Self Portrait, Original oil painting by Kim Novak. Copyright 2014 Kim Novak. All rights reserved.

Self Portrait

Self Portrait, Original oil painting by Kim Novak. Copyright 2014 Kim Novak. All rights reserved.
Self Portrait


Oil on Canvas

I am bipolar – mood swings have always been a part of my life, and so I wanted to show the dark and light side of my face. This painting is of me after I left Hollywood in the 60s and first began to know who I really was. I had started therapy but had not yet been diagnosed.

~ Kim NovaK, Artist


27 thoughts on “Self Portrait”

  1. Never knew words could be written so powerfully
    Stunning .
    What’s the one I have ?
    Take care.

  2. Hello Kim. Your art work and style is most appealing and visually stirring. In reading some of your history, I was very pleased to find out something we both have in common. I also had an exhibit of my work at the Butler Institute of American Art in 1987. I was so pleased to find that out. I’ve been a photographer and writer in Hollywood area for 40 years.
    Great seeing your work and my very best to you.
    Doug Dobransky

  3. Miss Novak, You can’t imagine how viewing your paintings and especially your self portrait, lift me. You see, I too am bipolar and when I need to pull myself from the downside, I simply admire your beauty! I get the feeling that your personality is quite the same. God bless and keep you safe and healthy.

  4. Hi Kim. I have been a fan of yours for years ever since I fell in love with you when I watched Picnic ! I guess I was either 15 or 16 when I first saw it. I didn’t know you were such a good artist ! I am thinking of buying a print. So far I like Self Portrait and Vertigo.I loved the name of your cat in Bell,Book and Candle. I loved hearing you say Pywacket.I had a chance to meet you about 20 years ago but I found out to late from a British musician friend of mine Dave Brace who played sometimes at Ye Olde Ship in Fullerton , Califoenia.I guess you came there about that time. Take Care, Lou Filipek

  5. Kim, I’m delighted to see how talented a painter you are. I envy you having this outlet for all the emotions and beauty that is within you. I especially love your use of color, very lush and beautiful. Some of your landscapes remind me of Monet… only your paintings seem even more lush and sensitive than his waterlilies. I too used to paint and sculpt when I was younger, and even studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, as you did. Seeing your beautiful and imaginative work inspires me to return to my art work. Thank you !!!

  6. Received your self-portrait today… Yay!!! It’s beautiful !!! Can’t wait to get it framed, any special precautions in framing process I should be aware of… If not , I’ll send you photo of final product… Thank you again Kim, it’s Beautiful…?? Diann Velaga

  7. Your work is absolutely magnificent! Every painting moved me so. Your ‘Self Portrait’ is amazing. I have always been a fan &, in my opinion, you are still as beautiful today as you always have been. I read the article about the comments made about you after The Oscars & I was just amazed at the stupidity! I got chills when you walked out….you are so beautiful inside & out. And, good for you to speak out about bullying!! You are a true wonder, Kim….thank you.

  8. Your work is lovely… especially the self portrait… nice shadows and the depth in the eyes.. I love the feel of it all .. i can almost feel the breezes and hear the forgiving of the clouds… You did a class act job of standing your ground against the bully remarks… When we meet we can compare notes… I have been there too. Nice recovery… me too. I did not cover and hid from their ridicule, I met it face on. Full force and faith…. i have prevailed. Thanks for joining the team of the undaunted and the undefeated… Glad to know you exist in this manner… you do have a mission and so do I… To get back to painting for one is my mission… thanks for the inspiration… Veta

  9. You have always been one of my favorite actors. I believe I’ve seen every movie you’ve made, at least all those released to the public. I also recently caught your interview on TCM and thoroughly enjoyed it…you’re such a lovely lady with so much beauty and talent. Up until now, I had no idea you were a painter! Luckily, I stumbled across this website. You have quite a touch, Kim and a very expressive hand. I admire your work as an actor and as a fine visual artist also. I think my favorite work on your website is “Looking Back To See Ahead”…..a very touching and haunting piece rendered in exquisite pastels and underpainting. I am of course also partial to your “Self Portrait”….those killer eyes. Wow!!! I wish you all the success in the world with your art and your life, Kim. My best to you and your husband (that lucky rascal). Warm regards, Dave Dunville

  10. Your artwork is beautiful, your paintings of faces are incredible, the self portrait and “Looking Back to See Ahead” show the character and life they have lived in their faces.

  11. Ms. Kim Novak, I am 71 years old, and you have always been my favorite actress, Picnic,Vertigo. There are many beautiful actresses throughout the years, but none have been as beautiful as you and Rhonda Flemming.
    Thanks for standing up to bullies, today in schools, it is a major issue everyday, especially cyberbullying.
    I never knew that you are an artist, your paintings are beautiful, my favorites are Vertigo and Self Portrait.
    Thanks for sharing

  12. I love your paintings! My youngest daughter is thinking about pursuing an art degree, and I will definitely show her your website.

    By the way, I understand the dark and light moods very well, and so does my daughter. It’s as if you have painted what I feel about myself in your Self Portrait.

    I am a church musician. I know it only takes one bad comment to ruin my whole day. I am far too critical of my own self, without hearing the opinions of anyone else. Thank you for standing up for yourself and for the rest of us that are sick and tired of all this bashing!

  13. Just a note to say I thought you were absolutely stunning and beautiful at the Oscars. Don’t let the jerks in the world who don’t have a soul make you feel anything but what you are, and thats just gorgeous. I never knew you painted and these works of yours are just wonderful. The self portrait just looks back at you like it’s really alive. Just wonderful work from a wonderful and beautiful artist.

  14. Beautiful work! My favorites are your self portrait and Nelson Mandela! The way you fade hot color combinations to cool color combinations is genius.
    Thank you for standing up to haters that think looks are everything in this world. Those haters should check out a site called before they publish their hate for all posterity to see.

  15. I’ve been a fan for many years. It’s sad that there are so many mean people in the world that feel so bad about themselves, they must try and hurt others. You are beautiful now and have always been. I love your art, Self Portrait and Deja Vu are my favorites.
    Jack Janis

  16. I was just noticing the other day while looking online at pictures of you that no one ever got it right as far as drawing you. They never captured you quite right although many gave it a good go. The drawings always seemed a little too harsh or they never got the lines right around the mouth so your expression was never quite right. Now I run across your ‘Self Portrait’ and I’ll be darn, it seems to me you are the one who got it right. I find that amazing! I love your style. I wish I could buy so many of them. Please keep this site going so I can visit often and maybe one day be able to purchase one of your works. It would be an honor to have a part of you in my home as I have admired you and all of your work for a lifetime now. Sincerely, -Teresa G.

  17. Dear Ms. Novak,
    I was so pleased to see you on stage at the academy awards. I have been a very strong admirer of yours ever since I saw you in “Picnic” many years ago. Lost track of you but was very surprised (pleasantly so) to see you presenting the award. That took so much mental and physical strength to do that but you looked absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much. I am 75 and I could not have done what you did. After seeing you at the awards, I looked for you on the web and found your gallery website. Wow!! You are so talented. I loved your self portrait. Many thanks again for the joy you brought this old guy. God Bless,

  18. I recently purchased “Self Portrait.” It came in a canister which I did not open until I was at the framer’s. Coincidentally, when he unrolled it, we both said the same thing, “Gorgeous.” Interestingly, neither of us was talking about the beautiful woman depicted in the painting. Rather, we were talking about the work of art. It’s mesmerizing. The more you look at it the more you see. And the more you ponder. What has made her both happy and sad? Why is it that I see kindness and strength in those hypnotic eyes? Despite dark tones, I see hope and determination and know that this woman will triumph. And then you remember that it’s Kim Novak. And that triumph is exactly what she did and continues to do.

    1. Hello Ralph,

      You made a beautiful purchase. The self portrait is one of my favorites that I found on Ms. Novak’s website. I know that this was a few years ago, but I have been watching the TCM tribute for Robert Osborne this weekend and was lucky enough to see the interview that he did with Kim Novak. She was so raw and heartfelt and a very deep person. I’ve always liked and admired her. Such beauty.

  19. My dear Kim, God blessed you! Generally, famous people don´t divide your reality with us, the ordinary people.
    You don´t know who I am, but your work is very important for me, since I was a child. The best, JEANNE EAGELS, made me felt the humanity inside an icon – I was just a child.
    I´m a painter, and your work, I don´t have words to say how good and expressive, and how meaningful they are.
    Estefânia Eskelsen – Graduated in Fine Arts University São Paulo-Brasil / Art History.

  20. You have always been one of my favorite actresses and I was thrilled to learn you are an artist, too. Your paintings are indicative of another wonderful talent you possess. I especially like your “Self Portrait”. You mentioned Harley Brown as a mentor – I can well understand as I was fortunate to be able to take a workshop from him sometime ago in Bend, OR. A great learning experience! I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  21. A stunning portrait. You are tremendously talented. Beautiful inside and out. I love your painting. You are still a true beauty. I am happy you found out what was going on in your mind. Remain true to your inner glow

  22. I’m so pleased with the purchase of your “SELF PORTRAIT”
    print it is amazing. I love all of your art.

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