosive style all your own! You are very adept at capturing your feelings on paper. I love that you further illustrate your visual work with poetry! I am painter as well as a singer, and have written some poetry but never combined the two on a painting. Although I have been lately thinking I would do a series with the written word, poetry and scripture incorporated into the paintings.- something that is on my heart that I need to say. You have inspired me!
    Thank you for sharing your multiple gifts with the world. Keep on painting your heart!
    Best Regards,

  6. Hello Kim,

    I found out about your art this weekend while I have been watching TCM’s tribute to Robert Osborne. I was lucky to see the interview that he did with you in 2013. You were so raw and heartfelt. I admire you. I have always liked you and your movies. My favorites being, “Picnic”, “Bell, Book & Candle”, “Middle of the Night” (very realistic) and one that Robert Osborne didn’t mention, “Moll Flanders”. No matter the role, you were always natural. Looking at your art, it’s emotional and a person can tell that. I especially loved, “Self Portrait”. It goes so deep, the expression. I liked the “Vertigo” montage. “Finding My Way”, I knew right away what that painting was saying. The steps, the suitcase and the breeze blowing the skirt of the dress. I identified with that because I have been trying to find my way too. You are a beautiful lady and thank you for your many talents!

  7. Love your painting – Finding My Way.

    I did a similar set of photos with a friend, Cat Calloway, April last year in Vernonia, but this one painting seems to say everything I was trying to say in my series of photos.

    Exceptionally well done. 😉

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